Department 56 - The Original Snow Village Listed By Name

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The Original Snow Village was the first collection in Department 56 released in 1976. Originally 6 delightful lighted buildings made up the collection. The collection continues to grow each year. This collection is designed to reflect shops and neighborhoods found in small towns across America.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
B Sweet Shop20182019The Original Snow Village8
Baby's First Christmas20212021The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Back For The Holidays20142015The Original Snow Village Accessories9
Backwoods Outhouse19992007The Original Snow Village Accessories17
Backyard Bird Hotels20172017Village Accessories0
Backyard Bird Houses20112014General Village Accessories0
Backyard Christmas Greenhouse20052007General Village Accessories0
Bag-O-Frosted Topiaries - Large2001General Village Accessories5
Bag-O-Frosted Topiaries - Small2001General Village Accessories7
Bag-O-Frosted Topiaries, Med20152017General Village Accessories17
Bakery19811983The Original Snow Village0
Bakery19861991The Original Snow Village8
Bald Eagle Nesting20012003General Village Accessories0
Ball Toss At The Carnival20042006Carnival2
Balsam Fir Incense20002001General Village Accessories1
Bank19821983The Original Snow Village0
Barn19811984The Original Snow Village6
Battery Operated Light19901991General Village Accessories21
Bayport19841986The Original Snow Village9
Bea's Beehive Salon2022Original Snow Village9
Beachside Christmas20112012The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Beacon Hill House19861988The Original Snow Village10
Beacon Hill Victorian19951998The Original Snow Village47
Bears In The Birch19982003General Village Accessories17
Bee Friendly Signs Set Of 32021Snow Village Halloween Accessories0
Before The Big Game19992001The Original Snow Village Accessories35
Beginner's Luck20192019The Original Snow Village1
Bejeweled Bare Branch Tree20102011General Village Accessories1
Bell Ringer Santa20142016General Village Accessories2
Ben & Buddy's Lemonade Stand20012003The Original Snow Village Accessories37
Best Friends20022006The Original Snow Village Accessories4
Big Chill Supply & Service20152015The Original Snow Village2
Big League Sports20062009The Original Snow Village3
Bike Season Every Season20172018The Original Snow Village3
Billboard Surprise20032005The Original Snow Village Accessories5
Biplane Up In The Sky19982000General Village Accessories4
Birch Island Gas Station20152016The Original Snow Village1
Birch Island Towing20152017The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Birch Run Ski Chalet19961999The Original Snow Village13
Birds Of A Feather2022Original Snow Village0
Birds Out Back20002003General Village Accessories3
Birthday Party Surprise20182018The Original Snow Village5
Black & White With Joy All Over20162017The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Black Battery BoxNAVillage Accessories0
Black Forest Oompah Band20152016The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Black Forest Pines20132014General Village Accessories4
Black Spruce Pines20062008General Village Accessories0
Blue Airplane19931996The Original Snow Village5
Blue Christmas Tinsels2020Village Accessories6
Blue Ribbon Christmas20162017The Original Snow Village Accessories7
Blue Ribbon Treats20082010The Original Snow Village Accessories6
Blue Skies Airport20192020The Original Snow Village0
Bob's Truck Stop20132014The Original Snow Village2
Bon Appetit Bistro20172017The Original Snow Village1
Bone, James Bone2021Snow Village Halloween1
Boss Shirley's House20152016The Original Snow Village2
Boss Shirley's House20152016The Original Snow Village0
Boulder Springs House19961997The Original Snow Village11
Bowling Alley19951998The Original Snow Village7
Brand New Recruit20012003The Original Snow Village Accessories5
Brand New Shoes!20032005The Original Snow Village Accessories10
Brats Mobile20152016The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Bread Of The Dead20222022Snow Village Halloween2
Brick Edged Sidewalk20052009General Village Accessories0
Brick Edged Steps20052009General Village Accessories4
Brick Path20032007General Village Accessories4
Brick Street2010General Village Accessories17
Brick Town Square20182019Village Accessories1
Brick Walls20052009General Village Accessories10
Bringing Home Christmas20202021The Original Snow Village16
Bringing Home The Tree19891992The Original Snow Village Accessories9
Bringing Home The Tree, Animated20112012General Village Accessories2
Bringing The Irish Cheer20012005The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Brite Lites Adapter19932006General Village Accessories32
Brite Lites Holiday House2019The Original Snow Village6
Brown Holiday Trees, Set Of 320152016General Village Accessories3
Brownstone19791981The Original Snow Village2
Buck's County Farmhouse20002002The Original Snow Village10
Buck's County Horse Barn20002002The Original Snow Village1
Buck's County Horse Trailer20002002The Original Snow Village Accessories15
Buck's County Stables20002002The Original Snow Village Accessories5
Buck's County Water Tower20002003The Original Snow Village Accessories8
Buck's Fish Shack20182018The Original Snow Village3
Bud's T.V. & Hi-Fi20062009The Original Snow Village8
Buddy's Ghost2022Snow Village Halloween0
Budweiser Brewery20042006The Original Snow Village3
Budweiser Clydesdales20042006The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Budweiser Delivery Truck20052006The Original Snow Village Accessories4
Buffalo On The Prairie20002001General Village Accessories7
Building A Snowman20102011General Village Accessories3
Building A Snowman2020Village Accessories0
Building Christmas Cheer20202020The Original Snow Village1
Buildings & Accessories Lighting System2005General Village Accessories11
Built Like Gnome Other Ornament2022Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments3
Bumper Fun Ride20002002General Village Accessories17
Bungalow20022004The Original Snow Village3
Buster Helps Out20042004The Original Snow Village Accessories0

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