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Department 56 - North Pole Series Listed By Part Number

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The North Pole Series was added to the Heritage Village Collection in 1990. This delightful collection is made up of lighted buildings and whimsical figurines all designed around the magic of Christmas.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
Peppermint Pete's2010201040169043
North Pole Clock Tower2011201140201251
Santa's Helpers Training Academy2011201140202045
Real Artificial Tree Factory201140202055
Mickey's Ears Factory2011402020618
Santa's Hot Cocoa Cafe2011402020712
North Pole Cookie Exchange201140202081
Santas In Training2011201140202094
Tinting The Trees201140202100
Welcome To The Club201140202114
I Break For Cocoa2011201440202122
We Like 'em All201140202135
Gumdrop Shop2011201140209502
Gumdrop Treetop2011201440209512
Merry Christmas!2011402095232
Relaxing After Christmas2011201140236151
Santa's Get-Away2011201140236153
Santa's Get-Away Sign2011201140236150
Cars North Pole Rally Center2011201240236163
Lightning's Ready To Race2011201240236175
Mater Christmas To You, Too!2011201240236180
Cars Holiday Detail Shop201240252775
The Reindeer Stables, Rudolph2012201440252780
North Pole Snuffles Luv-A-Hug Center201240252790
Pip & Pop's Bubble Works2012402528011
North Pole Bike Shop2012201440252814
Yum Yum Cupcakes2012201440252822
Nana Split's Ice Cream Parlor2012201440252832
Perry's Christmas Poinsettias2012201240252847
Lightning's Ready for Christmas201240252855
Christmas Trim For Mater201240252861
She Said I'm Cute2012202040252871
I Think You're Cute2012201740252882
Gotta Getta Gund201240252892
How Bubble Lights Get Bubbles2012201440252901
North Pole Commuter2012402529112
Finishing Touches201240252927
The Santa Palooza Masterpiece!2012402529312
A Bloomin' Merry Christmas!201240252948
Mrs. Claus' Cookie Supplies2012201240287025
Red Hots And Sprinkles2012201240287020
Christmas Waltz2013201840303783
Star Brite Glass Ornament Shop2013201440307125
Northern Lights Depot2013201640307133
Northern Lights Express Engine2013201640307140
Katie's Candied Apples2013201440307154
Pop's Peppermint Barrel2013201540307160
Snowflake's Snow Cone Shop2013201540307171
The Polar Plunge Warming House2013201440307181
Jack B. Nimble Candle Shop2013201740307193
Countdown To Christmas2013201540307211
Nice Save2013201440307223
Christmas Toys On Schedule2013201440307230
Santa's Little Dipper2013201440307241
Spin Art Master2013201540307251
Another Perfect Snow Cone2013201440307265
Santa's Polar Plunge2013201440307270
Jack Be Quick...2013201740307281
North Pole Nativity20132014403072912
Welcome Sign20132013403089115
Wintermint Trees2013201440309001
Northern Lights Track Straight2013201440338450
Northern Lights Track Curved2013201440338467
Holiday Special The Jolly Fellow Toy Co.2013201340355711
Holiday Special Jolly Fellow's Accessory Set201340355721
Harley Pump & Go Diner2013201540355745
Rebel With A Dog2013201440355753
Knucklehead On A Mission2013201440355761
Santa's North Pole Office20142016403654010
North Pole Baby Doll Boutique2014201440365413
North Pole Hobby Horse Barn2014201540365426
Dasher's Kick Start Espresso Bar2014201540365434
Rudolph's Silver & Gold Tree Toppers2014201540365443
Jingle & Jangle's Bells2014201740365450
Fisher-Price Fun Factory2014201640365460
Tinker's Tiny Home2014201540365477
Northern Lights Ornament Car2014201640365486
Animated Flight Test2014201740365490
Check And Double Check2014201640365506
Sew Perfect2014201540365512
Cowboy Kids2014201540365524
Java Brew For Two2014201540365532
Cornelius and Bumble's New Adventure2014201740365541
A Gift From Rudolph2014202040365553
Ring-A-Ling Bling2014201740365567
Fisher-Price Toys2014201640365576
Fisher-Price Lil Farmer2014201640365581
Java Warm Up2014201540365592
North Pole Sleigh Ride2014201540365602
North Pole, The Magic Of Christmas2014201440423901
North Pole Harley-Davidson2014201540424013
Snow bike Like A Harley Bike2014201540424022
Trike Load of Christmas2014201540424031
Santa's Little Cakes2015201640448333
The Original Ugly Sweater Co.2015201740448355
The Happy Gnome Pub2015201740448360
Mickey's Pin Traders, W/ Pin2015201740448375
Bob's Sled Thrill Ride2015201640448381
Sven's Swell House2015201540448392
Northern Lights Tree Car2015201640448401
Pin Trading With Mickey2015201740448430
Santa's Little Baker2015201640448440
The Perfect Party Sweater2015201640448451
Perfect Conditions For Take off2015201640448463
Heading Home On The Double2015201540448470
Face Plant2015201640448490
Selfie #Happy Gnome2015201740448500
Tiny Lumberjack2015201740448511
North Pole Town Tree2015201640448520
Up, Up & Away With Rudolph2015201740475430
North Pole, The Sounds Of Christmas2015201540492001
North Pole Snow Inspector Station2015201640492015
Hasbro Easy-Bake Bakery2015201640492021
North Pole String Trio2015201540492033
Perfect Snow For Christmas Eve2015201640492042
Easy-Frost Frosting2015201640492050
Sharing Easy-Bake Cake2015201640492060
Fisher Price Pull Toy Factory2016201640509620
North Pole Weather Station2016201640509631
North Pole Licorice Works2016201640509642
North Pole Sizzlin' Griddle2016201740509650
Anniversary Gazebo, North Pole Cheers to 40 Years!2015201640509662
Santa's Chair Works2016201740509674
Northern Lights Caboose2016201640509681
Toot-Toot Tester2016201640509690
Follow The Leader2016201640509705
Taffy Party!2016201740509713
Sizzlin' Samples2016201740509721
Last Test Before Takeoff2016201740509732
Letters To Santa, North Pole2016201640509740
Skip With A Twist2016201640509754
A Personal Touch2016201740509760
Rudolph & Clarice Skating2016201740545890
North Pole, Christmas Sweets2016201640549671
Santa's DQ Cone House201640549687
North Pole, Sidewalk Sweets2016201640549690
DQ Yummy Treats To Eat2016201740549702
Dairy Queen Delivers2016201740549710
Santa's North Pole Workshop201740566631
Merry Lane Cottages Box Set2017201840566642
Coca Cola Bottle Caps2017201840566650
NP New Year's Eve Center2017201740566672
Clarice's North Pole Bakery2017201840566682
North Pole Candy Crush Factory2017201840566692
Off-Season Santa2017201840566706
Ringing In The New Year2017201740566734
A Special Cookie For Rudolph2017201840566742
Training For Christmas Eve2017201840566752
North Pole Holiday Elves2017201840566760
Sitting In The North Pole2017202040566770
Coca Cola Bottle Cap Ride2017201940580820
Coca Cola Bottle Cap Tester2017201940580834
Yeti's North Pole Treats2017201840582602
Bubblegum Troll's Mischief2017201840584958
North Pole Holiday Special Home For The Holidays Set2017201740593824
Sugar Mountain Lodge2017201840593831
Paws To The Rescue2017201840593840

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