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Snowbabies were introduced to the world in 1986 and are the creation of Kristi Jensen Pierro

The overall collection is made up of the Snowbabies Classic Collection, Ornaments, Snow Dreams, Sentiments, Pewter Miniatures, and the Guest collection.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
Dream Glass Moon Ornament2011201140175370
Three Little Kittens2009201140179469
Display Moon Orn, Large2011201140184360
The Christmas Mouse20112013401843756
Mistletoe Magic Ornament2011201540184396
Baby's First Ornament, 20112011201140184410
Pucker Up, Baby2011201440184420
Fly Me To The Moon Orn20112012401844313
A Little Pixie Dust2011201340184461
Baby's First Ornament20092010401991417
Snowbabies Sentiments -- I Heart My Grandma2010201040199150
Snowbabies Sentiments -- I Heart My Mom2010201040199160
Snowbabies Sentiments -- Friends Forever20102010401991732
Snowbabies Sentiments -- I Heart My Sister2010201040199190
Snowbabies Sentiments -- Merry Christmas2010201040199200
Snowbabies Sentiments -- I Love You201020104019921287
Snowbabies Sentiments -- Grandma Loves Me2010201040199220
Snowbabies Sentiments -- My Favorite Teacher2010201040199238
Snowbabies Sentiments -- Our First Christmas20102010401992438
Snowbabies Sentiments -- You Are Special2010201040199257
Snowbabies Sentiments -- I Heart My Dad2010201040199260
Snowbabies Sentiments -- Blank2010201040199270
In My Stocking, 2010 Ornament2009201040199290
I've Got My Eye On You2011201240199311
Peace & Goodwill To All2011201140199337
Christmas Dreams201120124019935135
Honey For My Tummy2011201340199360
I Can Be Brave With Pooh2011201340199371
I Can't Be Sad With Pooh2011201340199380
I'm A Bouncy Tiger!2011201340199390
Dream Moon Ornament201140199402
Mom's Taxi Ornament2011201240199422
Angel of My Heart201140199440
And Baby Makes 32011201340199450
Collectible Deer2011201140199464
A Sweet Duet2011201240199471
I'm Ready To Fly2011201240199480
Add A Little Sparkle2011201240199493
Dream Clip-On Bird Orn, 4A2011201140199500
Dream Glittered Snowflake Orn2011201240199510
Dream Loop Ball Orn2011201140199520
Dream Glitter House Set2011201240199532
Dream Glitter Barn Set2011201240199542
Dream Sprig201140199580
Dream Garland201140199594
Dream Wreath2011201140199608
To Have And To Hold Orn2011201140199631
Colored Prism Stick Orn, 3A2011201240199640
Reindeer Ride Ornament20112013401996623
Felt SnowBaby Ornament2011201240199670
Party Princesses2011201240199691
Angel Of Peace2011201140199702
Skating By Moonlight2011201140199772
Decorating The Tree2011201140199787
Mommy's Little Girls2011201240199791
Dream Tree W/Orns, Set/3201140199801
You're My Best Mate2011201240199811
Be Like Mickey Too20112013401998225
Snow Cat2011201340199830
Display Moon Orn, Small2011201140199840
A Three Scoop Lunch2011201340199851
Dream Tinsel Tree2011201440199860
Dream Painted Disk Orn, Lg2011201140199870
Dream Painted Disk Orn, Small2011201140199881
Midnight Ride2011201340199901
Dream Angel Tree Topper Figure20112011401999815
Raggedy Ann2011201140199992
Tinker Belle Baby2011201340200020
Tender Moments2011201340200073
Articulated Skater, 2A2011201140200081
Dream Ornament Holder2011201240200120
Dream Glass Ball Orn, Sm, set/42011201240200130
Glitter/Tinsel Display Plate2011201140200161
Baby Boy Bootie2011201340200190
Dream Ornament201120134020020318
Goddess of Chocolate2011201340200212
Joy Water Globe2011201240200221
Dream Shadow Box Ornament201240200234
Dream Snowflake Ornament2011201140200242
Prism Stick Orn, 3A2011201240200250
It's Magic Musicbox20112011402002744
Dream Glittered Tree2011201240200490
Snowman Waterglobe Orn, 2A2011201140203460
Spinning Yarns2011201140203470
Joy For You And Me2011201240203493
Raggedy Ann & Me20112012402035021
Snow White201020124020352181
Sleeping Beauty2010201240203652
Do You Believe In Magic?2010201240203670
Flight Prep2010201240203681
Advise From An Expert2010201240203690
I'll Never Let You Go2011201240203700
Woodland Animal Friends Orn2011201240203711
Fly With Me20112013402074912
But I Can Explain2011201240217051
Why Don't You Talk To Me20112014402170682
Baby Girl Bootie2011201340217070
Angel in My Pocket Orn2011201140218653
Silent Night Ornament20112012402186638
Little Angel Ornament20112013402186814
Dream Glitter Church Set2011201240219133
From God Orn2011201140219154
Dream Sun Ornament2011201140219370
Forever & Ever2011201140219461
Baby Needs New Shoes2011201240219474
Skate In Style2012201240219480
Decisions, Decisions Ornament2011201340219494
So Many Books Ornament2011201340219500
Littlest Tree Ornament2011201240219519
In A Spin Ornament20122013402195244
Snowman Waterglobe Ornament201140240682
Dream Glass Ball Orn, Med, St/42011201140243620
Dream Glass Ball Orns, Large2011201240245350
Cheshire Cat20122014402484920
Mad Hatter20122014402485019
White Rabbit201220144024851131
Queen Of Hearts20122014402485211
She Kissed A Reindeer2011201240248531
North Pole Flight School2011201240248546
Lullaby Girl2011201340248731
New Baby In The House, Girl2012201240248740
Winged Monkey2011201340248750
I'm Smart, Me Too!2012201340248766
Dorothy In Dress2011201440248770
Merry Music Maker - Drummer2011201240248796
Merry Music Maker - Conductor2011201240248804
Merry Music Maker - Tambourine2011201240248812
Merry Music Maker-Triangle2011201240248826
Merry Music Maker - Bass2011201240248835
And The Rain Came, Noah2012201440256806
Tail of Two Trunks2012201440256810
Cuddle Monkeys2012201440256820
Neck In Neck2012201440256832
Noah's Ark20122014402568568
My Little Angel2012201340256877
Kiss Kiss2012201340256883
Grandma Thinks I'm Perfect2012201440256890
I'm Mom's Angel2012201340256900
You're My Superman2012201340257096
Wizard Of Oz201120134025941171
Lollipop Boy2011201340259420
Put On Your Dancing Shoes2012201440263971
You Go Girl!2012201440263981
Tutu Cute2012201440263995
Drifting Into Dreamland2012201440264002
Fashion Shoes201240264040
Pink Trees, set of 32012201340264090
Skater's Waltz2012201340264101
Pink Sisal Ring Tree2012201240264110
Littlest Babies, 5 Asst.2012201240264690
Baby Girl Shoe Ornament201240264701
Bunny, It's Cold Outside2012201340264711
Look At Me Baby Boy201240264721
Look At Me Baby Girl201240264732
Striped Candy Cane Ornament, 3 Asst.2012201340264740
Skate Ornament201220124026532121
Fishing For Love2012201340265333
Where Are My Glasses?201240265350
Come Skate With Me2012201340265363
Heavenly Music, dated 2012 Ornament2012201240265370
Glittered Fence, Set of 42012201240265380
Ready To Skate2012201340265390
Angel To Look After You201240265460
Always In Style Ornament2012201340265471
Ski Lift Ornament2012201340265482
Baby On Board Ornament2012201240265493
Catch A Flake Ornament2012201440265501
Comforting Words Ornament2012201340265511
Music To Their Ears Ornament2012201340267413
Bear Back Ride2012201340267427
Share The Warmth2012201440267430
Polar Bear Trek Ornament2012201340267440
Retail Therapy Ornament2012201340267453
Dream Snowman20122013402674738
Snowman With Candy Cane2012201340267485
Catch Of The Day Ornament2012201340267558
Snuggle With Me Ornament201240267572
Peppermint Dreams2012201440267581
Pedi Please Ornament2013201440267600
Polar Delivery2012201340268182
Angel of Joy2012201440268221
Goodnight Prayers Angel2012201440268231
Glass Moonbeam Ornament2012201240268250
Porcelain Moonbeam Ornament2012201240268260
Don't Mess With Dessert2012201440271950
You Work I'll Count2012201240271964
Jumbo Silver Glitter Snowflake2012201340271970
Glass Skate Ornament2012201240271993
The Penguin Pirouette2012201340273490
Difficulty On Ice2012201440273502
Chilly Chick Chat2012201340273514
Onion Finial Ornament, 3 Asst.2012201240273520
Dolphin Tricks2012201340273532
Whale Of A Tail2012201340273541
Nativity Shadow Box Ornament2012201840273550
Whoo Wears The Crown?2012201340273562
Swan Ride2012201340273572
Jumbo Dream Pennant2012201240273590
Starshine Ornament2012201240273602
Hug Me! Ornament2012402736133
To Grandmother's House We Go2012201240273640
Sweet Dreams20122013402742041

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