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Department 56 - Dickens Village Listed By Part Number

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
Holly-Tree Inn20102010401690011
Romantic Getaway2010201040169000
The Hoops2011201240201812
Potts Pub2011201340201826
Joseph Edward Tea Shoppe201140201834
Boar's Bacon & Candied Hams2011201240201842
Bluebird Cottage2011201240201852
Berkshire Downs Cricket Club2011201140201866
Dickens Clock Tower2011201140201912
Pub Patrons2011201740201920
Chelsea Market Tea Monger2011202140201940
Caramelized Bacon - A Holiday Tradition2011201240201952
Listening For The Ocean2011201240201964
Awaiting The Umpires Call20112011402019712
Hold On Tight2011201240201982
The Church At Cornhill2011201340209451
Scrooge's Merry Christmas2011201340209460
Stocking Up2011201240219807
A Merry Christmas, Bob2011201140236120
The Smoking Bishop2011201140236121
Anglesey Cottage2011201340236243
A Fairytale Romance2011201340236250
The Partridge & Pear2012402525314
Chiswick Brewery2012201340252542
Brandon Mill201240252554
Evan Hoyt Sponge Dealer2012201240252568
Devon Brook Span Cottage2012201340252573
Royal Mail, Devon2012201440252582
Devonshire Creamery2012201340252594
A Night On London Town2012201440252610
Chiswick Brewboy2012201340252623
Champion Herding Dog2012201440252630
The Sponge Seller2012201240252641
Just In Time For Lunch2012201340252654
Devon Postmaster2012201340252663
Churning Temptation2012201340252673
Buying One for Posterity2012201340252684
Seconds For All2012201240286980
Stratford Holiday Pies & Tarts2012201240286982
Church of St. Alban2012201340286991
The Baptism Of Charles Dickens2012201340287000
Strawberry Cottage2013201440303560
Arabella's Millinery2013201540303572
Miss Lavender's Soaps & Sachet2013201440303580
C.D. Boz Ink & Pen Co.2013201440303591
Six Jolly Fellowship Porters2013202340303608
Camden Coffee House2013201540303616
Balmoral Lodge2013201540303621
New Hats For The Jubilee2013201440303640
Scent Of The Day2013201440303650
Thank You, Mr. Dickens2013201440303660
Sweet Pickings2013201440303671
A Jolly Good Tune2013201740303680
A Proper Cup Of Coffee2013201440303720
Estate Planning2013201340303733
See Dickens' London2013201440303740
Dickens Accepts The Queen's "Highland Journal" 2013201440303750
Purrfect Treats2013201440306991
Dickens Nativity201340307001
Holiday Special Tegan's Toy Shoppe2013201340355660
Tegan's Accessory Set2013201340355671
Ewart Public Library2013201440355690
Bringing Dickens Home20132014403557010
Dovington Chapel2014201540365072
Hampshire Solicitor2014201540365081
Hampshire Sweeps2014201740365094
Straw Duck Pub2014201540365102
Punch & Judy Theatre2014201440365113
Off To The Festivities2014201540365150
Minding Village Business2014201540365160
Lucky Day For a Sweep2014201740365173
Making Ready for a Full House2014201540365181
Saturdays With Punch & Judy2013201440365191
Caroling By Lamplight201440365205
Dickens' Carriage Ride2014201540365211
Holiday Adventure2014201540365223
Nephew Fred's Home2014201740365252
Christmas A Humbug, Uncle2014202340365264
Blindman's Buff2014201640365270
Dickens' Village, The Magic Of Christmas2014201440423972
The Three Hens Market2014201540423980
Helping Mother Hen2014201540423997
Frost Fair Pavilion2014201540447842
Sledding At The Fair2015201640447880
Frost Fair Pavilion2014201440448042
Frost Fair Sled & Sleigh Rentals2015201640448053
Olde Vine Cottage2015201740448063
Four Calling Birds Shoppe2015201740448072
The Sword & The Shield2015201640448081
Essex Road Fencing Academy2015201540448092
Lily Bros. Gazing Balls2015201640448102
Old Joe's Beetling Shop2015201640448110
A Bundle For Old Joe's Consideration2015201640448120
Waiting In The Parlor For Old Joe2015201640448130
Frost Fair Skaters2015201640448140
Sledding At The Fair2014201440448150
Warm And Cozy Tonight2015201640448161
An Evening Stroll2015201640448171
Dickens' Town Tree201540448207
Lighting The Lane201540448213
London Town Crier2015201740448220
Gazing Ball Reflections2015201640448231
Dickens' Village, The Sounds of Christmas2015201540491960
Five Gold Rings Engraver2015201640491973
Dickens Village String Trio2015201540491980
Long Live The Queen2015201640491990
Anniversary Gazebo, Dickens' Village, Cheers To 40 Years!2015201640509263
The Six Geese Bedding & Down2016201640509270
Frost Fair Roasted Ox2016201640509282
The London Gallery2016201740509295
The Duke's Wheel Cheese Shoppe2016201740509300
Kings Cakes2016201640509319
The Harbourmaster House2016201740509325
Letters To Santa, Dickens2016201640509342
The Perfect Pillow2016201640509355
Frost Fair Treat2016201640509360
Rossetti and His Muse2016201740509370
Cheese Samples For All2016201740509380
Twelfth Night Temptation2016201640509391
From Across The Pond2016201640509400
Fezziwig's Holiday Dance2016201740509440
A Dance With Belle2016201740509460
Foxmore Cottage2016201740547750
Dickens' Village, Christmas Sweets2016201640549611
The Swan & Trumpet2016201740549620
St. Clive's In The Dell2016201740549638
Dickens' Village, Sidewalk Sweets2016201640549641
Swan & Trumpet Beer Wagon2016201740549650
First Christmas Eve Service2016201740549660
Criterion Magic Lantern Theatr2017201740566335
Eight Milkmaids Crock2017201740566341
Comb's Honey Cottage2017201940566352
The Merry Fir Advent Wreaths2017201840566361
The Oxford Arcade2017201740566373
Holiday Cab Ride201740566384
Olde Bramling Oast House2017201740566394
The Amazing Magic Lantern Show2017201840566400
Victorian Milk Maid2017201740566410
Honey Harvest2017201840566420
Ladies Auxiliary Brass Band2017201740566433
The Hansom Cab Co.2017201840566444
Turnabout Is Fair Play2017201740566450
Oast House Hop Harvest2017201740566461
Xmas Carol Poulterers Shop Set2017201940566480
Dickens' Village Holiday Special Home For The Holidays Set2017201740593793
Great Yarmouth Light2017201840593801
Yarmouth's Discovery Bay201740593812

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