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Seasons Bay was introduced in 1998 and was intended as the first year-round Village. The collection was an extension of the North Pole Series. The last pieces were released in 2001 and all pieces have since been retired.

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Released: 1998
Year Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
A Day At The Waterfront1998200256.5332624
A Stroll In The Park1998200256.5330820
Afternoon Sleigh Ride1998200156.5332214
Autumn Trees1998200156.5338316
Back From The Orchard1998200156.5332041
Bay Street Shops1998200056.5340124
Bay Street Shops1998199956.5330124
Beach Front1998200156.5335524
Beach Front Extensions1998200156.5337420
Chapel On The Hill1998200156.5340226
Chapel On The Hill1998199956.5330233
Fishing In The Bay1998200256.5331346
Flowering Potted Tree1998200156.533321
Flowering Vine1998200156.533442
Fourth Of July Parade1998200256.533179
Fun In The Snow1998200156.5332313
Garden Fountain1998200156.533305
Garden Gazebo1998200256.5333810
Garden Park Bench1998200156.533337
Geranium Window Box1998200156.533453
Grandview Shores Hotel1998199956.5340018
Grandview Shores Hotel1998199956.5330028
Here Come The Ice Cream Man1998200256.5331424
I'm Wishing1998200156.5330979
Inglenook Cottage #51998199956.5330417
Inglenook Cottage #51998200056.5340417
Ivy Vine1998200156.533775
Lattice Obelisk1998200156.5337634
Mini Sisal Evergreens1998200256.527631
Park Street Lights1998200256.533666
Planter Box Topiaries1998200156.533348
Potted Flowers1998200156.533312
Potted Topiaries1998200156.5337011
Relaxing In A Garden1998200156.5330733
Seasons Bay Sign1998200156.5334334
Side Porch Cafe1998199956.5340321
Side Porch Cafe1998199956.5330311
Skating On The Pond1998200256.533244
Sounds Of The Season19984
Spring/Summer Trees1998200156.533822
Stone Footpath Sections1998200256.5337520
Sunday Morning At The Chapel1998200156.5331115
The Garden Cart1998200256.5332745
The Grand Creamery1998199956.5340525
The Grand Creamery1998199956.5330528
Trick Or Treat1998200256.5331990
Winter Trees1998200156.533849

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