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Seasons Bay was introduced in 1998 and was intended as the first year-round Village. The collection was an extension of the North Pole Series. The last pieces were released in 2001 and all pieces have since been retired.

Below is the list of items showing how many have sold on eBay in the last 90 days
and how many current auctions are underway. You can then click on an item to see more detail.
The detail will show the price the item was ultimately sold for, or the current bid.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
Golfer Flip Top Box200356.3116100
Mini Sisal Evergreens1998200256.5276355
Grandview Shores Hotel1998199956.53300190
Bay Street Shops1998199956.53301141
Chapel On The Hill1998199956.53302211
Side Porch Cafe1998199956.53303122
Inglenook Cottage #51998199956.53304165
The Grand Creamery1998199956.53305321
Relaxing In A Garden1998200156.53307348
A Stroll In The Park1998200256.53308214
I'm Wishing1998200156.53309484
Sunday Morning At The Chapel1998200156.53311199
Fishing In The Bay1998200256.53313443
Here Come The Ice Cream Man1998200256.53314304
Fourth Of July Parade1998200256.53317310
Trick Or Treat1998200256.53319156
Back From The Orchard1998200156.53320455
Afternoon Sleigh Ride1998200156.53322173
Fun In The Snow1998200156.53323250
Skating On The Pond1998200256.53324123
A Day At The Waterfront1998200256.53326196
The Garden Cart1998200256.53327383
Garden Fountain1998200156.53330111
Potted Flowers1998200156.53331101
Flowering Potted Tree1998200156.5333231
Garden Park Bench1998200156.53333104
Planter Box Topiaries1998200156.53334113
Garden Gazebo1998200256.53338122
Seasons Bay Sign1998200156.53343146
Flowering Vine1998200156.5334431
Geranium Window Box1998200156.5334520
Beach Front1998200156.53355274
Park Street Lights1998200256.5336602
Potted Topiaries1998200156.53370173
Beach Front Extensions1998200156.53374234
Stone Footpath Sections1998200256.53375193
Lattice Obelisk1998200156.53376292
Ivy Vine1998200156.5337761
Spring/Summer Trees1998200156.5338213
Autumn Trees1998200156.5338336
Winter Trees1998200156.5338471
Grandview Shores Hotel1998199956.53400193
Bay Street Shops1998200056.53401221
Chapel On The Hill1998200156.53402220
Side Porch Cafe1998199956.53403152
Inglenook Cottage #51998200056.53404161
The Grand Creamery1998199956.53405261
Amusement Park Carousel1999200256.5341021
Parkside Pavilion1999200256.5341160
Parkside Pavillion1999200256.53412180
Springlake Station1999200256.5341341
Stillwaters Boathouse1999200256.5341412
The Garden Swing1999200256.5341551
Arriving At The Station1999200256.5341682
The Perfect Wedding1999200256.53417102
Gently Down The Stream1999200256.5341862
A Grand Day Of Fishing1999200256.5341931
An Afternoon Picnic1999200256.5342063
A Bicycle Built For Two1999200256.5342134
Rocking Chair Readers1999200256.5342282
Lifeguard On Duty1999200256.5342321
A Day Of Holiday Shopping1999200256.5342521
The First Snow1999200256.5342632
Singing Carols In Town1999200256.5342713
Seasons Bay Park1999200256.53428145
Christmas Garlands & Wreaths1999200256.5342900
Harvest Decorations2000200256.5343121
Sandy Beach1999200156.5343320
Adirondack Chairs1999200256.5343650
Mystic Ledge Lighthouse2000200056.5344550
Garden Valley Vineyards2000200156.53446104
Breezy Hills Stables2000200256.5344711
East Cape Cottages2000200256.5344800
Seaside Inn2001200256.5344920
Bayport Souvenir And Kite Shop2001200056.5345011
Pull Together2000200256.5360010
Evening On Horseback Riding2000200256.5360101
Gathering Grapes2000200156.5360222
A Sleigh Ride With Santa2000200256.5360311
Fresh Seafood By The Shore2000200256.5360400
Patriotic Decorations2000200256.5360510
The Kite Of Spring2001200256.5360810
Seasons Bay Flag Raising2001200256.5361120
Seasons Bay Tent Cards2001200256.9746100

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