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The Original Snow Village was the first collection in Department 56 released in 1976. Originally 6 delightful lighted buildings made up the collection. The collection continues to grow each year. This collection is designed to reflect shops and neighborhoods found in small towns across America.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
Town Square Tree & Gazebo20102010401690141
Eden Prairie Inn20102010401690562
Welcome To The Inn20102010401690500
The Patriot House20112012402016611
Firehouse No. 520112013402021420
Our Lady Of Guadalupe20112011402021560
Harley-Davidson Snow Village20112017402021662
York Snow Village201120114020216CH00
Round Lake Rink20112013402021720
Christmas Carol's Cookies20112011402021831
Spirit Of '7620112012402022000
Snow Village Clock Tower20112011402022122
Future Firefighter20112013402022230
Quinceanera Celebration201120114020223150
A New '56 Harley-Davidson KH20112013402022472
Skating Fun20112013402022500
Cookies From Carol's20112012402022630
Eat Mor Chikin20112012402022700
Beachside Christmas20112012402022821
Bringing Home The Tree, Animated20112012402024110
Animated Snowball Fight20112012402024200
Village Front Yard20112012402024331
Twinkle Brite Bridge20112012402024420
City Gate2011402024521
Happy Holidays, Lit Yard Decorations20112012402024620
Lit Fire Pit2011402024772
Long May She Wave!20112012402024800
A Jolly Happy Soul2011402024910
Backyard Bird Houses20112014402025010
Friendly Neighbors2011402025100
Stray Cat Strut2011402025233
Wooden Deer Family20112014402025320
Harvest Blooms20112012402025420
Treetop Lamp Posts20112012402025500
Westmister Lights20112012402025600
Woodland Limestone Lamps2011402025712
String Of 4 Snowflake Lights20112011402025810
String Of Chasing Lights20112012402025900
Winter Pines2011402026111
Holiday Sisals20112014402026210
Winter Berry Trees20112017402026310
Willow Tree20112012402026421
Icy Trees20112012402026520
Winter Walkway, Straight20112017402026810
Winter Walkway, Curved20112017402026931
Winter Sky20112012402027000
Moondoggie's Board Shop20112012402095311
Skate Date20112013402095520
Santa Comes To Town, 201120112011402095661
Snow Covered Pines, Set of 520102013402120802
Snow Covered Pines, Set of 820112013402179301
Visiting Santa, Animated20112012402243111
Santa's Float201120134022804103
Snowman Float20112011402280511
Marching Bulbs20112013402280612
Parade Banner20112013402280782
Red Cup Cafe Watertower20112012402280811
Chick-Fil-A Billboard20112012402280910
Harley-Davidson Billboard20112013402286440
Winter Retreat201120114023611122
Winter Romance20112011402361130
Travels With Ed, Chicago20112011402383151
Tinted Sisal Trees20112012402404401
Wispy Winter Trees20112011402404511
Mini Sisal Trees20112016402404610
International Flags20112012402484732
The Season's Greetings House20122013402531511
Harley Roadhouse Cafe20122015402531601
Jackie's Cards & Gifts20122013402531712
Grandpa's Garage20122014402531801
Melinda's Poinsettias & Mistletoe20122013402531922
Evergreen Wreaths & Garland20122013402532001
Holiday Crafts20122013402532162
The Little Brown Church In The Vale20122013402532250
Christmas Lane Greetings201220134025323141
Hog Heaven20124025324122
Always A Fun Time On A Harley20122015402532523
The Tradition Continues20122013402532610
Grandpa's Little Helper2012402532762
I Hope It Snows This Much20122013402532851
A Mistletoe Surprise!201220134025329120
Haul Out The Holly201220134025330101
Snow Village Cars, 2 Assorted20122014402533151
Peppermint Float20122012402533220
Marching Flakes20122012402533300
Santa Comes To Town, 201220122012402533411
Meeting Smile After Smile, Animated20122015402535710
Misty Point Platform20122014402535820
Jolly Sisals, Set of 220122013402536030
Wonderland Shrubs, Medium, Set of 420122013402536150
Wonderland Shrubs, Small, Set of 420122013402536210
Winter Lodge Pines, Set of 420122018402536300
Redwood Pines, Set of 320122014402536410
Heartland Spruce Trees, Set 620122013402536500
Snow Base, Medium2012402536601
Snow Base, Small2012402536700
Peppermint Lit Bare Branch Tree20122013402536911
Peppermint Lit Sisal Trees, Set of 220122014402537021
Peppermint Bench20122017402542800
Peppermint Wall, Set of 220122014402542901
Candy Cane Hitching Post20122013402543000
String of 12 Red & White Lights20122013402543101
Peppermint Archway20122015402543220
Peppermint Street, Straight, Set of 220122018402543311
Peppermint Street, Curved, Set of 220122018402543421
Peppermint Street Lights, Set of 220122017402543501
Peppermint Fountain20122013402543600
Peppermint Bridge20122014402543700
Peppermint Steps20122014402543800
Peppermint Fence St/22012402543942
City Wrought Iron Park Bench2012402544030
Uptown Wall, St/420122013402544110
String of 12 Multi-Lights20122018402544221
String of 12 White Lights20122014402544301
Uptown Topiaries, St/420122013402544411
Uptown Post Box20122013402544560
Uptown Park Bench, St/420122013402544630
Uptown Clock2012402544712
City Holiday Boughs, St/820122018402544800
Uptown Fountain20122016402544900
Uptown Park Statue20122013402545021
Uptown Footbridge20122013402545130
Woodland Bench20122017402545302
Woodland Birdhouse20122017402545413
Woodland Stone Gate20122016402545531
Woodland Stone Wall, St/220122018402545600
Woodland Road, Straight, St/220122013402545700
Woodland Road, Curved, St/220122013402545820
Woodland Lampposts, St/220122016402545900
Woodland Stone Gazebo20122018402546000
Limestone Footbridge20122014402546101
Picket Lane Bench20122013402546410
Picket Lane Potted Evergreens, Set of 220122016402546541
Picket Lane Wishing Well20122013402546620
Picket Lane Sundial20122013402546710
Picket Lane Archway20122013402546842
Picket Lane Fence20122015402546911
String of 12 Bright White Light20122017402547000
Picket Lane Table & Chairs, Set of 320122013402547100
Picket Lane Gazebo20122015402547211
Picket Lane Footbridge20122014402547352
Picket Lane Lamppost, Set of 220122013402547420
Springtime Promo Trees20122012402656900
A Visit With Santa201220124028703242
The Start Of A Season20122012402870300
Harley Roadside Motel20122013402870703
Santa's New Sleigh Is A Harley20122017402870831
Harley Road Trip!20122013402870912
Travels With Ed, Missouri201220124028710130
Jingle Mutts20142014403037901
Snow Base, Large20132013403038000
Grassy Base, Medium20132013403038100
Grassy Base, Small20132013403038200
The Griswold Holiday House201320144030733610
Cousin Eddie's RV2013403073459
Harley Roadside Cabins20132013403073543
Deep Blue Car Wash20132014403073611
Sophia's Pizzeria20132015403073731
The Sweet Spot2013403073891
Loon Lake Bait Shop20132014403073910
Cousin Eddie In The Morning2013403074145
Fire It Up Dad!2013403074263
The Griswold Family Tree201340307431811
Animated Flying Sleigh2013403074400
Harley Campfire20132016403074510
Harley Ever After20132015403074630
Support Your Polars!201320144030747131
Loon Lake Champion20132014403074872
Hot Pizza, Fast!2013403074921
Spoiled By Grandma20132015403075010
Let's Show Mom201320154030752162
Santa Comes To Town 201320132013403075310
Checking The Weather20132015403075400
Snow Village Nativity20134030755377
Hang Tag, Clock20132013403089210
Kensington Lane Lamp Posts20132014403089400
Main Street Lamp Posts20132015403089510
Vintage Sisals20132018403089621
Black Forest Pines20132014403089710
Silver Pines20132014403089830
Holiday Night Lit Sisals20132015403089910
Winters Glow, Lit Tree20132015403090341
Twinkle Brite, Blue & White20132015403090420
Yosemite Spruce Trees20132015403090500
My Garden Gate20132015403090610
My Garden Fence20132015403090720
My Garden Path, Straight20132014403090810
My Garden Path, Curved20132014403090900
My Garden Hanging Lantern20132014403091000

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