Department 56 - North Pole Series Listed By Name

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The North Pole Series was added to the Heritage Village Collection in 1990. This delightful collection is made up of lighted buildings and whimsical figurines all designed around the magic of Christmas.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
Nana Split's Ice Cream Parlor20122014402528311
Naughty Or Nice Detective Agency 2003200356.5675831
Naughty Stocking Stuffers2010201280893012
Nee nee's Dolls & Toys1991199556.5620013210
Needle's Tree Farm2005200656.5678350
Nettie's Mistletoe Manor2004200556.5689563
New Year's At The North Pole2003200556.56863182
Newt And Emma2002200456.5675600
Nice Landing Rudolph!2020600544462
Nice Save20132014403072200
No Two Alike2006200856.5722520
Nollie & Ollie's Custom Snowboards2008201080554630
North Pole Animated Train With Track2002200356.5303050
North Pole Baby Doll Boutique201420144036541140
North Pole Backdrop2001200256.5296200
North Pole Beard Trimmers2007200756.5695854
North Pole Beauty Shoppe2001200156.05733463
North Pole Bike Shop20122014402528180
North Pole Board Games Factory2005200756.5678920
North Pole Candy Cane Lampposts1996200156.5262121
North Pole Candy Crush Factory201720184056669144
North Pole Candy Striper2018600061395
North Pole Chapel1993200056.56260994
North Pole Clock Tower20112011402012510
North Pole Commuter2012402529163
North Pole Cookie Exchange2011402020800
North Pole Dolls & Santa's Bear Works1994199756.56359613
North Pole Express1996199956.5636873
North Pole Express Depot1993199856.56278757
North Pole Gate1993199856.56324191
North Pole Gate201820196000619682
North Pole General Store2005200756.5679710
North Pole Harley-Davidson20142015404240141
North Pole Hobby Horse Barn20142015403654261
North Pole Holiday Elves20172018405667631
North Pole Holiday Skating Party20192019600481011
North Pole Holiday Special Home For The Holidays Set20172017405938250
North Pole Licorice Works20162016405096431
North Pole M&M's Candy Factory2004200656.5677330
North Pole Maintenance2005200756.5720340
North Pole Nativity20132014403072920
North Pole Penguin Visitors' Center2009200980554720
North Pole Petting Zoo2002200456.5682382
North Pole Porcelain Building Works2005200656.56788131
North Pole Ribbon Candy20192019600481271
North Pole Shops1991199556.5621991
North Pole Sizzlin' Griddle20162017405096521
North Pole Sleigh Ride20142015403656040
North Pole Snow Bank2006200856.5695710
North Pole Snow Inspector Station201520164049201150
North Pole Snuffles Luv-A-Hug Center2012402527961
North Pole String Trio20152015404920313
North Pole Town Hall2003200556.56767292
North Pole Town Tree20152016404485211
North Pole Weather Station20162016405096350
North Pole Welcoming Home Christmas20182018600229281
North Pole, Christmas Sweets20162016405496731
North Pole, Sidewalk Sweets20162016405496911
North Pole, The Magic Of Christmas20142014404239032
North Pole, The Sounds Of Christmas20152015404920050
North Star Commuter Train Station2005200556.5678281
North Star Karaoke Club2007201079991742
Northern Lights Caboose20162016405096810
Northern Lights Depot20132016403071390
Northern Lights Express Engine20132016403071471
Northern Lights Fire Station2000200556.56730112
Northern Lights Ornament Car20142016403654883
Northern Lights Power2019600311243
Northern Lights Tinsel Mill1999200256.56704233
Northern Lights Track Curved20132014403384600
Northern Lights Track Straight20132014403384500
Northern Lights Tree Car20152016404484020
Northwind Knitters2002200456.56751111
NP New Year's Eve Center201720174056667190
Nutcracker Delivery2002200556.5684251
Nutmeg Cottage Ornament20182019600225302
Nutmeg Nook2018600061760
Nuts About Broomball2000200156.5692680

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