Department 56 - North Pole Series Listed By Name

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The North Pole Series was added to the Heritage Village Collection in 1990. This delightful collection is made up of lighted buildings and whimsical figurines all designed around the magic of Christmas.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
S'Mores & Hot Chocolate Stand (Elf Land)2002200756.568350
Santa & Mrs. Claus1990200756.5609070
Santa At The Man Cave202260114050
Santa By The Light Of The Moon2001200356.529845
Santa's Bell Repair1996199856.5638977
Santa's Castle2003200456.567681
Santa's Chair Works2016201740509674
Santa's DQ Cone House201640549687
Santa's Flight Planning Team2005200756.572065
Santa's Get-Away2011201140236152
Santa's Get-Away Sign2011201140236150
Santa's Hat Inn2005200856.567956
Santa's Helpers Training Academy2011201140202044
Santa's Hitching Station2018201860006157
Santa's Hot Cocoa Cafe201140202078
Santa's Hot Tub2001200256.568881
Santa's Light Shop1997200056.5639731
Santa's Little Baker2015201640448440
Santa's Little Cakes2015201640448334
Santa's Little Dipper2013201440307241
Santa's Little Helpers1990199356.5610371
Santa's Lookout Tower1993200056.5629439
Santa's Lookout Tower1998200056.9877373
Santa's Lookout Tower Ornament1997199856.9874224
Santa's Man Cave202260114040
Santa's New Sleigh2006200756.569500
Santa's New Sleigh - Design #562006200856.572183
Santa's North Pole Office2014201640365409
Santa's North Pole Workshop201740566632
Santa's On His Way2000200656.525027
Santa's Paper Snowflake Studio2006200856.569563
Santa's Polar Plunge2013201440307271
Santa's Reindeer Rides2002200256.567480
Santa's Retreat2000200256.568835
Santa's Rooming House1995199956.5638678
Santa's Sleigh Launch2001200156.567349
Santa's Sleigh Maker2006200756.569509
Santa's Snowflake Palace2020202160054300
Santa's Tailor Shop2005200756.567932
Santa's Toy Company2004200556.568932
Santa's Toy Company - Early Release2004200456.568925
Santa's Visiting Center1999199956.5640740
Santa's Woodworks1993199656.5628664
Santa's Workshop1998200056.9877271
Santa's Workshop1990199356.5600610
Santa's Workshop Ornament1997199856.9873442
Santas In Training2011201140202095
School Sleigh Express2002200556.568374
Scissors Wizards2000200156.5692320
Scout Elves In Training2019201960031130
Scrooge McDuck & Marley's Counting House2004200656.569004
Scrooge McDuck & The Ghosts Of Christmas2004200656.569401
Selfie #Happy Gnome2015201740448500
Sesame Street At The North Pole2006200856.567993
Sew Perfect2014201540365510
Sharing Easy-Bake Cake2015201640492060
She Said I'm Cute2012202040252872
She'll Be The Belle Of The Ball2019202160031235
Shoveling Budding For Hire2020202160054391
Sing A Song For Santa1993199856.56316130
Sitting In The North Pole2017202040566770
Sizzlin' Samples2016201740509722
Skating With Santa2002200256.567450
Ski Bums1999200156.5671025
Skip With A Twist2016201640509751
Sleigh & Eight Tiny Reindeer1990200756.5611118
Snow bike Like A Harley Bike2014201540424021
Snow Cone Elves1994199756.5637582
Snowboard Elves200820108108250
Snowflake's Snow Cone Shop2013201540307170
Snowy's Diner2020202260054296
Sparkling Highlights202260097707
Sparky The Plant Manager2002200356.5683613
Spin Art Master2013201540307252
St. Nicholas Chapel2018202060006160
St. Nicholas Chapel Ornament2018201960022526
St. Nick's Gift Sorting Center2020202060054312
Star Brite Glass Ornament Shop2013201440307124
Star Of The Show2000200256.5692815
Starlight Dance Hall2001200256.5674242
Start A Tradition Set1996199656.5639086
Static Electricity Expert2019202160031243
Sugar Hill Row Houses2007200956.569613
Sugar Mountain Lodge2017201840593830
Sven's Swell House2015201540448393
Sweet Rock Candy Co.2000200056.5672544
Swinging Disney Fab Five2004200756.568664

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