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The Halloween series was introduced to the Department 56 family in 1998. These lighted Halloween houses make for a wonderful spooky display!

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
Boneyard Bench2014201640389045
Halloween Festival St Lamps2014201540389050
Halloween Ghost Street Lamps2014201540389064
String of Bat Lights2014201640389074
Creepy Town Lit Billboard2014201640389081
Scary Pumpkins Lit Tree2014201740389130
Purple Bare Branch Trees2014201540389140
Green Bare Branch Trees2014201540389151
October Glow2014201540389166
Halloween Lit Sisals2014201540389175
Scary Topiary2014201440389182
Toxic Waste Car2014201740424190
Testin' the Toxins2014201640424209
Black Cat Shack2015201740448772
H-D Ghost Riders' Club2015201640448786
The Scream2015201540448790
Last Chance Hotel2015201540448800
The Scarecrow House2015201640448812
Roadkill Grill2015201640448822
Black Cat Snack2015201740448851
Ghost Rider On The Road2015201640448866
Headless Harley Rider2015201640448870
Tonight's Special2015201640448894
Scarecrow Fun!2015201640448900
Painted Ladies2015201640448910
Midway Punks2015201540448920
Halloween Town Tree2015201640448938
Cursed Mummy20152016404754519
Buzzard Delight20152016404754618
Rest In Peace, 20152015201540475911
Kiss Of Death201540475923
Flying Skulls2015201540475935
Watch Your Step2015201540475951
Hazardous & Wasted2015201640475962
Haunted Totem Pole2015201840475971
Spooky Wrought Iron Gate201540475990
Creepy Creatures Slither2015201640476005
Creepy Creatures Flutter20152016404760114
Creepy Creatures Wither2015201640476020
Creepy Creatures Croak2015201640476033
Boneyard Bag-O-Bones2015201740476041
Boneyard Wheelbarrow2015201740476054
Boneyard Wreath & Garland2015201640476062
Beware The Boneyard, Sign2015201640476076
String Of Green Lights2015201740476160
Lit Scarecrow Lamps, Set Of 22015201640476174
Waiting On Lunch, Streetlights20152016404762111
Halloween Candy Corn Trees2015201640476255
Twinkle Brite Halloween Shrubs2015201640476276
Murder Of Crows, Tree201540476282
Replacement Light Bulbs, Red201540481102
Creepy Clown Car2015201640492182
Pie In The Face Escape20152016404921919
Haunted Crypt2015201540493200
Harley Crow Bar2015201640493222
Forced Fit2015201640493232
Full Moon Ride2015201640493240
Haunted Rails Outpost2015201640499140
Ghastly's Haunted Villa2016201740510074
Halloween Party House201640510081
Witch Way Home Tower2016201740510090
Look Who's Talking Now Theatre2016201640510102
Harley-Davidson's Last Chance Garage2016201640510111
Sweet Trappings Cottage2016201740510123
Ghastly's Night Out2016201740510137
Black Widow Strikes Again2016201740510149
No Hocus Pocus Here2016201740510152
Party For Treats2016201740510161
Who's The Dummy Now?2016201640510175
Witch Watch2016201740510181
Pimpin' My Ride2016201640510191
Ride Away Bride2016201640510202
Witch Trap2016201740510215
Lit & Animated Fright Flight2016201740542487
Rest In Peace, 20162016201640542507
Creepy Graveyard Black Cat Bench2016201940542540
Noah Scare Grave2016201740542551
Angel Of Death201640542562
Creepy Creatures Dog House2016201740542570
Creepy Creatures Venus Fly Trap2016201740542590
Boneyard Gate2016201740542601
Boneyard Straight Fence2016201740542611
Boneyard Corner Fence2016201740542620
Boneyard Spooky Signs2016201740542633
Lit Pumpkin Engravings2016201740542640
Scary Jack-O'-Lantern Street Lamps2016201740542651
Lit Stacked Jack-O-Lanterns2016201740542660
Lit Halloween Lawn Decor2016201740542672
Autumn Trees, Set of 82016201740542685
Purple Sparkle Bare Branch Trees, Set of 22016201640542696
Skull Tree2016201740542700
Autumn Splendor Trees, Set of 22016201740542710
Ouija The Mystifying Oracle2016201740549740
Don't Be A Scaredy-Cat!2016201740549771
Midnight Mischief2016201740549780
Scary Ghost Hauler2016201940549821
Scary Ghost Catcher2016201840549836
Hattie's Hat Shop2017202040567001
The Haunted Cemetery Shed2017201840567011
The Skeleton House2017201840567021
Lefty's Chain Saw Repair2017201740567037
Poe's Perch Aviary2017201840567047
Bat's Motel2017201840567050
Hattie's Hats Custom Fitted2017202040567061
Lit Graveyard Ghost201740567076
Scary Gravedigger2017201840567080
Trick Or Treating On The Lane2017201740567090
Scary Skeleton Stories201740567101
Lefty's Passion20172017405671110
Fortunato The Vulture Trainer20172018405671216
The Makings For A Sordid Evening20172017405671313
Animated Nightmare2017201840576153
Toad Fountain2017201840576160
Spells & Potions Kiosk201740576173
Bone Jovi2017201840576180
Hangmen Skeletons2017201840576190
Skull Spider2017201740576201
Creepy Creature Scary Squirrel2017201740576211
Creepy Creatures Rabid Rabbit2017201740576222
Black Light Bare Branch Tree2017201840576230
Black Light Spotlights2017201840576240
Black Light Bat Cave2017201840576253
Rising From The Dead2017201740576263
Spooky Graveyard Vigil2017201940576278
Flaming Skull Bonefire2017201840576280
Lit Pumpkin Patch Billboard201740576290
Boneyard Street Light2017201840576301
Lit Jack-O-Lantern Tree201740576310
Halloween Multi-Color Tree201740576329
Creepy Craggy Tree2017201840576334
Haunted Spider Tree2017201740576341
The Beast2017201840593912
The Beast Master2017201840593926
Rest In Peace 2017 Set2017201740593930

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