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The Halloween series was introduced to the Department 56 family in 1998. These lighted Halloween houses make for a wonderful spooky display!

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
Grimsly's Retirement Home2011201140202292
Lot 13, Crystal Lake2011201240202303
Retching Pumpkin Diner2011201340202311
Walter & Larry's Crypt2011201140202321
Halloween Clock Tower2011201140202332
Two-Ply Fun2011201240202357
Gross... Pumpkin Guts2011201340202361
Wilhelmina & Lucille2011201140202372
Git Offa My Train20112014402023812
Count Dogula2011201140202392
The Headless Horseman2011402024011
Ghost In The Graveyard2011201240202608
Cursed Fountain2011201440202711
Haunted Rails Caboose2011201840209571
Rickety Railroad Platform2011201440224320
Mickey's Halloween Castle2011201240228100
Axel's Costume Shop2012201340228110
Trick-Or-Treating At The Castle2011201240228122
Disney Dress Up2011201240228132
Peanuts Scary Walk2011201240236230
Wretched Jack-O-Lanterns2011201240240332
Forgotten Garden2011201240240343
Spooky Trash Cans2011201240240369
Dying To Get In Outhouse2011201340240377
Gargoyle Lamp Posts2011201340240385
By The Light Of The Moon2011201540240401
T.P. Trees2011201140240411
Scary Stumps2011201340240431
Orange Bare Branch Trees2011201340240472
Mickey's Pirate Cove2012201240253362
Mordecai Mansion2012201440253371
Travis Louie's World of Otherworldly Persons2012201240253380
The Cave Club20122013402533918
The Spider House2012201340253401
Hilda's Witch Haunt2012201440253411
Donald's Secret Treasure2012201240253432
Mickey's Treasure Trove2012201240253440
Steady, Killer, Steady2012201340253454
Sideshow Superstars2012201240253465
Out For A Bloody Good Time2012201340253470
Are You Afraid of Big Bad Wolf?2012201340253482
Hold Still ...2012201440253505
Whack A Zombie2012201440253951
The Ghost Dance2012201340253967
Grave Escape2012201840253971
Wicked Web Fence, Set of 72012201340253983
Haunted Delivery2012201340253997
Haunted Signs, Set of 32012201340254005
Bone To Rock2012201440254014
Killer's Castle2012201340254024
Sell Your Soul, Hearse2012201440254030
String of 12 Bloody Lights2012201240254040
Creepy Pumpkin Street Lights, Set of 22012201340254056
Halloween Lit Yard Decor, Set of 320122013402540610
Happy Halloween Lit Sign2012201340254070
Here Kitty, Kitty2012201540254083
Haunted Sounds Lit Trees, Set of 32012201340254108
Stormy Night Tree2012402541110
Who Let the Dogs Out, Set of 32012201340254123
Halloween Backdrop, Set of 22012201340254135
Haunted Rails Sleeper Car2012201440287110
Sleepless Walking2012201340287128
Big Horn Saloon2012201540287133
Dolly's World of Hypnosis2013201440307560
The Pumpkin House2013201740307573
Three Witches Cauldron Haunt2013201740307580
The Clown House of Terror2013201640307592
Hemogoblin Blood Bank2013201440307600
Blood Creek Jailhouse2013201340307610
Haunted Rails Grain Elevator2013201440307620
Bringing Home The Winner2013201540307634
Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble201340307646
Spellbound By Hypno Girl20132014403076522
Let's Have A Little Fun2013201640307664
Beware of the Bloodmobile2013201440307672
Wanted: Dead or Alive2013201440307687
Rats! There Goes My Grain!2013201440307697
Animated Night Creatures20132017403077112
I've Got My Eye On You2013403077814
Dead Weight2013201740307790
Funny Bones20132015403078010
Is This Seat Taken?2013201740307812
Blue, Brown, Or Hazel?2013201440307820
Rest In Peace 20132013201340307830
Crow Creek Covered Bridge201340307842
Finger Food Tonight20132015403078523
Halloween Ravens201340307860
Haunted Well201340307876
Haunted Rails Straight Track2013201740307881
Haunted Rails Curved Track2013201740307894
Replacement Light Bulbs, Blue & Green201320194030893.p1
Evil Pumpkin Lampposts2013201440338475
String Of 12 Skull Lights2013201540338481
Lit Pumpkin Luminaries2013201540338490
Black Bare Branch Trees, Set of 3201340338513
Halloween Sisals, Set 22013201440338528
Midnight Sisals, Set Of 22013201440338536
Haunted Branches, Purple, 11 inches20132014403385414
Black Single Cord set with Light20134035315.p8
Replacement 3V Purple & Orange201340355556
Haunted Rails, Jack & His Lanterns2013201540355890
No One Rides For Free2013201440355902
Rusty's Needle2014201740365873
Black Bart Knife Thrower Extraordinaire2014201540365880
Cats & Bats Shooting Gallery2014201540365890
Glares And Stares House2014201540365902
Toads & Frogs Witchcraft Haunt201440365913
The Haunted Church2014403659212
Hackmann's Blacksmith Shop20142014403659316
The Zombie Pub2014201540365941
Ink Scare2014201740365966
Is Anyone Watching?2014201440365971
Building A Better Mousetrap20142015403659813
For Doom The Bell Tolls2014201540365990
Another Prince Croaks2014201740366000
Zombie Pub Crawl2014201540366010
Haunted Hearse2014201740366033
Animated Skulls2014201440388826
Jack-O-Lantern Yard2014201640388834
Bone Again2014201540388863
Rest In Peace, 20142014201440388871
Creepy Creatures Jacks2014201640388887
Haunted Water Tower2014201640388896
Bad Moon Rising2015201540388901
Creepy Creatures Spiders20142015403889111
Creepy Creatures Cats2014201740388921
Creepy Creatures Bats2014201540388936
Creepy Carnie20142015403889413
Creepy Creatures Rats20142015403889613
Boneyard Luminaries20142017403889816
Boneyard Lantern2014201740388995
Welcome To The Boneyard2014201540389004
Boneyard Mailbox2014201540389015
Boneyard Birdhouse2014201540389024
Boneyard Do No Evil Lights20142016403890313

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