Department 56 - Dickens Village Listed By Name

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The Dickens’ Village Series was first released in 1984. These delightful pieces were designed to capture the spirit of an English Victorian Christmas.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Bah, Humbug!19972000Dickens' Village Series10
Balmoral Lodge20132015Dickens' Village Series33
Barley Bree19871989Dickens' Village Series164
Barleycorn Manor20042006Dickens' Village Series42
Barmby Moor Cottage19972000Dickens' Village Series476
Barrow Manor; set of 2 includes fountain;20072008Dickens' Village Series12
Barton's Holiday Greens20082008Dickens' Village Series62
Bayly's Blacksmith20012004Dickens' Village Series106
Bean & Son Smithy Shop19841988Dickens' Village Series10
Bean & Son Smithy Shop19841988Dickens' Village Series192
Bean And Son Smithy Shop - Anniversary Edition20102010Dickens' Village Series10
Beckingham's Christmas Candles20062006Dickens' Village Series52
Begging For Soul Cakes20042006Dickens' Village Accessories91
Belle's House20022004Dickens' Village Series53
Belle's House, Special Edition20042004Dickens' Village Series00
Berkshire Downs Cricket Club20112011Dickens' Village Series71
Betsy Trotwood's Cottage19891992Dickens' Village Series966
Bidwell Windmill #220012003Dickens' Village Series51
Big Ben19982003The Historical Landmark2512
Bishops Oast House19901992Dickens' Village Series965
Blacksmith19871990Dickens' Village Accessories64
Blacksmith To The Rescue20012004Dickens' Village Accessories34
Blenham Street Bank19951998Dickens' Village Series736
Blindman's Buff20142016Dickens' Village Accessories24
Bluebird Cottage20112012Dickens' Village Series61
Blythe Pond Mill House19861990Dickens' Village Series726
Boar's Bacon & Candied Hams20112012Dickens' Village Series31
Boarding & Lodging School -- #1819921993Dickens' Village Series81
Boarding & Lodging School -- #4319941998Dickens' Village Series1086
Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim2001Dickens' Village Accessories4415
Booter And Cobbler19881990Dickens' Village Series356
Boz's Books20082012Dickens' Village Series10
Brandon Mill2012Dickens' Village Series81
Brick Abbey19871989Dickens' Village Series126
Brightsmith & Sons, Queens Jewellers20012001Dickens' Village Series53
Bringing Christmas Cheer, Queens Port20032005Dickens' Village Accessories63
Bringing Dickens Home20132014Dickens' Village Accessories141
Bringing Fleeces To The Mill19931998Dickens' Village Accessories343
Bringing Home The Holly20022003Dickens' Village Accessories00
Bringing Home The Yule Log19911998Dickens' Village Accessories333
Brixton Road Watchman19951999Dickens' Village Accessories394
Brookshire Cottage2018Dickens' Village Series72
Brookshire Cottage Ornament20182019Dickens' Village Series21
Browning Cottage19941997Dickens' Village Series795
Brownlow House19911993Dickens' Village Series655
Buckingham Palace20052006Dickens' Village Series14
Bucklebury Cottage20082009Dickens' Village Series50
Bumpstead Nye Cloaks & Canes19931996Dickens' Village Series10413
Burwickglen Golf Clubhouse20002002Dickens' Village Series93
Busy Railway Station19992001Dickens' Village Accessories355
Butter Tub Barn19961999Dickens' Village Series537
Butter Tub Farmhouse19961999Dickens' Village Series354
Buying One for Posterity20122013Dickens' Village Accessories31

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