Department 56 - Dickens Village Listed By Name

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The Dickens’ Village Series was first released in 1984. These delightful pieces were designed to capture the spirit of an English Victorian Christmas.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Ladies Auxiliary Brass Band20172017Dickens' Village Accessories32
Lamplighter With Lamp19892004Dickens' Village Accessories437
Lanterns For Sale20072009Dickens' Village Accessories10
Last Mail Call Of The Day20022004Dickens' Village Accessories62
Lavender Costermonger20052008Dickens' Village Accessories51
Lea Hurst House20102011Dickens' Village Series51
Leacock Poulterer19971999Dickens' Village Series321
Leed's Oyster House19992001Dickens' Village Series132
Letters To Santa, Dickens20162016Dickens' Village Accessories00
Lighthouse, Queens Port20032005Dickens' Village Series00
Lighting The Lane2015Dickens' Village Accessories21
Lily Bros. Gazing Balls20152016Dickens' Village Series60
Lilycott Garden Conservatory20002001Dickens' Village Series83
Lionhead Bridge19921997Dickens' Village Accessories712
Listening For The Ocean20112012Dickens' Village Accessories63
Lock Keeper20012003Dickens' Village Accessories282
Lomas Ltd. Molasses19931996Dickens' Village Series782
London Bakery2020Dickens Village10
London Gas Worker20032005Dickens' Village Accessories121
London Gin Distillery2005Dickens' Village Series133
London Newspaper Stand2002Dickens' Village Accessories131
London Skating Club20032003Dickens' Village Series32
London Town Crier20152017Dickens' Village Accessories41
London's Finest Gin Delivery20062008Dickens' Village Accessories30
Long Live The Queen20152016Dickens' Village Accessories61
Lord Of The Follies20022002Dickens' Village Accessories00
Lovebirds20152016Dickens' Village Accessories41
Lucky Day For a Sweep20142017Dickens' Village Accessories31
Lynton Point Tower19982001Dickens' Village Series204

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