Department 56 - Dickens Village Listed By Name

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The Dickens’ Village Series was first released in 1984. These delightful pieces were designed to capture the spirit of an English Victorian Christmas.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
C. Bradford, Wheelwright & Son19931996Dickens' Village Accessories5818
C. Fletcher Public House19881989Dickens' Village Series106
C.D. Boz Ink & Pen Co.20132014Dickens' Village Series34
C.H. Watt Physician19901996Dickens' Village Series7460
Camden Coffee House20132015Dickens' Village Series11
Canadian Pub20042004Dickens' Village Series02
Canadian Pub Beer Wagon20052006Dickens' Village Accessories00
Canadian Trading Co.19971998Dickens' Village Series69
Candle Shop19841988Dickens' Village Series1412
Candle Shop19841988Dickens' Village Series10
Candle Shop - Anniversary Edition20102010Dickens' Village Series31
Canton Tea Trading20072009Dickens' Village Series42
Caramelized Bacon - A Holiday Tradition20112012Dickens' Village Accessories114
Carolers on the Doorstep19901993Dickens' Village Accessories2817
Carolers Set Of 319841990Dickens' Village Accessories3218
Caroling By Lamplight2014Dickens' Village Accessories21
Caroling With The Cratchit Family1996Dickens' Village Accessories2128
Cartwright Coach Builders20072007Dickens' Village Series47
Chadbury Station And Train19861989Dickens' Village Series615
Chalk Cottage20052006Dickens' Village Series81
Champion Herding Dog20122014Dickens' Village Accessories01
Chancery Corner19991999Dickens' Village Series2824
Charles & Catherine Dickens20052010Dickens' Village Accessories43
Charles Darby Perfumery20062009Dickens' Village Series48
Checking The Ship's Manifest, Queens Port.20042006Dickens' Village Accessories83
Cheers!2018Dickens' Village Series52
Cheese Samples For All20162017Dickens' Village Accessories00
Chelsea Lane Shoppers19931999Dickens' Village Accessories2822
Chelsea Market Curiosities Monger & Cart19941998Dickens' Village Accessories2723
Chelsea Market Fish Monger & Cart19931997Dickens' Village Accessories3413
Chelsea Market Flower Monger & Cart19932000Dickens' Village Accessories2615
Chelsea Market Fruit Monger & Cart19931997Dickens' Village Accessories3917
Chelsea Market Hat Monger & Cart19952000Dickens' Village Accessories1518
Chelsea Market Mistletoe Monger & Cart19941998Dickens' Village Accessories2610
Chelsea Market Tea Monger2011Dickens' Village Accessories66
Chesterton Manor House19871988Dickens' Village Series40
Chestnut Vendor2002Dickens' Village Accessories1615
Child's Play19982001Dickens' Village Series1117
Childe Pond And Skaters19881991Dickens' Village Accessories1220
Chimney Sweep & Son20012004Dickens' Village Accessories09
Chiswick Brewboy20122013Dickens' Village Accessories11
Chiswick Brewery20122013Dickens' Village Series11
Christmas A Humbug, Uncle2014Dickens' Village Accessories16
Christmas Apples19981998Dickens' Village Accessories11
Christmas At Ashby Manor20052005Dickens' Village Series010
Christmas At Codington Cottage20022002Dickens' Village Series41
Christmas At Regent's Park House20092009Dickens' Village Series30
Christmas Bells19961996Heritage Village Accessories2014
Christmas Carol Cemetery2018Dickens A Christmas Carol25
Christmas Carol Cottages19861995Dickens' Village Series1110
Christmas Carol Figures19861990Dickens' Village Accessories127
Christmas Carol Holiday Trimming Set19941997Dickens' Village Accessories1425
Christmas Carol, Christmas Morning Figures19892002Dickens' Village Accessories2333
Christmas Carol, Christmas Spirits Figures19892001Dickens' Village Accessories2238
Christmas Eve Celebration20012001Dickens' Village Accessories20
Christmas Morning Parade20032006Dickens' Village Accessories44
Christmas Pudding Costermonger19972001Dickens' Village Accessories1310
Church of St. Alban20122013Dickens' Village Series00
Church of St. Mary-Le-Bow2019Dickens' Village Series02
Churchyard Fence Extensions19921997Heritage Village Accessories116
Churchyard Fence Gate19921992Heritage Village Accessories10
Churchyard Gate & Fence19921997Heritage Village Accessories1211
Churning Temptation20122013Dickens' Village Accessories12
City Workers19871988Dickens' Village Accessories01
Cobb Cottage19941997Dickens' Village Series5416
Cobbler & Clock Peddler19951997Dickens' Village Accessories4411
Cobbler's Corner Stand20012004Dickens' Village Accessories79
Cobblestone Shops19881990Dickens' Village Series10
Cobles Police Station19891991Dickens' Village Series4042
Codington Cottage20022003Dickens' Village Series118
Collyweston Post Office20022003Dickens' Village Series16
Comb's Honey Cottage20172019Dickens' Village Series15
Come Into The Inn19911994Dickens' Village Accessories3924
Congratulations, Graduate20062007Dickens' Village Accessories04
Constables19891991Dickens' Village Accessories1117
Continental Tour Or London?20192019Dickens Village33
Cornhill Bankers20192019Dickens Village55
Cottage Toy Shop19861989Dickens' Village Series1913
Counting House & Silas Thimbleton Barrister19881990Dickens' Village Series4834
Covered Bridge At The Manor20022004Dickens' Village Accessories71
Cratchit's Corner2001Dickens A Christmas Carol1733
Criterion Magic Lantern Theatr20172017Dickens' Village Series95
Crooked Fence Cottage19972000Dickens' Village Series5822
Crown & Cricket Inn19911992Dickens' Village Series9833
Crown & Cricket Inn Ornament19961996Dickens' Village Series61
Crowntree Coach20082012Dickens' Village Accessories72
Crowntree Freckleton Windmill #120002001Dickens' Village Series2131
Crowntree Inn19841988Dickens' Village Series1520
Crowntree Inn19841988Dickens' Village Series01
Crowntree Inn - Anniversary Edition20082010Dickens' Village Series63
Customs House, Queens Port20042006Dickens' Village Series205

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