Department 56 - Dickens Village Listed By Name

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The Dickens’ Village Series was first released in 1984. These delightful pieces were designed to capture the spirit of an English Victorian Christmas.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
M. Pickering Finest Persian Rugs20082010Dickens' Village Series91
Making Bobbin Lace20062009Dickens' Village Accessories32
Making Ready for a Full House20142015Dickens' Village Accessories61
Making Wonderful Music20062009Dickens' Village Accessories42
Manchester Square19972000Dickens' Village Series384
Manchester Square Accessory Set19972000Dickens' Village Accessories00
Many Happy Returns20182019Dickens' Village Series62
Margrove Orangery19992001Dickens' Village Series92
Marshalsea Debtors' Prison2018Dickens' Village Series81
Masquerading On All Hallows' Eve20052007Dickens' Village Accessories20
Master & Apprentice20072009Dickens' Village Accessories20
Master Gardeners19992001Dickens' Village Accessories293
Master Potter20002002Dickens' Village Accessories104
May Your Christmas Be Bright!20062006Dickens' Village Accessories00
Maylie Cottage19911993Dickens' Village Series893
McShane Cottage19992001Dickens' Village Series353
Mead & Mutton Public House20062008Dickens' Village Series50
Meeting Family At The Railroad Station19992001Dickens' Village Accessories135
Melancholy Tavern20032005Dickens' Village Series111
Members of Parliament19992000Dickens' Village Accessories505
Merchant Shops19881993Dickens' Village Series71
Merry Go Roundabout20002004Dickens' Village Accessories73
Minding Village Business20142015Dickens' Village Accessories40
Mini Dickens Kenilworth Castle19841988Dickens' Village Series00
Mini Dickens, Manor, Abbey19841988Dickens' Village Series00
Miniature Dicken's Cottages19841988Dickens' Village Series00
Miniature Dickens19841988Dickens' Village Series20
Miniature Dickens Christmas Carol19841988Dickens' Village Series00
Miniature Dickens Lane Shops19841988Dickens' Village Series00
Miniature Dickens Train Station19841989Dickens' Village Series00
Miniature Original Shops of Dickens' Village19841988Dickens' Village Series00
Miss Havisham, Estella, And Pip19982001Dickens' Village Accessories00
Miss Lavender's Soaps & Sachet20132014Dickens' Village Series01
Mordecai Mould Undertaker20022004Dickens' Village Series40
Morston Steak And Kidney PieDickens' Village Series415
Mr. & Mrs. Pickle19941997Dickens' Village Series862
Mr. Wickfield Solicitor19891992Dickens' Village Series543
Mrs. Brimm's Tea Room20012002Dickens' Village Series92
Mrs. Perrywell's Puddings20192019Dickens A Christmas Carol60
Mulberrie Court Brownstones19961999Dickens' Village Series285

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