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The Dickens’ Village Series was first released in 1984. These delightful pieces were designed to capture the spirit of an English Victorian Christmas.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
T. Puddlewick Spectacle Shop19951998Dickens' Village Series48
T. Smith Christmas Crackers20042006Dickens' Village Series11
T. Watling Ships & Sails20062008Dickens' Village Series2
T. Wells Fruit and Spice Shop19881990Dickens' Village Series72
T.C. Chester Clocks & Watches20042007Dickens' Village Series4
Taking Grain To The Mill20012003Dickens' Village Accessories19
Tallyho!19951998Dickens' Village Accessories44
Tattyeave Knoll19981999Dickens' Village Series39
Tea Time20072009Dickens' Village Series10
Teaman & Crupp China Shop19982003Dickens' Village Series37
Tegan's Accessory Set20132013Dickens' Village Accessories3
Temple Bar20022003The Historical Landmark13
Ten Lords Manor20192019Dickens Village0
Ten Pipers Piping-#X19972000Dickens' Village Accessories0
Tending The Cold Frame19981999Dickens' Village Accessories44
Tending The New Calves19961999Dickens' Village Accessories102
Tending The Royal Horses20072008Dickens' Village Accessories7
Thank You, Mr. Dickens20132014Dickens' Village Accessories1
Thatched Cottage19851988Dickens' Village Series0
Thatchers19941997Dickens' Village Accessories123
The Amazing Magic Lantern Show20172018Dickens' Village Accessories0
The Baptism Of Charles Dickens20122013Dickens' Village Accessories0
The Best In Hats & Walking Sticks20052007Dickens' Village Accessories5
The Big Prize Turkey20012008Dickens' Village Accessories3
The Bird Seller19921995Dickens' Village Accessories104
The Charitable Vicar20022006Dickens' Village Accessories3
The China Trader19992000Dickens' Village Series48
The Chop Shop19951997Dickens' Village Series50
The Christmas Carol Cottage19962000Dickens' Village Series37
The Church At Cornhill20112013Dickens' Village Series2
The Coffee-Stall2003Dickens' Village Accessories2
The Cottage Of Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim19861995Dickens' Village Series0
The Daily News20022004Dickens' Village Series15
The Days Fresh Produce20212022Dickens' Village Accessories7
The Duke's Wheel Cheese Shoppe20162017Dickens' Village Series0
The Emerald Express Train20192019Dickens Village1
The Fezziwig Delivery Wagon19962006Dickens' Village Accessories36
The Fire Brigade Of London19972005Dickens' Village Accessories23
The First Edition20022004Dickens' Village Accessories0
The Flat of Ebenezer Scrooge19892001Dickens' Village Series50
The Flying Horse Tavern20082010Dickens' Village Series4
The Flying Scot Train19901998Dickens' Village Accessories129
The Grapes Inn19951996Dickens' Village Series197
The Grapes Inn Ornament19961996Dickens' Village Series62
The Halfpenny Showman20032005Dickens' Village Accessories7
The Hansom Cab Co.20172018Dickens' Village Series4
The Harbourmaster House20162017Dickens' Village Series4
The Hardy Ash20212021Dickens' Village Accessories4
The Hoops20112012Dickens' Village Series4
The Horse And Hounds Pub19982004Dickens' Village Series3
The Leather Bottle20022003Dickens' Village Series21
The Locomotive Shed & Water Tower19992001Dickens' Village Accessories34
The London Gallery20162017Dickens' Village Series4
The Maltings19951998Dickens' Village Series120
The Melancholy Tavern19961999Dickens' Village Series25
The Mermaid Fish Shoppe19881993Dickens' Village Series106
The Merry Fir Advent Wreaths20172018Dickens' Village Series3
The Mother's Gift19992000Dickens' Village Accessories9
The Mulberry Gate House20202021Disney Village1
The Neilan Lund Gallery20082010Dickens' Village Series6
The Old Curiosity Shop20002005Dickens' Village Series66
The Old Curiosity Shop19871999Dickens' Village Series98
The Old Curiosity Shop19982000Dickens' Village Series245
The Old Curiosity Shop Ornament19971998Dickens' Village Series20
The Old Puppeteer19921995Dickens' Village Accessories90
The Old Royal Observatory19992000The Historical Landmark20
The Old Royal Observatory Gold Dome Edition19992000The Historical Landmark23
The Olde Camden Town Church19961999Dickens' Village Series30
The Original Shops Of Dickens' Village19841988Dickens' Village Series50
The Oxford Arcade20172017Dickens' Village Series4
The Partridge & Pear2012Dickens' Village Series11
The Perfect Fragrance2022Dickens Village0
The Perfect Pillow20162016Dickens' Village Accessories4
The Pied Bull Inn19921993Dickens' Village Series158
The Pied Bull Inn Ornament19961996Dickens' Village Series48
The Queen's Parliamentary Coach19992000Dickens' Village Accessories26
The Red Lion Pub20042004Dickens' Village Series10
The Six Geese Bedding & Down20162016Dickens' Village Series0
The Slone Hotel20012003Dickens' Village Series6
The Smoking Bishop20112011Dickens' Village Series1
The Speckled Hen Pub20192019Dickens' Village Series1
The Spider Box Locks19992001Dickens' Village Series44
The Spirit Of Christmas19972000Dickens' Village Series56
The Spirit of Giving19971998Dickens' Village Series55
The Sponge Seller20122012Dickens' Village Accessories0
The Steeplechase20062007Dickens' Village Accessories5
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde20032005Dickens' Village Accessories16
The Swan & Trumpet20162017Dickens' Village Series0
The Sword & The Shield20152016Dickens' Village Series3
The Three Hens Market20142015Dickens' Village Series0
The Three Lemons Inn20182018Dickens' Village Series0
The Timbers Hotel20052006Dickens' Village Series6
The Wool Shop19881990Dickens' Village Series72
Theatre Of The Macabre20032005Dickens' Village Series19
Theatre Royal19891992Dickens' Village Series135
These Are For You20002002Dickens' Village Accessories7
This Big Or Bigger!20202021Dickens Village5
Thomas Gainsworth, Portrait Artist To The Queen20062006Dickens' Village Series9
Thomas Kersey Coffee House19861989Dickens' Village Series39
Thomas Mudge Timepieces19982000Dickens' Village Series28
Thornbury Chapel20012003Dickens' Village Series22
Three French Hens-#III19951999Dickens' Village Accessories93
Tily's Boiled Sweets20182020Dickens' Village Series1
Tily's Boiled Sweets Ornament20182019Dickens' Village Series2
Tipping A Pint20082011Dickens' Village Accessories0
To Keep The Doctor Away2022Dickens Village6
To The Manor Born20072010Dickens' Village Accessories2
Toby Street Vendor20182019Dickens' Village Series1
Touche20152015Dickens' Village Accessories15
Tower Bridge Of London20032004The Historical Landmark5
Tower Bridge Of London20042006The Historical Landmark8
Tower of London19971997The Historical Landmark48
Town Crier19982000Dickens' Village Series19
Town Crier & Chimney Sweep19902001Dickens' Village Accessories205
Town Square Carolers19951996Dickens' Village Accessories24
Town Square Market20042007Dickens' Village Accessories5
Tudor Cottage19851988Dickens' Village Series14
Turnabout Is Fair Play20172017Dickens' Village Accessories0
Turner's Spice & Mustard Shop20042007Dickens' Village Series1
Tutbury Printer19901996Dickens' Village Series220
Tuttle's Pub19861989Dickens' Village Series21
Twelfth Night Temptation20162016Dickens' Village Accessories1
Twelve Drummers Drumming-#XII19992000Dickens' Village Accessories13
Two Turtle Doves-#II19951999Dickens' Village Accessories19

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