Department 56 - Dickens Village Listed By Name

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The Dickens’ Village Series was first released in 1984. These delightful pieces were designed to capture the spirit of an English Victorian Christmas.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Dashing Through The Snow19932002Dickens' Village Accessories15
David Copperfield19891992Dickens' Village Series0
David Copperfield Characters19891992Dickens' Village Accessories34
Decorating The Lamp Post20102010Dickens' Village Accessories0
Decorating With Holiday Greenery20042009Dickens' Village Accessories6
Dedlock Arms19931994Dickens' Village Series135
Dedlock Arms Ornament19941994Dickens' Village Series70
Delivering Coal For The Hearth19971999Dickens' Village Accessories3
Delivering Holiday Chocolates20072007Dickens' Village Accessories0
Delivering The Holiday Greens20082008Dickens' Village Accessories1
Devon Brook Span Cottage20122013Dickens' Village Series2
Devon Postmaster20122013Dickens' Village Accessories0
Devonshire Creamery20122013Dickens' Village Series2
Dickens Accepts The Queen's "Highland Journal" 20132014Dickens' Village Accessories2
Dickens Clock Tower20112011Dickens' Village Accessories2
Dickens Family Stroll20092010Dickens' Village Series0
Dickens Learns To Read20032009Dickens' Village Accessories1
Dickens Lite-Up Ornaments19881990Dickens' Village Series9
Dickens Nativity2013Dickens' Village Accessories3
Dickens Original Lite-Up Ornaments19891990Dickens' Village Series7
Dickens Submitting His First Manuscript20052008Dickens' Village Accessories5
Dickens Village Porcelain Plate19871989Dickens' Village Series0
Dickens Village String Trio20152015Dickens' Village Accessories0
Dickens Writing20012003Dickens' Village Accessories0
Dickens' Birthplace20032004Dickens' Village Series15
Dickens' Carolers2008Dickens' Village Accessories31
Dickens' Carriage Ride20142015Dickens' Village Accessories1
Dickens' Cottages19851988Dickens' Village Series5
Dickens' Gad's Hill Chalet20012003Dickens' Village Series21
Dickens' Lane Shops19861989Dickens' Village Series4
Dickens' Merchants20102012Dickens' Village Accessories1
Dickens' Raising The Flag20012003Dickens' Village Accessories18
Dickens' Shopkeepers20082011Dickens' Village Accessories4
Dickens' Town Tree2015Dickens' Village Accessories0
Dickens' Village Church19982000Dickens' Village Series48
Dickens' Village Church19851989Dickens' Village Series7
Dickens' Village Church Ornament19971998Dickens' Village Series7
Dickens' Village Gate2018Dickens' Village Series40
Dickens' Village Holiday Skating Party20192019Dickens Village1
Dickens' Village Holiday Special Home For The Holidays Set20172017Dickens' Village Series5
Dickens' Village Mill19982000Dickens' Village Series4
Dickens' Village Mill19851986Dickens' Village Series11
Dickens' Village Mill Ornament19971998Dickens' Village Series15
Dickens' Village Sign19871993Dickens' Village Accessories106
Dickens' Village Start A Tradition Set19951996Dickens' Village Series34
Dickens' Village Start A Tradition Set19971998Dickens' Village Series20
Dickens' Village, Christmas Sweets20162016Dickens' Village Series103
Dickens' Village, Sidewalk Sweets20162016Dickens' Village Accessories0
Dickens' Village, The Magic Of Christmas20142014Dickens' Village Series1
Dickens' Village, The Sounds of Christmas20152015Dickens' Village Series0
Dickens, Welcoming Home Christmas2018Dickens' Village Series3
Doorman20012003Dickens' Village Accessories0
Dover Coach19871990Dickens' Village Accessories30
Dovington Chapel20142015Dickens' Village Series1
Dudden Cross Church19951997Dickens' Village Series72
Dudley Docker19992000Dickens' Village Series20
Duniway Abbey20182019Dickens' Village Series7
Dursley Manor19951999Dickens' Village Series36

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