Department 56 - Snowbabies Listed By Name

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Snowbabies were introduced to the world in 1986 and are the creation of Kristi Jensen Pierro

The overall collection is made up of the Snowbabies Classic Collection, Ornaments, Snow Dreams, Sentiments, Pewter Miniatures, and the Guest collection.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Babies Are Heaven Sent Waterglobe/Music box20022003Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Babies Best Friend20012004Snowbabies Babies on the Farm13
Babies First Bubble Bath20032005Snowbabies Classic Collection7
Babies In Bethlehem20102012Snowbabies2
Baby Acorn Ornament2014Snowbabies0
Baby Bear Steps20072009Snowbabies Celebrations Collections5
Baby Blanket Frame20072008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
Baby Blanket Frame Ornament - Blue20072008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
Baby Blossoms Ornament2015Snowbabies2
Baby Blossoms, set of 22014Snowbabies0
Baby Booties20082009Snowbabies Classic Collection6
Baby Boy Bootie20112013Snowbabies0
Baby Bubble20032005Snowbabies Classic Collection4
Baby Cakes2015Snowbabies6
Baby Christmas Tree20042005Snowbabies let's pretend24
Baby Cones Ornaments, 4a20142014Snowbabies0
Baby Flake20042005Snowbabies Classic Collection1
Baby Gift20042005Snowbabies Miniature Ornaments31
Baby Girl Bootie20112013Snowbabies0
Baby Girl Shoe Ornament2012Snowbabies Ornaments1
Baby In My Stocking20022005Exclusives37
Baby In The Hood20082010Snowbabies Classic Collection3
Baby In The Moon20022003Snowbabies Classic Collection5
Baby In Wreath Ornament, 2a2014Snowbabies0
Baby Needs New Shoes20112012Snowbabies4
Baby On Baby On Snowflake20072011Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Baby On Board2007Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Baby On Board Ornament20122012Snowbabies Ornaments3
Baby Shoes Ornament20122014Snowbabies Ornaments9
Baby Sledding Picture Frame20002002Snowbabies Babies on the Farm8
Baby With Flocked Bear Ornamen20182019Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments0
Baby You Shine Ornament2014Snowbabies Ornaments3
Baby's 1st Christmas20062006Snowbabies Baby's First Christmas12
Baby's 1st Christmas Orn2014Snowbabies24
Baby's 1st Christmas Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies0
Baby's 1st Ornament2015Snowbabies19
Baby's 1st Ornament20172017Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments0
Baby's 1st Ornament2016Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments3
Baby's 1st Tooth FairySnowbabies Collection1
Baby's Blankie20082009Snowbabies Classic Collection0
Baby's First20072008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
Baby's First Christmas 200720062007Snowbabies Home Sweet Home0
Baby's First Christmas 2007 Ornament20062007Snowbabies Baby's First Christmas2
Baby's First Christmas Bib20062007Snowbabies Baby's First Christmas1
Baby's First Christmas Bib, Cream20062006Snowbabies Baby's First Christmas0
Baby's First Christmas Bib, Green20062007Snowbabies Baby's First Christmas0
Baby's First Christmas Onesie20062007Snowbabies Baby's First Christmas0
Baby's First Christmas Onesie, Green20062007Snowbabies Baby's First Christmas0
Baby's First Christmas Onesie, Red20062007Snowbabies Baby's First Christmas0
Baby's First Christmas Ornament2013Snowbabies Ornaments29
Baby's First Christmas Ornament, 201020092010Snowbabies0
Baby's First Christmas Plaque20062007Snowbabies Home Sweet Home2
Baby's First Christmas, 200620062006Snowbabies Home Sweet Home0
Baby's First Ornament20092010Snowbabies Ornaments18
Baby's First Ornament20082009Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Baby's First Ornament, 201120112011Snowbabies0
Baby's First Ornament, 201420142014Snowbabies3
Baby's First Photo19982000Snowbabies Classic Collection3
Baby's First Rattle19961998Snowbabies Classic Collection27
Baby's First Sled2021Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments4
Baby's First Smile19931998Snowbabies Classic Collection12
Baby's First Steps20072010Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
Baby's First Steps - Boy20102011Snowbabies0
Baby's First Steps - Girl20102011Snowbabies1
Baby's Got New Clothes20182018Snowbabies Classic Collection3
Baby's, It's Cold Outside19982001Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures16
Bait & Wait2015Snowbabies1
Baking For Santa20052005Snowbabies Guest Collection0
Baking In Kitchen With Santa2015Snowbabies0
Balanced Diet20172018Snowbabies Classic Collection3
Balanced Diet Ornament20182019Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments1
Barn20002002Snowbabies Babies on the Farm50
Barn20012004Snowbabies Babies on the Farm0
Barn Picture Frame20002001Snowbabies Babies on the Farm0
Barnyard Baby2016Snowbabies Guest Collection0
Basket Of Kittens Ornament20182019Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments1
Bath Time20182020Snowbabies Classic Collection4
Bath Time20202020Snowbabies Classic Collection0
Bathed In Bubbles20082010Snowbabies Pastimes3
Batter Up19992004Snowbabies Starlight Games Collection8
Batter Up20002001Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures9
Batter Up19991999Snowbabies Classic Collection2
Batter Up Miniature Ornament20002002Snowbabies Miniature Ornaments0
Be An Artist20002000Exclusives1
Be Back Soon20072008Snowbabies Sentiments5
Be Joyful Sentiment Box20022003Snowbabies Classic Collection8
Be Like Mickey Too20112013Snowbabies Guest Collection26
Be Like Mickey Too!20072007Snowbabies Guest Collection14
Be My Baby Ornament19941998Snowbabies Classic Collection18
Be Our Guest20082010Snowbabies Guest Collection1
Beach Babies20042005Snowbabies let's pretend0
Beach Cabana20162017Snowbabies General1
Beaded Finial Ornament20182018Snowbabies General0
Bear Back Ride20122013Snowbabies8
Bear Back Ride Gift Set20072009Snowbabies Celebrations Collections4
Bear Cubs, Collectible Animal20122012Snowbabies0
Bearly A Boo-Boo20032004Snowbabies let's pretend0
Bearly A Knitter20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection0
Bearly Awake2015Snowbabies0
Beary Best Friends Ornament20202021Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments0
Beary Good Friend20172018Snowbabies Classic Collection3
Beary Sleepy, Baby's 1st Orn20212021Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments1
Bedtime2020Snowbabies Classic Collection6
Bedtime Buddies20052009Snowbabies Sentiments6
Bedtime Prayers20012005Snowbabies Classic Collection9
Believe 200019992000Snowbabies Ornaments17
Believe Figure, Set of 220172018Snowbabies Snow Dream0
Believe Ornament20172018Snowbabies Snow Dream2
Believe Plaque - Mickey20072008Snowbabies Guest Collection0
Believe Plaque - Minnie20072008Snowbabies Guest Collection0
Belle20102012Snowbabies Guest Collection57
Beneath The Christmas Star2014Snowbabies6
Benjamin Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies2
Best Bear Buddies Ornament2017Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments0
Best Birthday Ever20082010Snowbabies Classic Collection0
Best Friend Making A Snowman20182020Snowbabies Classic Collection0
Best Friends20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection41
Best Friends20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection0
Best Friends19891994Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures0
Best Friends19861989Snowbabies Classic Collection3
Best Friends Miniature Ornament19992003Snowbabies Miniature Ornaments8
Best Friends Ornament2018Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments9
Best Friends Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies0
Best Gift, Baby's 1st Ornament20202020Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments0
Best Little Star19971999Snowbabies Classic Collection47
Best Little Star19971999Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures5
Best Of Show20022004Snowbabies Babies on the Farm0
Better With Milk20172019Snowbabies Classic Collection0
Big Bear Hug20092012Snowbabies1
Big Bear Hug Ornament2013Snowbabies Ornaments2
Big Brother2015Snowbabies3
Big Love20202021Snowbabies Classic Collection2
Big Shoes To Fill2007Snowbabies Sentiments0
Big Sister2015Snowbabies Sentiments3
Big Sister Sentiment Box20022003Snowbabies Classic Collection1
Bird Clip On Ornament2014Snowbabies7
Bird Feeder2014Snowbabies0
Bird Finial Ornament, 3 Asst.20122013SnowDream0
Bird Talk Ornament20182019Snowbabies Peace1
Birds Of A Feather20062006Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Birds Of A Feather Together20202020Snowbabies Classic Collection1
Birthday Dance20202020Snowbabies Classic Collection2
Bitty Baby "Boy 2007"20062007Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Bitty Baby "Girl 2007"20062007Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Bitty Baby Boy20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Bitty Baby Boy - 200820072008Snowbabies0
Bitty Baby Boy - Bundle Of Joy20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Bitty Baby Boy From God20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Bitty Baby Boy Little Blessing20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Bitty Baby Girl20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Bitty Baby Girl - 200820072008Snowbabies0
Bitty Baby Girl Bundle of Joy20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Bitty Baby Girl From God20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Bitty Baby Girl Little Blessing20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Bitty Baby Love Is A Baby Boy20062008Snowbabies0
Bitty Baby Love IS A Baby Girl20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Blake Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies0
Blank Ornament20082009Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
Blank Plaque - Mickey20072008Snowbabies Guest Collection0
Blank Plaque - Minnie20072008Snowbabies Guest Collection0
Blank Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies2
Bless Creatures Large & Small2015Snowbabies0
Bless The Animals20182018Snowbabies Classic Collection4
Bless The Beast2015Snowbabies0
Bless The Children20182019Snowbabies Classic Collection0
Blessed Child Nativity20172017Snowbabies Snow Dream2
Blessed With Happiness2006Snowbabies Home Sweet Home0
Blessings From Above2015Snowbabies1
Blind Faith20042005Snowbabies Classic Collection7
Blow-Out20192020Snowbabies Classic Collection5
Blowing In The Wind20172018Snowbabies Snow Dream0
Blustery Day With Pooh20072009Snowbabies Guest Collection0
Bobbing For Apples20012003Snowbabies Babies on the Farm3
Bobby Soxer20052005Snowbabies Sweet Soles4
Born To Be A Star20002002Snowbabies Classic Collection10
Brandon Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies0
Breakfast In Bed20002001Snowbabies Classic Collection27
Brianna Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies0
Bringing Starry Pines19941997Snowbabies Classic Collection45
Bringing Starry Pines19941997Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures1
Brooke Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies2
Build Your Own Castle20032005Snowbabies Classic Collection6
Build Your Own Kingdom20022004Snowbabies Classic Collection6
Bunches of Love2005Snowbabies Sentiments7
Bundle Of Joy20032004Snowbabies Celebrations Collections8
Bunny Hill Ornament20132014Snowbabies Ornaments0
Bunny, It's Cold Outside20122013Snowbabies1
Bunting Baby20042005Snowbabies Starlight Games7
Burning Up The Lines20002003Snowbabies Classic Collection18
But First, Feed Me2022Snowbabies Classic Collection0
But I Can Explain20112012Snowbabies1
But I Have To Have My Blankie20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections6
But I Wanted A Baby Brother!20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection0
By The Light Of The Moon20182019Snowbabies Classic Collection0

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