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Snowbabies were introduced to the world in 1986 and are the creation of Kristi Jensen Pierro

The overall collection is made up of the Snowbabies Classic Collection, Ornaments, Snow Dreams, Sentiments, Pewter Miniatures, and the Guest collection.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
I Ate Santa's Cookies20202020Snowbabies Classic Collection0
I Believe In You20082010Snowbabies Classic Collection2
I Can Be Brave With Pooh20112013Snowbabies Guest Collection1
I Can Do That, Too!20002001Snowbabies Classic Collection14
I Can Feel Your Heartbeat20012003Snowbabies let's pretend2
I Can Fly20012002Snowbabies Classic Collection65
I Can Tell You Anything2014Snowbabies0
I Can Tie Them Myself20062009Snowbabies Classic Collection8
I Can Touch My Toes19982000Snowbabies Classic Collection37
I Can Touch My Toes19992001Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures9
I Can't Be Sad With Pooh20112013Snowbabies Guest Collection0
I Can't Find Him19951998Snowbabies Classic Collection41
I Can't Find Him!19951998Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures5
I Caribou You19992002Snowbabies Classic Collection5
I Decorated Me20042005Snowbabies Celebrations Collections12
I Dig You20042005Snowbabies Miniature Ornaments2
I Don't Care If They Are Good For Me!20072009Snowbabies Classic Collection1
I Found The Biggest Star Of All19951998Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures36
I Found The Biggest Star Of All!19951998Snowbabies Classic Collection25
I Found Your Mitten!19931996Snowbabies Classic Collection55
I Have A Feeling We're Not In Kansas Anymore19982001Snowbabies Guest Collection22
I Have Lots To Give20022005Exclusives92
I Heart My Aunt Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies0
I Heart My Dad Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies0
I Heart My Grandma Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies0
I Heart My Grandpa Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies1
I Heart My Mom Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies0
I Heart My Sister Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies0
I L-O-V-E You20022003Snowbabies Classic Collection6
I Love Mom2003Snowbabies21
I Love My Dad20082009Snowbabies Celebrations Collections3
I Love My Grandma20082009Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
I Love MY Mom20082009Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
I Love My Sister20082009Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
I Love Rock & Roll20032004Snowbabies Classic Collection5
I Love You20082009Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
I Love You A Whole Bunch20032004Snowbabies Classic Collection1
I Love You Baby20022003Snowbabies let's pretend0
I Love You Because2006Snowbabies Sentiments6
I Love You GFTH20172017Snowbabies Classic Collection2
I Love You Hinged Box19971998Snowbabies Classic Collection13
I Love You Miniature Ornament19982005Snowbabies Miniature Ornaments3
I Love You More20182019Snowbabies Classic Collection0
I Love You Rudolph Waterglobe20002002Snowbabies Guest Collection2
I Love You Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies1
I Love You This Much19992001Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures1
I Love You This Much Ornament20182020Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments0
I Love You This Much!19982003Snowbabies Classic Collection10
I Love You Trom The Bottom Of My Heart Music Box19981999Snowbabies Classic Collection7
I Love Your Wrinkles20132014Snowbabies0
I Made This Just For You20212021Snowbabies Classic Collection2
I Made This Just For You!19911998Snowbabies Classic Collection121
I Made This Just For You!19911994Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures2
I Need A Hug19922003Snowbabies Classic Collection178
I Need A Hug20172018Snowbabies Classic Collection0
I Need A Hug19921997Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures2
I See You!19951999Snowbabies Classic Collection44
I See You!19951999Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures25
I See Your Point20202021Snowbabies Classic Collection2
I Think He's Cute20162017Snowbabies Guest Collection0
I Think I Can20002001Snowbabies Classic Collection5
I Think I Can Train Engine20012002Snowbabies Classic Collection1
I Think They're All Mushed Out20062007Snowbabies Classic Collection1
I Want Up, too20052006Snowbabies Classic Collection10
I Wonder Where The Time Has Gone20062009Snowbabies Sentiments5
I Would Even Say It Glows20072010Snowbabies Guest Collection2
I'd Do Anything For Ewe20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection0
I'll Be Home For Christmas20012001Snowbabies Guest Collection1
I'll Hug You Goodnight Waterglobe/Music Box19952002Snowbabies Classic Collection3
I'll Keep You Warm20182019Snowbabies Guest Collection0
I'll Lead, You Follow20022002Snowbabies Babies on the Farm1
I'll Light The Way20202020Snowbabies Peaceful Kingdom1
I'll Love You Always19992000Snowbabies Classic Collection1
I'll Love You Always20002001Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures0
I'll Love You Forever19952002Snowbunnies5
I'll Never Let You Go20112012Snowbabies Guest Collection0
I'll Play A Christmas Tune19951999Snowbabies Classic Collection42
I'll Play A Christmas Tune19951998Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures3
I'll Put Up The Tree19911996Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures85
I'll Put Up The Tree!19911995Snowbabies17
I'll Read The Story20022005Snowbabies Classic Collection6
I'll Read You A Story19982001Snowbabies Miniature Ornaments5
I'll Ring For You Hinged Box19982000Snowbabies Classic Collection36
I'll Take Care Of You, Eeyore!20082011Snowbabies Guest Collection0
I'll Take You To Him2020Snowbabies Peaceful Kingdom0
I'll Teach You A Trick19931996Snowbabies Classic Collection65
I'm A Bouncy Tiger!20112013Snowbabies Guest Collection0
I'm A Good Witch20012003Snowbabies let's pretend6
I'm A Little Teapot Hinged Box20002002Snowbabies Classic Collection15
I'm A Real Deer20082011Snowbabies Classic Collection4
I'm All Ears2014Snowbabies Guest Collection11
I'm An Artist20002001Snowbabies Classic Collection76
I'm Cooking Christmas Treats20052005Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
I'm Done, Your Turn2014Snowbabies2
I'm Glad You Love Christmas20022002Snowbabies Guest Collection2
I'm Here For You20142019Snowbabies4
I'm Making An Ice Sculpture!19931996Snowbabies Classic Collection33
I'm Making Snowballs19861992Snowbabies Classic Collection7
I'm Making Snowballs Too20062006Snowbabies7
I'm Making Snowballs!19891999Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures2
I'm Mom's Angel20122013Snowbabies2
I'm Nuts About Dancing20052006Exclusives25
I'm Ready To Fly20112012SnowDream0
I'm Right Behind You19941997Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures18
I'm Right Behind You!19941997Snowbabies Classic Collection4
I'm Rooting For You!20032004Snowbabies Starlight Games8
I'm Smart, Me Too!20122013Snowbabies6
I'm So Sleepy20192020Snowbabies Classic Collection2
I'm So Sleepy19962000Snowbabies Classic Collection50
I'm So Sleepy19961999Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures31
I'm So Sleepy Revolving Music Box19932000Snowbabies Classic Collection4
I'm Thankful For You20042005Snowbabies Babies on the Farm4
I'm The Star Atop Your Tree! Tree Topper19971999Snowbabies Classic Collection11
I'm The Twinkle In Grandma's Eye20092011Snowbabies2
I'm Too Old For Kisses20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection1
I've Got Mail20012002Snowbabies Classic Collection15
I've Got My Eye On You20112012Snowbabies3
I've Got My Eyes On You20032005Snowbabies Classic Collection9
I've Got You Covered20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection2
I.T. Baby2016Snowbabies Classic Collection0
Ice Cream Break Ornament20162017Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments0
Ice Dancing Ornament20162017Snowbabies Snow Dream0
Ice Princess20052005Snowbabies Pastimes7
Ice Sliding Ornament, 2A2015Snowbabies1
Icebergs19992005Snowbabies Classic Collection16
Icicle Ornament20182018Snowbabies General77
Icicle Treat20042004Snowbabies Classic Collection12
Icing On The Cakes20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection0
Icy Berry Branch20142014Snowbabies0
Icy Igloo19891992Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures0
Icy Igloo19892000Snowbabies Classic Collection19
Icy Igloo Games20182019Snowbabies Classic Collection0
If I Could Only Go Home20192020Snowbabies Guest Collection0
If I Only Had A Brain20192020Snowbabies Guest Collection1
If I Only Had A Heart20192020Snowbabies Guest Collection1
If I Only Had The Nerve20192020Snowbabies Guest Collection1
If The Shoe Fits20132014Snowbabies Guest Collection1
If The Shoe Fits20172018Snowbabies Classic Collection0
If The Shoe Fits20062008Snowbabies Guest Collection12
Igloo Visit Ornament2022Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments0
iLove Music2006Snowbabies Pastimes1
Imaginary Friend2022Snowbabies Classic Collection0
In A Spin20082011Snowbabies Classic Collection2
In A Spin Ornament20122013Snowbabies Ornaments40
In Flight Meal20172018Snowbabies Classic Collection0
In My Stocking20082009Snowbabies Celebrations Collections4
In My Stocking, 2010 Ornament20092010Snowbabies0
In Santa's Boots20182019Snowbabies Classic Collection0
In Santa's Boots Ornament20192019Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments0
In Santa's Coat2016Snowbabies Guest Collection0
In The Arms Of God2022Snowbabies Classic Collection1
In The Doghouse20192021Snowbabies Classic Collection2
In The Groove20002002Snowbabies Starlight Games12
In The Groove Miniature Ornament20012002Snowbabies Miniature Ornaments0
In The Light Of The Moon Waterglobe20002002Snowbabies Classic Collection1
In The Net20042005Snowbabies Starlight Games2
Instructions Not Included2021Snowbabies Classic Collection5
Is That For Me, Too?2014Snowbabies2
Is That For Me?19911993Snowbabies Classic Collection7
Is That For Me?19911993Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures45
Isabella Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies0
IT Baby Ornament20202020Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments29
It Looked Smaller In The Woods2014Snowbabies2
It Takes A Village20182018Snowbabies Peace5
It Takes Two20042005Snowbabies Classic Collection9
It's A Birdie20012003Snowbabies Starlight Games7
It's A Gimme20022004Snowbabies Starlight Games5
It's A Grand Old Flag19961998Snowbabies Classic Collection27
It's A Grand Old Flag19961998Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures3
It's A Reach To The Top2021Snowbabies Classic Collection9
It's A Wonderful World20002001Snowbabies Classic Collection13
It's All I Want For Christmas20032005Snowbabies Celebrations Collections12
It's Almost Time To Party20042006Snowbabies Classic Collection0
It's Christmas Time20072008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections7
It's Good For You2015Snowbabies2
It's Grandpa's Toolbox2007Snowbabies Sentiments0
It's Magic Musicbox20112011SnowDream40
It's My Party Music Box20022003Snowbabies Classic Collection13
It's Not A Party Without You20032005Snowbabies let's pretend5
It's Snowing19962001Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures19
It's Snowing!19962001Snowbabies Classic Collection22
Itty Bitty Kitty Crossing20202021Snowbabies Classic Collection2

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