Department 56 - Snowbabies Listed By Name

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Snowbabies were introduced to the world in 1986 and are the creation of Kristi Jensen Pierro

The overall collection is made up of the Snowbabies Classic Collection, Ornaments, Snow Dreams, Sentiments, Pewter Miniatures, and the Guest collection.

Below is the list of items showing how many have sold on eBay in the last 90 days
and how many current auctions are underway. You can then click on an item to see more detail.
The detail will show the price the item was ultimately sold for, or the current bid.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Rachel Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies00
Rag Time20022003Snowbabies Guest Collection121
Raggedy Ann20112011Snowbabies Guest Collection01
Raggedy Ann & Me20112012Snowbabies Guest Collection20
Reach For A Hug20022003Snowbabies Classic Collection121
Reach For New Heights20022003Snowbabies Starlight Games100
Reach For The Moon19991999Snowbabies Classic Collection10
Reach For The Moon Ornament19982000Snowbabies Classic Collection641
Reach For The Stars Plaque2005Snowbabies Home Sweet Home00
Reach Out Hinged box19992001Snowbabies Classic Collection110
Read Me A Story19921996Snowbabies Classic Collection01
Read Me A Story!19901997Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures570
Read Me A Story!19902000Snowbabies Classic Collection190
Readers Become Leaders20032005Snowbabies Classic Collection70
Readers Become Leaders Plaque20052006Snowbabies Home Sweet Home00
Reading A Story Acrylic Music Box19931994Snowbabies Classic Collection71
Reading Is Fun With Pooh20052007Snowbabies Guest Collection110
Ready For School20022004Snowbabies Classic Collection90
Ready Set Snow!20092010Snowbabies Celebrations Collections20
Ready To Hit The Slopes20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection80
Ready To Skate20122013Snowbabies Ornaments40
Ready To Take Off20052006Snowbabies Classic Collection20
Ready, Set!20012001Snowbabies Starlight Games40
Ready, Set, Throw!20082011Snowbabies Ornaments20
Ready, Set...! Miniature Ornament20002001Snowbabies Miniature Ornaments00
Rebecca Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies00
Red & White Striped Ball Ornament20182018Snowbabies General12
Red Ball Trees2013Snowbabies01
Red Bird Ornament20142014Snowbabies30
Red Is My Favorite Color20052006Snowbabies372
Red Jingle Babies Ornament20032005Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Red Sequin Poinsettia Pick2014Snowbabies00
Red Sisal Tree, Lg20072008Snowbabies00
Red Sisal Trees20072009Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Red Trees w Red Ornaments, set of 220142015Snowbabies10
Red Truck Ornament2015Snowbabies01
Regal Ride2015Snowbabies00
Reigning My Reindeer20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection20
Reindeer Crossing20062008Snowbabies Classic Collection20
Reindeer Kisses2018Snowbabies Classic Collection31
Reindeer Ride Ornament20112013Snowbabies Ornaments20
Reindeer Rides Ornament2018Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments20
Reindeer Wreath Ornament2014Snowbabies Ornaments10
Rejoice20012003Snowbabies Celebrations Collections150
Retail Therapy20072009Snowbabies Pastimes10
Retail Therapy Ornament20122013Snowbabies Ornaments50
Ride 'Em Reindeer20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection40
Ride 'Em, Cowboy!20042005Snowbabies Babies on the Farm30
Ride The Wave20002000Snowbabies Classic Collection200
Riding On A Reindeer Ornament20162017Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments00
Riding Rough Waters Together2015Snowbabies30
Riding The Sea With Ariel20072009Snowbabies Guest Collection00
Riding The Wave Ornament20132014Snowbabies Ornaments10
Riding With Friends20052007Snowbabies Guest Collection11
Riley Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies10
Ring Me Up, Baby2015Snowbabies11
Ring The Bells20182019Snowbabies Classic Collection192
Ring The Bells It's Christmas19952000Snowbabies Classic Collection71
Ring The Bells It's Christmas!19952000Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures20
Ringing In The Holidays Ornament20132014Snowbabies Ornaments00
Rising Star20082010Snowbabies Classic Collection40
Roadtrip2016Snowbabies Classic Collection10
Robert Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies00
Rock Away, Baby2015Snowbabies00
Rock-A-Bye Baby Hinged Box19971997Snowbabies Classic Collection200
Rock-A-Bye, Baby, Boy2014Snowbabies00
Rock-A-Bye, Baby, Girl2014Snowbabies10
Rock-A-Bye-Baby19901995Snowbabies Classic Collection371
Rock-A-Bye-Baby Miniature Ornament19982001Snowbabies Miniature Ornaments00
Rock-A-Stack, Baby2014Snowbabies Guest Collection00
Rockin' Christmas Ornament2014Snowbabies00
Royal Bootiebaby19992001Snowbabies Classic Collection80
Royal Cocoa2014SnowDream30
Royal Friends20162017Snowbabies Snow Dream50
Royal Treasure April Birthstone Hinged Box20002002Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Royal Treasure Assortment20002002Snowbabies00
Royal Treasure August Birthstone Hinged Box20002002Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Royal Treasure Birthstone20002002Snowbabies70
Royal Treasure December Birthstone Hinged Box20002002Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Royal Treasure February Birthstone Hinged Box20002002Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Royal Treasure Hinged Box, March20002002Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Royal Treasure January Birthstone Hinged Box20002002Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Royal Treasure July Birthday Hinged Box20002002Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Royal Treasure June Birthstone Hinged Box20002002Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Royal Treasure May Birthstone Hinged Box20002002Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Royal Treasure November Birthstone Hinged Box20002002Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Royal Treasure October Birthstone Hinged Box20002002Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Royal Treasure September Birthstone Hinged Box20002002Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Rubber Ducky, Have Some Fun20052006Snowbabies Guest Collection62
Rudolph Gets Ready20002003Snowbabies Guest Collection181
Rudolph's Flight Training20132014Snowbabies Guest Collection20
Rudolph's Flying Lesson20072010Snowbabies Guest Collection60
Rudolph's Spare Noses20072008Snowbabies Guest Collection40
Run, I'll Save You20032005Snowbabies Babies on the Farm20
Ryan Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies00

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