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Snowbabies were introduced to the world in 1986 and are the creation of Kristi Jensen Pierro

The overall collection is made up of the Snowbabies Classic Collection, Ornaments, Snow Dreams, Sentiments, Pewter Miniatures, and the Guest collection.

Below is the list of items showing how many have sold on eBay in the last 90 days
and how many current auctions are underway. You can then click on an item to see more detail.
The detail will show the price the item was ultimately sold for, or the current bid.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Cactus Garden2020Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Caleb Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies00
Calling To Say I Love You2020Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Camel Kisses20132014Snowbabies10
Cameron Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies00
Can Angels Really Fly?20082010Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Can I Help, Too?19921992Snowbabies Classic Collection190
Can I Open It Now?19931993Snowbabies544
Can I Open It Now? Acrylic Music Box19931994Snowbabies Classic Collection10
Can Reindeer Really Fly?20052006Snowbabies Classic Collection20
Can You Hear Me Now?20132014Snowbabies10
Candle Light Season Bright Clip-On19971999Snowbabies Classic Collection90
Candle Light...Season Bright Tree Topper19971999Snowbabies Classic Collection100
Candle Lights19992002Snowbabies Classic Collection151
Candlelight Trees19971999Snowbabies Classic Collection182
Candy Striper20192019Snowbabies Classic Collection30
Candy Striper Ornament, 201720172017Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments10
Candy Stripers20082010Snowbabies Classic Collection10
Cannonball20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection11
Caribou Ride20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection01
Caring For All God's Creatures20082011Snowbabies Sentiments31
Caroling With Minnie2006Snowbabies51
Cat Lady Ornament2019Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments21
Cat Tails2015Snowbabies01
Cat's Cradle on a Cloud20072009Snowbabies Sentiments20
Cat's Play20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection40
Cat's Play Ornament2020Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments00
Catch A Falling Snowflake20032005Snowbabies Classic Collection180
Catch A Falling Star20042005Snowbabies Classic Collection90
Catch A Falling Star Music Box19941997Snowbabies Classic Collection30
Catch A Flake Ornament20122014Snowbabies Ornaments20
Catch A Keeper20012003Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Catch Me If You Can Waterglobe/Music Box20012003Snowbabies Guest Collection00
Catch Of The Day20082010Snowbabies Classic Collection50
Catch Of The Day Ornament20122013Snowbabies Ornaments60
Catching Snowflakes20182019Snowbabies Classic Collection10
Catnap Ornament20162017Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments00
Celebrate19991999Snowbabies Classic Collection490
Celebrate Hinged Box19971999Snowbabies Classic Collection181
Celebrate Miniature Ornament19982001Snowbabies Miniature Ornaments30
Celebrate Your Day20032005Snowbabies Classic Collection170
Charm for Snowbabies Figurine - 20062005Snowbabies Sentiments00
Charm for Snowbabies Figurine - Celebrate2005Snowbabies Sentiments10
Charm for Snowbabies Figurine - Dream2005Snowbabies Sentiments00
Charm for Snowbabies Figurine - Faith2005Snowbabies Sentiments00
Charm for Snowbabies Figurine - Friend2005Snowbabies Sentiments00
Charm for Snowbabies Figurine - Grandma2005Snowbabies Sentiments10
Charm for Snowbabies Figurine - Happy Birthday2005Snowbabies Sentiments00
Charm for Snowbabies Figurine - Hope2005Snowbabies Sentiments00
Charm for Snowbabies Figurine - Joy2005Snowbabies Sentiments00
Charm for Snowbabies Figurine - Love2005Snowbabies Sentiments00
Charm for Snowbabies Figurine - Mom2005Snowbabies Sentiments10
Charm for Snowbabies Figurine - Thinking of You2005Snowbabies Sentiments00
Chatter Baby2014Snowbabies Guest Collection02
Chatty Catty2019Snowbabies Classic Collection10
Check Out My Move!20052005Snowbabies60
Checked In For Tea20192019Snowbabies Classic Collection10
Checking For Presents20042005Snowbabies Miniature Ornaments10
Cherish Frame20052006Snowbabies Home Sweet Home00
Cherish The Moment20092011Snowbabies Celebrations Collections20
Cheshire Cat20122014Snowbabies Guest Collection10
Child Of God20122013Snowbabies Ornaments01
Child of God Ornament2015Snowbabies31
Chilly Chick Chat20122013Snowbabies21
Chilly Chick Chat Ornament2014Snowbabies10
Chilly Commute2014Snowbabies20
Chime In With Me20022005Exclusives40
Chloe Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies00
Chocolate Fix20032005Snowbabies let's pretend42
Choir Of Angels20182019Snowbabies Classic Collection51
Choo-choo, Baby's First Ornament20192019Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments42
Christmas Angel Ornament20172018Snowbabies Snow Dream12
Christmas Caravan20052006Snowbabies Classic Collection10
Christmas Carols2013Snowbabies Guest Collection150
Christmas Carousel20072010Snowbabies Classic Collection11
Christmas Carousel Ornament2020Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments00
Christmas Collectible Puppy20082009Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Christmas Colors2020Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Christmas Concert20032005Snowbabies Celebrations Collections10
Christmas Concert20042004Snowbabies Classic Collection11
Christmas Coupe2013Snowbabies10
Christmas Cuckoo Ornament20132014Snowbabies Ornaments10
Christmas Delivery20042005Snowbabies Babies on the Farm11
Christmas Dreams20112012Snowbabies00
Christmas Gift Personalized Ornament Program20082009Snowbabies00
Christmas Gift Sentiment Program20082009Snowbabies00
Christmas Gift, Cascading Stars2006Snowbabies Celebrations Collections00
Christmas Greetings Sign20132013Snowbabies10
Christmas In Bloom20142015Snowbabies00
Christmas Morning20012004Snowbabies Classic Collection30
Christmas Morning Surprise Orn2014Snowbabies20
Christmas Nutcracker20022002Snowbabies Guest Collection41
Christmas Placecard Holders20032004Snowbabies Celebrations Collections20
Christmas Scrabble20172017Snowbabies Guest Collection10
Christmas Splendor20132013Snowbabies10
Christmas Star Waterglobe & Christmas Dove Waterglobe20032004Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1843
Christmas Sweaters2015Snowbabies10
Christmas Tree20012002Snowbabies Celebrations Collections665
Christmas Tree Ornament Holder20042005Snowbabies Classic Collection10
Christmas Trimmings Ornaments20022005Snowbabies Celebrations Collections12
Christopher Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies00
Chubby Chipmunk Cocoa20152017Snowbabies20
Cinderella20102012Snowbabies Guest Collection30
Cinderelly2013Snowbabies Guest Collection02
City Lights, New York20042005Snowbabies Classic Collection10
Clap On2019Snowbabies Classic Collection33
Climb Every Mountain19932001Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures20
Climb Every Mountain2019Snowbabies Peaceful Kingdom41
Climb Every Mountain19961996Snowbabies Classic Collection243
Climb High, Shine Bright20072009Snowbabies Celebrations Collections20
Clip On Bird Ornament20132013SnowDream00
Close But No Catch2019Snowbabies Classic Collection21
Close Your Eyes And Make A Wish!20012002Snowbabies Classic Collection180
Cocoa For Two20072011Snowbabies Sentiments10
Cocoa Is Served2020Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Coffee First Ornament20162017Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments00
Coffee Talk2015Snowbabies11
Cold Days, Warm Cocoa2018Snowbabies Classic Collection10
Cold Noses, Warm Hearts20002005Snowbabies Classic Collection05
Cole Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies00
Collectible Animal Cat20172018Snowbabies Classic Collection112
Collectible Animal, Fox, 2 Asst2014Snowbabies01
Collectible Animal, Rabbit20182019Snowbabies Guest Collection63
Collectible Deer20112011Snowbabies40
Collectible Penguin, 201020102010Snowbabies00
Collectible Rabbit, 2 Asst20132014Snowbabies00
Collective Bargaining20042005Snowbabies Babies on the Farm00
Collector's Sign19891999Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures21
Color Outside The Lines20032004Snowbabies Classic Collection21
Colored Prism Stick Orn, 3A20112012SnowDream00
Come Aboard The Snowbabies Express20052006Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Come Along With Me20062006Snowbabies Celebrations Collections40
Come Fly With Me19981999Snowbabies Classic Collection170
Come Play With Me!20012001Snowbabies Classic Collection10
Come Sail Away20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection32
Come Sail With Me19992001Snowbabies Classic Collection161
Come Skate With Me20122013Snowbabies20
Comforting Words20092013Snowbabies Ornaments11
Comforting Words Ornament20122013Snowbabies21
Congratulations2005Snowbabies Celebrations Collections120
Congratulations Recordable Box20072009Snowbabies Celebrations Collections31
Connor Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies00
Cookie Polar Express20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection11
Cookie Prep20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Cookie Tester2015Snowbabies10
Cookies For Santa20052005Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Cookies To Share Ornament2016Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments00
Cookies With Santa2016Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Count Down To Christmas20022003Snowbabies Celebrations Collections20
Count Your Lucky Stars Candle Jar20012001Snowbabies Classic Collection100
Courtney Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies00
Cozy Story Time20172018Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Crackle Stripe Ball Ornament20122012SnowDream00
Crazy About Hoops20042005Snowbabies Starlight Games11
Cream Sequin Poinsettia Stem2014Snowbabies00
Cream Sisal Tree, St/22016Snowbabies General10
Cream Trees, Set of 3, 201220122012Snowbabies00
Create Balance20022003Snowbabies Classic Collection112
Crescent Moon Ornament Holder20042006Snowbabies Classic Collection20
Crossing Starry Skies19931997Snowbabies Classic Collection263
Crown Me20002001Snowbabies Classic Collection143
Crowning Achievements20082010Snowbabies Classic Collection20
Crystal Icicle, Small20132014SnowDream00
Cuddle Monkeys20122014Snowbabies12
Curious Penguin Peeks For Presents20042005Snowbabies Celebrations Collections60

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