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Snowbabies were introduced to the world in 1986 and are the creation of Kristi Jensen Pierro

The overall collection is made up of the Snowbabies Classic Collection, Ornaments, Snow Dreams, Sentiments, Pewter Miniatures, and the Guest collection.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Hailey Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies1
Hand Made With Love20072008Snowbabies Pastimes4
Hand Warmer20192019Snowbabies Peace2
Hang On For The Hollydays2005Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
Hangin' In The Northern Sky Ornament Holder20052006Snowbabies Classic Collection5
Hangin' On & Moon Dreams19992004Snowbabies Classic Collection5
Hanging Around For The Holidays20042005Snowbabies Classic Collection0
Hannah Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies0
Happily Ever After20142015Snowbabies0
Happy As A Unicorn Eating Cake20182019Snowbabies Classic Collection0
Happy Birthday To Me! 20062008Snowbabies1
Happy Birthday To Me! April20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections2
Happy Birthday To Me! Assortment20062008Snowbabies0
Happy Birthday To Me! August20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Happy Birthday To Me! December20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
Happy Birthday To Me! February20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
Happy Birthday To Me! January20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Happy Birthday To Me! July20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
Happy Birthday To Me! June20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
Happy Birthday To Me! March20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
Happy Birthday To Me! May20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
Happy Birthday To Me! November20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
Happy Birthday To Me! October20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections1
Happy Birthday To Me! September20062008Snowbabies Celebrations Collections0
Happy Birthday To You Sentiment Box20022003Snowbabies5
Happy Heart2015Snowbabies1
Happy Holly-Days2014Snowbabies5
Happy Landing Piglet20072009Snowbabies Guest Collection1
Hard Landing Hinged Box19992000Snowbabies Classic Collection26
Has Santa Been Here Yet?20052006Snowbabies Classic Collection0
Have A Ball20002001Snowbabies Guest Collection6
Have A Little Christmas20072007Snowbabies Celebrations Collections4
He's Checking His List20072009Snowbabies Celebrations Collections2
Hear My Prayers Ornament2014Snowbabies Ornaments0
Hear, Speak, See Ornaments 3A2015Snowbabies0
Heart Full Of Love20032004Snowbabies Classic Collection6
Heartwarming Wishes20042005Snowbabies Classic Collection2
Heaven's Little Angel20042005Snowbabies Classic Collection5
Heavenly Bubbles20032005Snowbabies Classic Collection2
Heavenly Chorus2013Snowbabies0
Heavenly Music20122013Snowbabies4
Heavenly Music Ornament2014Snowbabies Ornaments2
Heavenly Music, dated 2012 Ornament20122012Snowbabies Ornaments1
Heavenly Swing Ornament20132014Snowbabies Ornaments0
Heels & Pearls2020Snowbabies Classic Collection4
Heigh-Ho Waterglobe/Music Box19971999Snowbabies3
Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, To Frolic19972001Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures1
Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, To Frolic Land We Go!19972001Snowbabies Classic Collection16
Help Me, I'm Stuck!19921994Snowbabies Classic Collection51
Help Me, I'm Stuck!19921997Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures2
Helpful Friends19891992Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures1
Helpful Friends20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection1
Helpful Friends19891993Snowbabies Classic Collection37
Here Comes Santa Claus!20032003Snowbabies Guest Collection4
Here, Kitty, Kitty2012Snowbabies Babies on the Farm1
Here, You Eat It!20042005Snowbabies Classic Collection0
High Five For Humpty Dumpty20042004Snowbabies Guest Collection5
Hit The Mark19992001Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures31
Hit The Mark20002001Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures1
Hold On Tight20112012Snowbabies0
Hold On Tight Hinged Box19981999Snowbabies Classic Collection13
Hold On Tight!19891998Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures137
Hold On Tight!19861999Snowbabies Classic Collection44
Hold That Pose20012003Snowbabies Starlight Games13
Hold That Pose Miniature Ornament20012003Snowbabies Miniature Ornaments0
Holiday Baking Ornament, 20162016Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments0
Holiday Decorating20032005Snowbabies Babies on the Farm1
Holiday Drummer2003Snowbabies6
Holiday Hoopla2014Snowbabies1
Holiday Mail Ornament2015Snowbabies0
Holiday Tweets Ornament20132014Snowbabies Ornaments0
Holly Berry Ornament20132014Snowbabies0
Holly Deer20132014Snowbabies1
Holly Landscape Set20022005Snowbabies Classic Collection1
Holly Leaf Ball Ornament20142014Snowbabies0
Home Sweet Home20152017Snowbabies1
Home Sweet Home20022004Snowbabies Classic Collection15
Home Sweet Home Candle20052006Snowbabies Home Sweet Home0
Home Sweet Home Hinged Box20002001Snowbabies Classic Collection5
Home Sweet Home Plaque20052006Snowbabies Home Sweet Home2
Honey For My Tummy20112013Snowbabies Guest Collection0
Hooked On Fishing20012002Snowbabies Classic Collection5
Hooked On Hockey20042005Snowbabies Starlight Games0
Hooked On Knitting20032007Snowbabies Pastimes3
Hop On Board20082010Snowbabies Classic Collection0
Horsing Around Ornament2013Snowbabies Ornaments0
House Facade, Set Of 220132013Snowbabies0
How Many Days 'Til Chirstmas?19982001Snowbabies Pewter Miniatures2
How Many Days 'Til Christmas?19981999Snowbabies Classic Collection21
Howdy Partner20032004Snowbabies let's pretend1
Hug Me! Ornament2012Snowbabies Ornaments10
Hug, Please Ornament20172018Snowbabies Celebrations Ornaments0
Hug, Please!20162017Snowbabies Classic Collection1
Humpty Dumpty20092010Snowbabies Guest Collection3
Hunter Stocking Ornament20062008Snowbabies0

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