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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
C'mon Guys, Wait Up!2022A Christmas Story Village7
Cabin Gifts20212021Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions1
Cafe Flapjacks2004Simple Traditions - Pine Isles1
Caffeinated Figure, Medium2015Snowpinions3
Cake Boss20212021Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit1
Cake Dome Ornament2016Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe1
Cake For Who? Cake For You!20162019The Grinch Dr Seuss0
Cake Ornament2015Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe4
Calhoun House20082011Winters Frost0
California Ornament2013State of Mine2
Call Me A Cab2023Snowpinions1
Calvin The Candycane Striper19941996Merry Makers15
Calvin the Candycane Striper Ornament1996Merry Makers2
Camera Ornament2016Holiday Spirits0
Camera Ornament2017Gone to the Beach0
Camo Claus20152015Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Camper Ornament2017Forest Favorites8
Campfire Buddies2014Peanuts6
Campfire Melodies2004Simple Traditions - Pine Isles5
Camping Buddy20232023Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure5
Can You Keep A Secret2007Hot Properties0
Canadian Geese2001Serenity Spheres0
Candle Clip Orn2014Christmas Angel16
Candle Melts, 3 Assorted1998Halloween1
Candlelight Church2004Simple Traditions - Pine Isles4
Candy And Cookies20222022Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions1
Candy Apple20212021Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit4
Candy Bag Ornament 2 Assorted2001Halloween1
Candy Cane Ball Ornament2017Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe0
Candy Cane Car2002Simple Traditions - Sweet Treats Express11
Candy Cane Creations Candy Shop20022004Time To Celebrate - Merryville Series0
Candy Cane Heart Ornament2016The Elf on the Shelf0
Candy Cane Maker20222023Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit3
Candy Cane Swing Ornament2017The Elf on the Shelf0
Candy Cane Wishes20162017Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions0
Candy Canine2014Snoopy by Design0
Candy Canine Keychain2014Snoopy by Design0
Candy Crush Blue Candy Orn2017Candy Crush1
Candy Crush Booster Fish Orn2017Candy Crush0
Candy Crush Color Bomb Orn2017Candy Crush0
Candy Crush Logo Ornament2017Candy Crush0
Candy Crush Mr. Toffee Orn2017Candy Crush2
Candy Crush Orange Wrapped Orn2017Candy Crush1
Candy Crush Purple Candy Orn2017Candy Crush1
Candy Crush Tiffy Ornament2017Candy Crush0
Candy Jar Ornament2015Ornament Gallery34
Candy Man20212021Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit13
Candy Shop2003Simple Traditions - Holiday Charms9
Candy Sprig2016Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe0
Candy Striper20172017Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions2
Candyland Cottage Ornament2015Hasbro0
Candyland Cupcake Logo Orn2015Hasbro0
Canoe Ornament2016Forest Favorites1
Cappuccino Mug Set Of 22017Frank Lloyd Wright0
Captive Audience20202020Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions1
Caravansary Corner20012003The Holy Land0
Caravansary Drinking Well20012003The Holy Land2
Caravansary Gate & Guard20012003The Holy Land Accessories5
Caravansary Rooms At The Inn20012003The Holy Land0
Caravansary Wall20012003The Holy Land Accessories7
Card Games20222022Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure3
Cardinal Christmas20232023Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions12
Cardinal Clip On Ornament2014Winter's Lodge2
Cardinal Dangle Ornament2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth0
Cardinal Disc Ornament2016Frost0
Cardinal In Teardrop Ornament2017Frost0
Cardinal Ornament2017Frost14
Cardinal Wreath Ornament2016Forest Favorites0
Cardinals Ornament20222022Possible Dreams - Ornaments6
Carmel By The Sea, Large2010A Place To Remember0
Carmel By The Sea, Medium2010A Place To Remember0
Carmel By The Sea, Small2010A Place To Remember0
Carolers20192019Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets178
Caroline Stringing Cranberries1997All through the House47
Caroling20212021Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions29
Caroling Angel19901998Winter Silhouette40
Caroling Bells19911997Winter Silhouette22
Caroling Figure, 2a2014Snowpinions10
Caroling Gnome Ornament2015Forest Favorites0
Caroling In Williamsburg20102014Williamsburg4
Carols Around The SpinetWinter Silhouette5
Carpenter & Son20002002The Holy Land Accessories0
Carpenter's Shop20002002The Holy Land1
Carrie Feeds the Cardinals1997All through the House10
Carter Coach20102014Williamsburg1
Carving Pumpkins20202021Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure5
Case Of Jack Daniel's Ornament2017Jack Daniels0
Cash Register Ornament2014Fisher Price Toys0
Castle Black2021Game of Thrones Village16
Cat And Dog OrnamentValentine Krinkles0
Cat And Things Holidazzler2016Dr. Seuss0
Cat Burgler20222022Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions4
Cat Figure, 6a2014Knit Wits0
Cat Fish20182018Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure51
Cat Glass/Paper Book Orn2014Dr. Seuss0
Cat Holding Book Ornament2016Dr. Seuss0
Cat Holding Tailing Orn2014Dr. Seuss1
Cat In A Box Ornament2017Dr. Seuss29
Cat in Hat Ornament2014Dr. Seuss17
Cat In The Hat Book Ornament2013Dr. Seuss1
Cat in the Hat Flat Glass Orn2012Dr. Seuss0
Cat In The Hat Gift Set20122012The Grinch Dr Seuss0
Cat In The Hat Sentiment2015Dr. Seuss0
Cat In The Hat Waterdazzler2017Dr. Seuss0
Cat Lit Ornament2014Dr. Seuss1
Cat Magnet2014National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation4
Cat Nap Santa19941997Winter Silhouette5
Cat Nap Santa & Finishing Touches Santa19951998Winter Silhouette2
Cat on Block Orn2014Dr. Seuss0
Cat On Skates Ornament2016Dr. Seuss0
Cat Ornament2004Christmas Krinkles140
Cat Ornament, 6a2014Knit Wits0
Cat Reading On Present Ornament2013Dr. Seuss0
Cat Striped Stocking Ornament2017Dr. Seuss0
Cat Tangled In Lights Ornament2016Dr. Seuss0
Cat Treat Jar2005Paw Prints3
Cat With Book Ornament2016Dr. Seuss0
Cat With Gift Ornament2016Dr. Seuss0
Cat With The Bag Ornament2016Dr. Seuss0
Cat's Hat Glass Ornament2013Dr. Seuss1
Cat's Play Ornament2020Snowpinions0
Cat-Mouse Game20192019Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets0
Catching A Cool Treat2007Hot Properties0
Catching A Flake Figure2017Snowpinions0
Catching Snowflakes20132014Peanuts6
Catching the Spirit20162016Sports and Leisure2
Catching Z's20202021Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Cathedral Facade19922001Silhouette Treasures3
Catwoman2020Hot Properties Village10
Catwoman Couture De Force2020DC Comics1
Cavalier Ornament2014Go Dog0
Cedar Isles Church Set20162017First Frost1
Celebrate Glass Plate2002Love Inc.0
Celebrate Votive Holders ,4 Assorted2002Love Inc.0
Celtic "Some Like It Hot"20232023Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Celtic Dreams20222022Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure13
Celtic Sampler20142014Possible Dreams - Celtic0
Central Park2001Serenity Spheres138
Central Perk2022Friends Series2
Central Perk Couch2022Friends Series0
Ceramic Seating Tile2002Time To Celebrate2
Cersei & Jamie Lannister20212022Game of Thrones Village16
Chair Ornament2016Forest Favorites12
Champagne Bucket Ornament2015Ornament Gallery1
Champagne Taste Ornament2017Snowpinions0
Chandelier Ornament, 2a2014Christmas Angel0
Changes The World Mug2015Inspire Me0
Changes the World Tray2015Inspire Me0
Charcoal Grinding Building20182018Jack Daniels Village0
Charles The Cellist1991Merry Makers13
Charlie2014Garden Guardians58
Charlie Brown Breaks 1002023Peanuts Village3
Charlie Brown Confidence Mug2016Peanuts1
Charlie Brown with Gift Mug2015Peanuts0
Charlie Brown's House20112019Peanuts1
Charlie In A Box Ornament2017Rudolph4
CharlotteClassical Cats0
Charlton's Morning Shipment20112012Williamsburg1
Charting A Course2015Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Chasing Rainbows2013Snoopy by Design6
Chasing The Snitch20182020Harry Potter11
Chatter Phone Elf Ornament2016Fisher Price0
Chatter Phone Ornament2016Fisher Price0
Chatter Telephone Ornament2014Fisher Price Toys2
Chatting With Santa2015Possible Dreams - Licensed0
Checking His List2007Hot Properties42
Checking The List Set2016Peanuts16
Cheer 3-Wick Candle2013Home Fragrance0
Cheer Glass Candle2013Home Fragrance0
Cheer The Beard20152016Possible Dreams - Traditional1
Cheerios Bee Ornament2017General Mills0
Cheers To Pour Decisions Wine Glass2019Snowpinions2
Cheers! Wine Bag2018Snowpinions5
Cheese Knife2014Forest Lane12
Cheesehead20172017Possible Dreams - Licensed0
Cheesehead Cow Ornament2017Cheesehead0
Cheesehead Personalizable Elf2017Cheesehead0
Cheesehead Santa With Beer Orn2017Cheesehead0
Cheetah Print Rooster, Large2012Chiklits0
Chef Mickey2019Disney Ceramics0
Chemical Toilet Sentiment2015National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation0
Cherie Bathtub Soap Dish2002Cherie0
Cherie Best Friends Photo Holder2002Cherie0
Cherie Best Friends Picture Frame2002Cherie0
Cherie Bubble Bath Waterglobe2002Cherie2
Cherie Candle2002Cherie0
Cherie Clock2002Cherie0

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