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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
D'oh-bominable Snowman20142014Simpsons Village Accessories31
Dachshund FigureChristmas Krinkles30
Dachshund Glass2014Go Dog10
Dachshund Mug2014Go Dog20
Dachshund Ornament2014Go Dog20
Dachshund Ornament, 6a2014Knit Wits00
Dachshund Snack Plate2014Go Dog00
Dad w/ Leg Lamp20052007A Christmas Story00
Dad's Prized Lamp, Pigtail20062006A Christmas Story00
Daffodil NapkinTime To Celebrate00
Daisy Doggy2016Peanuts00
Dancer Figure2015Reindeer Tales10
Dancer Plate2015Reindeer Tales00
Dancer Wreath Ornament2015Reindeer Tales00
Dancing Couple Orn, 2 Asst2015Here Comes Santa Claus10
Dancing Near Midnight2007Hot Properties02
Dancing Nicks Large Ornament2013Nicks Julien Chung Designs00
Dancing Queen Ornament2016Snowpinions00
Dancing Tree Pin2004Christmas Krinkles00
Dancing With Np Stars20182018Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure00
Dandy Lit Skull2016Skeleton Halloween10
Dandy Skeleton2016Skeleton Halloween20
Dandy the Dapper Ornament2016Merry Mice00
Daphne Bonnett1994The Upstairs Downstairs Bears00
Dark Skin Boy Elf2015The Elf on the Shelf00
Dark Skin Girl Elf2015The Elf on the Shelf00
Dash Away All20172019Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions01
Dash Away All Lighted Scene2000Silhouettes - Holiday50
Dash of Nutmeg2016Bon Appetit00
Dasher Figure2015Reindeer Tales10
Dasher Plate2015Reindeer Tales00
Dasher Wreath Ornament2015Reindeer Tales00
Dated Banner Ornament2015The Elf on the Shelf00
Day Hike2013Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure00
Day Of Mirth20172017Custom Clothtique30
Day Of The Dead Lit Skull2016Skeleton Halloween10
Day Of The Dead Skeleton2016Skeleton Halloween30
Day of the Dog2014Snoopy by Design00
Day of the Dog Keychain2014Snoopy by Design00
Day Of The Dog Mug2015Peanuts00
Day On The Beach20132014Possible Dreams - By The Sea00
December 25th20162017Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions20
December Angel Orn2012Whispers00
Deck The Halls Ornament2015Snowpinions30
Deco Car Ornament2015Ornament Gallery00
Deco Dress Ornament2015Ornament Gallery10
Deco High Heel Shoe Ornament2015Ornament Gallery00
Deco Purse Ornament2015Ornament Gallery00
Decorated Bell Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics00
Decorated Candy Cane Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics00
Decorating The Mantle19901999Winter Silhouette141
Decorating The Mantle Musical Waterglobe19921999Winter Silhouette00
Decorating the Tree Waterglobe2015Peanuts00
Decorating With Care Ornament (2 Assorted)2001Toot & Puddle00
Decorative Box Set Of 22015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth21
Dedicated Hero20182018Possible Dreams - Ornaments51
Deer Candy Dish2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth00
Deer Figure2016Frost00
Deer Figure, 6A2013Knit Wits30
Deer Head Ornament2014Winter's Lodge00
Deer Ornament2016Frost90
Deer Ornament, 6A2013Knit Wits00
Deerest Santa20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional10
Deerly Loved2015Possible Dreams - Traditional00
Define Naughty20162017Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets10
Delaware Ornament2013State of Mine00
Delivering The Goodies20032004Time To Celebrate - Merryville Series00
Delivery Truck Ornament2016Jack Daniels00
Department 56 Caboose19971997Allied Model Trains60
Department 56 Locomotive19991999Allied Model Trains10
Department Store Elves20102010A Christmas Story21
Department Store Santa20082013A Christmas Story00
Desert Camp20002003The Holy Land Accessories120
Desert Caravan20012005The Holy Land Accessories50
Desert Oasis20002003The Holy Land Accessories41
Desert Road20002005The Holy Land Accessories80
Desert Rocks20002003The Holy Land Accessories153
Designated Driver Ornament2015Snowpinions00
Dessert Stand2015Let it Bee20
Dew Drop Inn20122012Jim Shore Heartwood Creek00
Diamond Pattern Ball Ornament2015Ornament Gallery00
Dillard's Department Store20102010Dillard's10
Dillard's Department Store20112011Dillard's10
Dilly Bar Ornament2015Dairy Queen00
Dinner TableAll through the House90
Dirty Dog2014Snoopy by Design81
Dirty Dog Keychain2014Snoopy by Design00
Disney Holiday Gift Set20162016Mickey's Merry Christmas Village61
Disney Parks Family19941996Disney Parks Village233
Disneyland Fire Department #10519941996Disney Parks Village84
Display Tree 15"2002In the Garden10
Display Tree 18"2002In the Garden00
Distinguished Extinguishers Book1999Candle Crown Collections00
Divided Bird Plate2013Daisy Fields00
Diy Stockings20182018Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure00
Dock On A Lake2001Serenity Spheres00
Doctor's Coat Ornament1998Uniforms00
Does Santa Really Come Down The Chimney?1999Silhouettes - Holiday10
Dog Days Of Christmas20182018Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets00
Dog Deer OrnamentChristmas Krinkles30
Dog In The Hood20142015Peanuts51
Dog OrnamentChristmas Krinkles151
Dog's Best Friend SantaWinter Silhouette10
Dogwood2013Snoopy by Design00
Doll & Treats, Lit Canvas2015Authentic Village Art00
Dolphin Ornament2017Gone to the Beach10
Dome Orn Crab & Starfish2016Gone to the Beach00
Don't Be Blue, Belle2002In the Garden00
Donald's Duck Choir20152016Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories00
Donald's Fire Hose20112014Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories40
Donald's Fire Station20112012Mickey's Merry Christmas Village01
Donald's Snowduck2007Hot Properties00
Donald's Snowshoe Adventure20152016Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories11
Donald's So Sweet2007Hot Properties20
Donald's Toy Shop20092011Mickey's Merry Christmas Village00
Donder Figure2015Reindeer Tales00
Donder Plate2015Reindeer Tales00
Donder Wreath Ornament2015Reindeer Tales00
Doodle-Doo20142014Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure10
Door Ornament2016Frost00
Door Stopper20002001Storybook Collection31
Dorothy1999Candle Crown Collections141
Dorothy And Toto 60 Mm Wg2013The Wizard of Oz00
Doughy In The Middle Ornament2016Ginger and Spice00
Dove of Peace2016Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions00
Dowager Countess And Young Friend20152015Downton Abbey00
Downhill Friends2002Simple Traditions - Holly Lane Accessories30
Downton Abbey20142015Downton Abbey10
Dq Astro Chimp Sentiment2015Dairy Queen11
DQ Cookie Blizzard Orn2016Dairy Queen10
DQ Ice Cream Cake Ornament2016Dairy Queen00
Dq Logo Ornament2015Dairy Queen00
Dq Sweet Treats!20172019Dairy Queen00
Dq Vintage Sentiment2015Dairy Queen00
Dq Vintage Truck Orn2015Dairy Queen00
Dr. Finkelstein's Observatory20172019Nightmare Before Christmas Village182
Dr. Seuss Grinch Mugs, 2A2014Dr. Seuss00
Dr. Seuss Logo Glass Orn2014Dr. Seuss00
Dr. Seuss Pattern Orns2014Dr. Seuss00
Draco Waits At Platform 9 3/42019Harry Potter Village192
Dracula Flip Top2003Everyday Heroes Collection50
Dracula's Case20022005hot Properties00
Dracula's Castle20022005Hot Properties00
Dracula's Descent2007Hot Properties00
Dracula's Domain20072008Hot Properties61
Dragonfly Rain Gauge Stake2015Enchanted Guardians00
Dragonfly Typography Stake2014Garden Guardians00
Dressed To The Nines20172018Snowbabies Classic Collection00
Drift Along20162017Possible Dreams - By The Sea00
Driftwood Garland2016Gone to the Beach00
Drink Glass Ornament2016Holiday Spirits01
Drink Me Shot Glass2015Haunted Attic10
Drip Flock Round Ball Ornament, 3 Asst.2012Wacky Wonky Christmas00
Drone Delivery20182018Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure90
Drosselmeyer1999Candle Crown Collections90
Drosselmyer Ornament2004Christmas Krinkles60
Drugstore19881989Bachman's Hometown Series70
Drum Major and Bass Drummer20112016Williamsburg30
Duck Hunting Ornament1999Pastimes Ornaments10
Duck, Duck, Moose, Moose2015Possible Dreams - Bon Appetite10

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