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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Fa La Latte Mug2016Hasbro0
Fa, La, La Ornament20192019Possible Dreams - Ornaments0
Fabric Hanging Spider2014Haunted Attic0
Facing The Inevitable20132014A Christmas Story1
FAIRY MAILBOX2015Enchanted Guardians0
Fairy Seashell Butterfly Bath2014Garden Guardians0
Fairy Shelf Sitter2014Garden Guardians0
Fairy Tree TopperChristmas Krinkles2
Fairytale Appetizer Plate, 4A2015Haunted Attic0
Fairytale Drink Glass, 2 Asst2015Haunted Attic0
Fairytale Glass Platter2015Haunted Attic1
Faith Figure2010Whispers1
Faith Ornament2010Whispers2
Family Home, Lit Canvas2015Authentic Village Art1
Family,love, Life Scrabble Orn2017Hasbro3
Fan Coral Ornament, 4 Asst.2012Deck the Shores0
Fancy Frog Ornament2004Christmas Krinkles3
Farcus House20112013A Christmas Story0
Farewell To The Leg Lamp20102012A Christmas Story4
Farfingle's Department Store20012003Hot Properties0
Fashion Statement Ornament2015Snowpinions0
Father Christmas's Journey19981998North Pole City0
Father Time Set Of 220002000Candle Crown Collections13
Father Time: As Time Goes By19961999Winter Silhouette2
Father Time: Counting The Minutes19961999Winter Silhouette0
Favorite Decorations20172017Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets1
Fawned Memories2015Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions0
Feast of Roast Beast20112013The Grinch Dr Seuss0
Feather Ball Ornament, 2 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays0
Feather Mushroom Ornament 3A2015Gnome for the Holidays0
Feather Owl Ornament, 2 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays1
Feather Peacock Clip Ornament2016Frost0
Feather Tree2015Forest Favorites2
Feathered Bird Clip Set of 22014Christmas Angel0
Feathered Bird Clip, Set of 22014Peppermint Forest0
February Angel Orn2012Whispers0
Feelin' Flakey Mug2016Snowpinions0
Feelin' Flakey Ornament2013Snowpinions0
Feelin' Flakey Tray2016Snowpinions0
Feeling Flakey Figure, Medium2015Snowpinions0
Feeling Frosty Ornament2015Ornament Gallery0
Feeney's Anniversary Lamppost20022002Feeney's0
Feeney's Delivery Of Dreams20002000Feeney's0
Feeney's Our Sign For All Seasons20012001Feeney's0
Feline Pretty20152015Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets0
Feliz Navidad2003Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Feliz Navidog20162017Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets0
FellerClassical Cats0
Felt and Wire Ornament, 3a2014Winter's Lodge0
Felt Cone Tree, 2 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays0
Felt Mushroom Orn, 2ASST2014Winter's Lodge0
Felt Sequin Icon Orn, 3 Asst2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Fenway Park20052007Baseball Stadiums0
Fern Bamboo Tray2014Forest Lane1
Fern Willow Cheeseboard2014Forest Lane0
Fetch The Spirit20182018Possible Dreams - Ornaments8
Fiber Optic SnowmanTime To Celebrate1
Fiddle Dee20182019Possible Dreams - Celtic1
Fifes And Drums20112016Williamsburg0
Filch And Mrs. Norris2020Harry Potter Village7
Filled Berry Bird Ornament2017Frost0
Filled Sea Urchin Orn Asst/22015Gone to the Beach0
Filling The Sleigh2004Silhouettes - Holiday0
Final Touches2014Peanuts0
Findng Dory Holidazzler2017Disney2
Fine Feathered Friends2015Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Finial Ornament, Large, 3a2014Christmas Angel0
Finial Ornament, Medium, 3a2014Christmas Angel0
Finial Ornament, Small, 3a2014Christmas Angel0
Finishing Touches Santa19951997Winter Silhouette0
Finn Mouse Ornament2012Enchanted Christmas0
Fiona2014Garden Guardians0
Fira's Treasure Box2007Hot Properties0
Fire Helmet Birdhouse2001Birdhouses0
Fire House20052005A Christmas Story3
Fire House20142015A Christmas Story Village7
Fire Station No. 12003Simple Traditions - Holiday Charms6
Fire Station No. 12003Simple Traditions - Holiday Charms1
Fire Station Ornament2015Fisher Price Toys0
Fire Truck20052009A Christmas Story4
Fire Truck Ornament2015Fisher Price7
Fireman Flip Top Box2003Everyday Heroes Collection3
Fireman's Friend2004Simple Traditions - Pine Isles0
Fireman's Memorial Monument20022003American Pride Collection5
Fireplace Ornament2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Fireplace Ornament2015Grinch0
Firewood Sign2014Winter's Lodge1
First Bath Ornament2016Snowpinions0
First Christmas Together20182018Possible Dreams - Ornaments1
First Christmas Together Ornament20002002Silhouettes - Wedding2
First Class Holiday20152016Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions0
First Crocus2001Serenity Spheres0
First Haircut Ornament2016Snowpinions0
First Smile Ornament2016Snowpinions0
First Steps2016Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions2
First Steps Ornament2016Snowpinions0
First Tooth Ornament2016Snowpinions0
First Word Ornament2016Snowpinions0
Fish Float Ball Asst/32015Gone to the Beach0
Fish On!20152015Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure1
Fisher-Price Camera Ornament2014Fisher Price Toys1
Fisher-Price Screen Ornament2014Fisher Price Toys2
Fisherman2001Serenity Spheres15
Fisherman Flip Top Box2003Everyday Heroes Collection1
Fisherman Flip Top Box Small2003Everyday Heroes Collection1
Fishies Orn Asst/42014Minnowz0
Fishing Buddies2004Simple Traditions - Pine Isles2
Fishing Creel Ornament2017Gone to the Beach4
Fishing House2015Holiday in the Woods0
Flakey Figure2016Crazy, Nuts & Cracker0
Flakey Wreath Ornament2016Crazy, Nuts & Cracker0
Flamboyance20172017Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions0
Flamingling Ornament2017Snowpinions1
Flamingo Crossing20182019Possible Dreams - By The Sea0
Flamingo Flip Top Box2003Everyday Heroes Collection0
Flat Carved Bird Ornament, 2a2014Winter's Lodge0
Flat Cut Out Ornament Sml, 5a2014Velvet Reindeer0
Flat Deer Sleigh Figure2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth0
Flat Gift Tag Ornament2014Snowpinions0
Flat Mary & Child Ornament2014Christmas Angel0
Flat Tree Figure2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth0
Flatbush Garden Center20082008Valerie Parr Hill for QVC0
Fletcher Playing Flute1997All through the House0
Flicker Votive 4 Assorted2001Halloween2
Flight Instruction20182018Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure1
Flip Flop Repair Shop20182019Margaritaville Village0
Flip Flop Tree20192019Possible Dreams - By The Sea0
Flip The Bird Ornament2017Snowpinions0
Flipped And Flopped20182019Margaritaville Village2

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