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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
H.D. Diddle Fiddles19982003Storybook Collection41
Hagrid's Hut20182019Harry Potter23
Hairy Merry Xmas Ornament2015Ornament Gallery00
Halloween Appetizer Plate, 2A2014Haunted Attic10
Halloween Canvas, 3a2014Haunted Attic00
Halloween Hat 4 Assorted2000Halloween32
Halloween Headband, 2a2014Haunted Attic00
Halloween Hoopla Canine2016Peanuts00
Halloween Hound2013Snoopy by Design51
Halloween Hound Keychain2014Snoopy by Design00
Halloween Mask, 4a2014Haunted Attic70
Halloween Owl Ornament, 2a2014Haunted Attic30
Halloween Party Ties, 2 Asst2015Haunted Attic00
Halloween Pumpkin2000Candle Crown Collections537
Halloween Spiral Foil Garland1999Halloween00
Halloween Top Hat, 2a2014Haunted Attic00
Halloween Town City Hall St/220172019Nightmare Before Christmas Village151
Halloween Treat Figurine2015Peanuts41
Halloween Witch Figure2014Haunted Attic10
Hammond Town Hall20052006A Christmas Story11
Hand In Hand Reverse Sculpt With Light Cord20012002Silhouettes - Wedding40
Handmade Quilts20112012Jim Shore Heartwood Creek30
Hanging Bird Feeder2013Daisy Fields00
Hanging Gnome Orn, 2 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays00
Hanging The Ornaments19911997Winter Silhouette8814
Hanging The Ornaments Waterglobe Music Box19921999Winter Silhouette00
Hansel And Gretel's Sweet Shop20012002Storybook Collection21
Happer Camper20172017Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure00
Happily Ever after2007Hot Properties51
Happy Anniversary20002001Silhouettes - Wedding20
Happy Christmas To All20032003'Twas The Night Before Christmas20
Happy Girl Pillow2015Snowpinions10
Happy Harley Days20142016Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure10
Happy Harvest2014Peanuts80
Happy Hockey Days20162017Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure00
Happy Holiday's Snoopy & Woodstock2011Peanuts23
Happy Holidays Figure, Jumbo2015Snowpinions294
Happy Holidays Gondola20012001Allied Model Trains10
Happy Hound2014Snoopy by Design10
Happy Hound2016Peanuts10
Happy Hound Keychain2014Snoopy by Design00
Happy Hound Mug2014Snoopy by Design10
Happy Hour20182018Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit00
Happy Hour Ornament2015Snowpinions00
Happy Windsday2007Hot Properties20
Hare Ornament2015Ornament Gallery00
Hark The Angels2015Possible Dreams - Traditional20
Harley-Davidson Clubhouse Box Set20162017Harley-Davidson Village10
Harley-Davidson Service Station Box Set20162017Harley-Davidson Village01
Harley-Davidson Showroom Box Set20162017Harley-Davidson Village10
Harold The Medium CamelChristmas Krinkles60
Harry & Hagrid At Gringott20002000Hot Properties81
Harry And The Sorting Hat20002000Hot Properties70
Harry Potter20002000Hot Properties13623
Harry Potter And Headmaster2018Harry Potter183
Harry Potter Animated Scene20002002Hot Properties10
Harvey The Scarecrow - NEHG20122012Exclusive Designs00
Hashtag Ornament, 6a2014Velvet Reindeer00
Hat Ornament2015Ornament Gallery71
HATCH ON SWING2015Enchanted Guardians00
Hathy Holidayth20132014Simpsons Village Accessories01
Hats Off To Cat Ornament2016Dr. Seuss10
Have Fun2002Simple Traditions - Holly Lane Accessories40
Having A Ball20182018Possible Dreams - By The Sea00
Hawaii Ornament2013State of Mine00
Hazel The Potion Witch2016Witch Hallow Halloween00
He's A Bad Apple2007Hot Properties00
Head Over Heels Ornament2015Snowpinions00
Headless Horseman2015Village Spotlights11
Heart Beats For You Ornament2014Snowpinions00
Heartfelt2014Possible Dreams - Traditional10
Heartland Church20112012Jim Shore Heartwood Creek61
Heartland Creek Ice Cream Parlor20122012Jim Shore Heartwood Creek00
Heartwood Creek Quilts20112012Jim Shore Heartwood Creek52
Heartwood Creek Trees20112012Jim Shore Heartwood Creek00
Heartwood Flag20112012Jim Shore Heartwood Creek11
Heavenly Bakery Entrance19931996Merry Makers210
Heavenly Music 2 Assorted2002Silhouettes - Inspirational00
Heavenly Treats Ornament2001Toot & Puddle00
Heavy Pinecone Ornament2014Winter's Lodge00
Hedge Hog Ornament, 6a2014Knit Wits00
Hedgehog Butterfly Bath2014Garden Guardians00
Hedgehog Pillar Holder2014Forest Lane00
Hedgehog Salt & Pepper Pair2014Forest Lane00
Hedwig The Owl20002000Hot Properties122
Heinz Evaporated Horseradish Factory20002000Profile Series40
Heinz Grocery Store19981998Profile Series40
Heinz Hitch19991999Profile Series40
Heinz House Profile Series19961996Profile Series220
Heinz Town Clock20012001Profile Series00
Hello My Name Is Ornament2014Snowpinions00
Hello, Cupcake Ornament2015Snowpinions00
Help From A Friend20052007Hot Properties00
Helpful Holly Ornament2016Merry Mice10
Helping Hands Set Of 620002001Silhouette Treasures00
Henrietta Bosworth1994The Upstairs Downstairs Bears390
Henrietta's Tea Party1994The Upstairs Downstairs Bears80
Henry & Alice Bosworth1994The Upstairs Downstairs Bears41
Henry & Arthur1994The Upstairs Downstairs Bears10
Henry Bosworth1994The Upstairs Downstairs Bears192
Henry Bosworth1994The Upstairs Downstairs Bears10
Henry Goes Skiing1994The Upstairs Downstairs Bears00
Henry, Alice & Baby Arthur1994The Upstairs Downstairs Bears20
Henry, Alice & Polly1994The Upstairs Downstairs Bears00
Heralding Angels19992005The Holy Land Accessories71
Here Comes Santa - Bachman's19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Bronner's19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Broughton Christmas19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Cabbage Rose19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Calabash Nautical Gifts19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Calico Butterfly19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Carson Pirie Scott19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Christmas Loft19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Dickens' Gift Shoppe19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - European Imports19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Fibber Magee's19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Fortunoff19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Gustaf's19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Ingle's Nook19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Limited Edition19961996Here Comes Santa10
Here Comes Santa - North Pole City19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Pine Cone Christmas19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Royal Dutch Collectibles19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Russ Country Gardens19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Seventh Avenue19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - St. Nick's19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Stat's19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - William Glen19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes Santa - Young's Ltd.19961996Here Comes Santa00
Here Comes The Bride Crystal Bride Waterglobe/music Box20012002Silhouettes - Wedding00
Heritage Village Box Car19961996Allied Model Trains241
Heritage Village Mountie20012003Exclusive Designs10
Herky-jerky Whomobile20022002Hot Properties00
Herman Munster2019Hot Properties63
Hermey Riding Rudolph Orn.2016Rudolph00
Hermey With Pliers Ornament2017Rudolph00
Hermey Wreath Ornament2017Rudolph00
Hermey's Dental Office2014Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer00
Hermione Granger20002002Hot Properties40
Hermione The Bookworm20002000Hot Properties30
Herod's Temple20002001The Holy Land40
Heron In Stream2001Serenity Spheres00
Hers Pillow2016Snowpinions Plush00
Hey Diddle Diddle Music Box20002001Storybook Collection10
Hey Diddle Diddle Waterglobe/music Box20002001Storybook Collection00
Hey! Diddle Diddle Tea SetStorybook Collection31
Hickory Dickory Dock19961998Storybook Collection80
Hickory Dickory Dock Tea SetStorybook Collection101

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