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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
R. Charlton's Coffeehouse20112012Williamsburg0
Rabbit Bell2014Forest Lane0
Rabbit Candy Bag, 4 Assorted Colors2001Easter Home Decor1
Rabbit Egg Cup2013Daisy Fields2
Rabbit Figure2016Frost5
Rabbit Figure, Set of 22013Daisy Fields20
Rabbit Ornament2016Frost1
Radio Clock Ornament2014Fisher Price Toys0
Raggedy Ann & Andy Tea Set2001Storybook Collection0
Raggedy Ann & Andy's Patchwork House20012003Storybook Collection2
Rain Gauge Stake, 2 Asst2014Garden Guardians0
Ralphie & his brother Ralphie To The Rescue2006A Christmas Story0
Ralphie and Ol Blue Save the Day2011A Christmas Story5
Ralphie At Mailbox My Secret Decoder Arrived!20052011A Christmas Story0
Ralphie Bunny Suit Set2015A Christmas Story0
Ralphie Glasses20072010A Christmas Story2
Ralphie Loses His Glasses20082015A Christmas Story2
Ralphie Needs New Glasses20112012A Christmas Story12
Ralphie Saves The Day2008A Christmas Story0
Ralphie To The Rescue!2008A Christmas Story24
Ralphie Visits Santa20082009A Christmas Story0
Ralphie's A+ Fantasy20182019A Christmas Story Village2
Ralphie's Backyard Shed20132017A Christmas Story0
Ralphie's Gang20172017A Christmas Story Village0
Ralphie's House2012A Christmas Story7
Ralphie's House Holiday Gift Set20172017A Christmas Story0
Ralphie's Streetcar Ticket20162016A Christmas Story Village0
Rani's Seashell2007Hot Properties1
Rani's Treasure Box2007Hot Properties1
Rapunzel Tea Set Set Of 520002002Storybook Collection0
Rapunzel's Hair Salon20002002Storybook Collection0
Rathbone2014Garden Guardians0
Rather Be Fishin' Ornament2015Snowpinions0
Raven's Spell2020Jim Shore2
Re-Gifted Ornament2014Snowpinions0
Reaching For The Stars Ornament2000Silhouette Treasures0
Read It Again Santa2015Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Reading By MoonlightPeanuts0
Reading Is Fun Ornament2001Toot & Puddle0
Ready For Bed20172017Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Ready For Halloween2007Hot Properties1
Ready For Take Off Figure2016Peanuts1
Ready To Ski2005Home Town Traditions: American Heartland0
Real Plastic Snow Hopper20002000Allied Model Trains0
Rebel20172017Possible Dreams - Licensed0
Record Player Ornament2015Fisher Price0
Rectangle Porch Pillow2014Forest Lane0
Rectangular TableChristmas Krinkles0
Red Bird Clip Ornament2016Forest Favorites0
Red Card Advantage20182018Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Red Feather Tree2016Xmas Basics1
Red Finial Bird Ornament2014Frost0
Red Fish Blue Fish Book Orn2014Dr. Seuss0
Red Fox Ornament2016Frost0
Red Gift Pin2004Christmas Krinkles0
Red Glitter Leaf Ornament2014Velvet Reindeer0
Red Green Birdhouse Ornament2016Christmas Tweets0
Red Green Candy Cane Ornament2016Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe0
Red Green Spinial Orn Set2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Red Hearts And Roses Candle House20032004Time To Celebrate - Merryville Series0
Red Jeweled Door Stake2014Garden Guardians0
Red Lantern2005Time To Celebrate2
Red Lightbulb PinChristmas Krinkles0
Red Mirror Snowflake Orn, 3A2014Peppermint Forest0
Red Mushroom Bell2014Garden Guardians0
Red Mushroom Birdhouse2015Enchanted Guardians0
Red Mushroom Clip Ornament2015Gnome for the Holidays0
Red Mushroom Pick2015Gnome for the Holidays0
Red Pattern Bird Ornament2015Ornament Gallery0
Red Pick Up Truck Ornament2017It's a Country Thing1
Red Plaid Ornament, 2a2014Winter's Lodge0
Red Plated Ball Orn, 3A2014Peppermint Forest0
Red Poinsettia Ornament2016Forest Favorites0
Red Reindeer Figure201356 Christmas2
Red Sequin Jumbo Ball Ornament2014Velvet Reindeer0
Red Silver Reflector Ornament201356 Christmas0
Red Sisal Star Ornament2016Xmas Basics0
Red Sisal Tree2016Xmas Basics0
Red Striped Top Hat Bead2012Bead-It0
Red Swirl Ornament, 2a2014Velvet Reindeer0
Red Trees Set Of 22015Possible Dreams - Cross Product10
Red White Birdhouse Ornament2016Christmas Tweets0
Red White Nest on Branch2016Christmas Tweets0
Red White Spinal Orn Set2015Snowpinions0
Red's Elf Land Diner20032005Elfland0
Red, White and Blue20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional9
Reflector Ball Ornament, 3a2014Christmas Angel0
Reflector Design Ornament, 2a2014Peppermint Forest0
Reflector Onion, 3a2014Peppermint Forest0
Reindeer Dangler2017Snowpinions2
Reindeer Family Orn St/22014Winter's Lodge0
Reindeer Figure201356 Christmas9
Reindeer Ride20182018Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions1
Reindeer Sleigh20172017Cross Products for PD11
Rejoice In The Light Night Light (2 Assorted)20012002Silhouettes - Inspirational1
Remember20142014Possible Dreams - Traditional6
Remember To Brush Lift Top Box2001Toot & Puddle0
Reserved for the Queen Porch Pillow2014Let it Bee0
Resin Bee Box2014Let it Bee0
Resting Bitch Face Ornament2017Snowpinions0
Resting My Bones Figure2015Village Spotlights0
Retriever Figure, Small2015Fetch The Spirit0
Retriever Mug2015Fetch The Spirit0
Retriever Ornament2015Fetch The Spirit0
Retro Ball Ornament201356 Christmas0
Retro Disc With Snow Ornament201356 Christmas0
Retro Green Red Orn, 3 Asst2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Retro Hat Box St/3201356 Christmas0
Retro Light Clip Orn, 4 Asst2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Retro Pillow Orn, 2 Asst2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Retro Reflector Finial Orn, 2A201456 Christmas0
Retro Santa Appetizer Plate 4A2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Retro Santa Mug, 4 Asst2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Retro Wreath Ornament2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Revolving Nativity Scene20022004The Holy Land Accessories3
Rhinestone Cowboy20192019Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure1
Rhode Island Ornament2013State of Mine0
Ribbed Icicle Ornament, 3a2014Frost0
Ribbed Shell Glass Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Ribbon Pins Set of 62016Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe0
Ribbon Streamers2001American Pride Collection0
Ribbon Winning Doghouse2020Peanuts Village7
Ribbon Wrapped Tree2015Welcome to Snowville0
Riding Horse Ornament2015Fisher Price0
Ring Around The Christmas Tree2000Silhouettes - Holiday0
Ringing In The Holidays2013Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories2
Ringing in the Season2016Celtic Holiday0
Ringing With Joy 2002 Dated Bell Ornament2001Silhouettes - Holiday0

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