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Department 56 Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Wacky Finial Ornament, 3 Asst.2012Wacky Wonky Christmas0
Waggin'20162017Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets1
Waiting For Santa20172017Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets2
Waiting To Play2007Hot Properties1
WALFFLE-Y CUTE2023Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit4
Walking In A Winter Wondland20142014Possible Dreams - Traditional2
Walking To Class Ornament2015Grinch Christmas0
Wall Hook 3 Asst2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth4
Wally The Wood Cutter20022002Simple Traditions - Pine Isles3
Wally's Wood Delivery2002Simple Traditions - Pine Isles4
WALNUT THE ARCHER2015Enchanted Guardians0
Walnut Trinket Box2016Crazy, Nuts & Cracker0
Wandering Oakens Trading Post20152015Disney's Frozen5
Wanna-Be Reindeer Ornament2016Snowpinions5
Wanna-Be Santa Ornament2016Snowpinions0
Want To Play Scarecrow?2004Hot Properties20
Warm And Fuzzy2015Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Warming Up2016Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Warmth Of The Holidays Pierced Votive With Family20012002Silhouettes - Holiday0
WARREN ON TOWER set of 22015Enchanted Guardians0
Wash Day20202021Possible Dreams - Cross Product3
Washington DC Ornament2013State of Mine0
Washington Ornament2013State of Mine2
Wassail20192019Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit1
Wastin' Away Again20172019Possible Dreams - Licensed2
Watch For Cars20102011A Christmas Story2
Watching For VampiresPeanuts1
Watching The Parade20082009A Christmas Story0
Water Hyacinth Birdhouse2014Forest Lane0
Water Lillies2001Serenity Spheres1
Water Tower20152015Holiday in the Woods4
Water Weight Ornament2016Snowpinions0
Waterfall In The Wilderness20012003The Holy Land Accessories6
Wax-filled Santa CandleCandle3
Wayne Manor2019Hot Properties Village12
We Are The Champions20112011Boscov's0
We Three Kings20182019Holy Land Little Town of Bethlehem4
We Three Kings Set Of 319952001Silhouettes - Inspirational42
We Three Kings With Verdi Accents Set Of 32001Silhouettes - Inspirational0
We Wish You A Merry Christmas20212021Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions8
We're All In Misery Sentiment2015National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation0
We're Looking Good2022Peanuts Village3
We're Not In Kansas Anymore2004Hot Properties4
We're Off To See The Wizard20052007Hot Properties2
Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes2019Harry Potter Village11
Wedding Cake Teapot2002Love Inc.0
Wedding Couple Ornament, Set of 22012Snowpinions0
Wedding Party Flute CharmTime To Celebrate0
Wednesday And The Boy Pugsley20182019The Addams Family Village4
Weekend Retreat Ice House2004Simple Traditions - Pine Isles5
Wegmans Delivery Wagon20012001Exclusive Designs0
Welcome Christmas20022002Hot Properties0
Welcome Hummingbird Plant Pick2014Garden Guardians1
Welcome Sign - Always Christmas20132013Welcome Sign0
Welcome Sign - Bronner's20132013Welcome Sign0
Welcome Sign - Christmas Place20132013Welcome Sign0
Welcome Sign - Christmas Tree Hill20132013Welcome Sign0
Welcome Sign - Fezziwig's20132013Welcome Sign0
Welcome Sign - Salem Creek20132013Welcome Sign0
Welcome Sign - Santa Claus, Ind.20132013Welcome Sign0
Welcome Sleigh2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth0
Welcome to Heartwood Creek Sign20112012Jim Shore Heartwood Creek4
Welcome To Paradise20062007Terry Redlin3
Welcome Typography Stake2014Garden Guardians0
Welcome Visitor20222022Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions12
Welcome Xmas, Xmas Day2008The Grinch Dr Seuss18
Well Care Visit20192019Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Well Deserved Break2015Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Wells Fargo Historic Office20022002Profile Series8
West Virginia Ornament2013State of Mine0
Western Overalls Ornament2017It's a Country Thing0
Western Shirt & Jeans Ornament2017It's a Country Thing0
Westie Glass2014Go Dog0
Westie Mug2014Go Dog0
Westie Ornament2014Go Dog1
Westie Snack Plate2014Go Dog0
What A Lifesaver Ornament2019Snowpinions1
What A Pair Ornament2018Snowpinions0
What Child Is This Translucent Lit Nativity Waterglobe/music Box20012002Silhouettes - Inspirational0
What's In The Box?20172018Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions1
What's In The Box? African American20172018Possible Dreams - Traditional0
What's New? Santa Set Of 219971999Silhouette Treasures0
Where Are My Glasses Ornament2017Snowpinions0
Where I Belong Tag2013Peanuts0
Where Is The Great Pumpkin?2013Peanuts0
Where's The Great Pumpkin2007Hot Properties8
Wherever You Go Tray2015Inspire Me0
Whispering Pines Chapel2002Simple Traditions - Pine Isles5
Whispering Pines Chapel20022003Simple Traditions - Pine Isles1
White Bee Table Wall Decor2014Let it Bee0
White Berry Tree2016Frost0
White Birdhouse Flower Stake2015Let it Bee0
White Cardinal Tree2016Frost0
White Chocolate Ornament2002Christmas Krinkles5
White Christmas Le20182018Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions33
White Chritsmas Barn2005Home Town Traditions: American Heartland0
White Feather in Ornament2016Xmas Basics0
White Feather Tree2016Xmas Basics1
White Glitter Frosty Pines19982014Gnome for the Holidays1
White Glove Treatment 20182018Possible Dreams - Traditional0
White Glove Treatment African American20182018Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions0
White Honeycomb Vase Large2014Let it Bee0
White Honeycomb Vase Small2014Let it Bee0
White Lab Ornament2014Go Dog0
White Rabbit1999Candle Crown Collections0
White Sand Dollar Ornament2017Gone to the Beach0
White Santa's Bag20162017Possible Dreams - Cross Product1
Whitewashed Animal Orn Asst/32015Gone to the Beach0
Whitewashed Glass Orn Asst/32016Gone to the Beach0
Whitewashed Shell Orn Asst/32015Gone to the Beach0
Who Is In The Wreath20132014The Grinch Dr Seuss0
Who La La Boutique2018Grinch Villages10
Who School20152017The Grinch Dr Seuss4
Who's Been A Good Who?20142015The Grinch Dr Seuss1
Who's Going To School20132016The Grinch Dr Seuss0
Who's with Sweets20122017The Grinch Dr Seuss2
Who's With Their Toys2011The Grinch Dr Seuss10
Who-U Sweater Ornament2015Grinch Christmas0
Who-Ville Bakery2011The Grinch Dr Seuss2
Who-Ville Band Shell2017Grinch Villages1
Who-Ville Banquet Hall20122014The Grinch Dr Seuss1
Who-ville Christmas Deliveries2023Grinch Villages0
Who-ville Christmas Tree2018Grinch Villages11
Who-ville City Hall20152016The Grinch Dr Seuss3
Who-ville Galooks Party Favors2020Grinch Villages9
Who-Ville Music Shop2011The Grinch Dr Seuss1
Who-ville Ornament Shop20182019Grinch Villages1
Who-ville Pancake House2020Grinch Villages4
Who-ville Pancakes To Go2020Grinch Villages11
Who-Ville Shoe Shop20112013The Grinch Dr Seuss15
Who-ville Stocking Store2021Grinch Villages10
Who-Ville Sweet Shop2016The Grinch Dr Seuss10
Who-Ville Toy Store20112017The Grinch Dr Seuss2
Who-ville Toy Store Gift Set2016The Grinch Dr Seuss0
Who-Ville Trees & Wreath20132015The Grinch Dr Seuss1
Who-ville Wacky Mailboxes2016The Grinch Dr Seuss8
Who-Ville's One Who Band20172017Grinch Villages0
Whomping Willow Tree20192020Harry Potter3
Wicked Witch2005Hot Properties1
Wicked Witch & Dorothy 60Mm Wg2013The Wizard of Oz0
Wicked Witch Of The West2000Candle Crown Collections0
Wicked Witch Of The West Castle2004Hot Properties4
Wild Animal Silhouettes, Set Of 22022Christmas Cross Product2
Wilderness Wise20192019Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
William Glen Delivery Truck19981998William Glen1
William Glen Grocery Delivery19991999William Glen0
William Glen Taxi20002000William Glen0
Willow Bamboo Tray2014Forest Lane0
Willowbrook Cottage2012Memory Lane0
Wind Chill Factor2014Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Windy Wonderland20142014Possible Dreams - By The Sea1
Wine Christmas20182018Possible Dreams - Ornaments16
Wine Cooler With Wine Frog, Set Of 21997Winter's Past0
Wine Glass Ornament2016Holiday Spirits0
Wine In The Tub Figure2014Snowpinions0
Wine Maker Ornament2017Snowpinions1
Wine Me Up2023Snowpinions1
Wine Pairing20142014Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit0
Wine Pairing2020Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit0
Wine Snob Figure2019Snowpinions1
Wine Snob Ornament2015Snowpinions0
Wine Tasting Figure2020Snowpinions2
Wine Tasting Gifts20212022Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit1
Wine Work Out Ornament2017Snowpinions0
Wingardium Leciosa!20182020Harry Potter1
Wings Canvas, 2a2014Christmas Angel0
Winston1994The Upstairs Downstairs Bears39
Winter 3-Wick Candle2013Home Fragrance0
Winter Camping2005Home Town Traditions: American Heartland0
Winter Cheeks20192020Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Winter Glass Candle2013Home Fragrance0
Winter Hat Ornament, 2 Asst2015Welcome to Snowville7
Winter NightsWinter Silhouette30
Winter Retreat Cabin20152015Holiday in the Woods0
Winter Scene Ornament201456 Christmas18
Winter Silhouette Church19921999Winter Silhouette4
Winter Smiles20202021Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions1
Winter Stream2001Serenity Spheres2
Winter Tweets20192019Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Winter Walleye20152015Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Winter White Wishes2015Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Winter Wonderland2013Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Winter Wonderland Music Box2001Toot & Puddle77
Winter Wonderland Pierced Votive2001Silhouettes - Holiday2
Winterfell Castle20212022Game of Thrones Village14
Winters Frost Santa Ornament2014Signature Collection0
Winters Light2010Winters Frost5
Wire Bird Ornament, 2a2014Christmas Angel0
Wire Flower Orn, 2A2014Peppermint Forest0
Wisconsin Ornament2013State of Mine0
Wise Men From The East19992005The Holy Land Accessories37
Wise Old Bird Ornament2017Snowpinions0
Wishes Come True Ornament2016Snowpinions0
Wishing You The Merriest20232023Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions2
Witch - Nightmare Before Xmas2023Nightmare Before Christmas Village3
Witch Cauldron Placecard Holder2000Halloween0
Witch Hat Ornament2014Haunted Attic1
Witch Tower2023Nightmare Before Christmas Village7
Witch's Cauldron2001Halloween13
Witch's Cauldron1999Halloween0
Witch's Crystal Ball20202021Jim Shore4
Witches Shoe Orn2014Haunted Attic2
Wizard Of Oz Tea Set2001Storybook Collection7
Wizarding Equipment2020Harry Potter Village6
Wonder Woman20202020Hot Properties Village31
Wonderful, Awful Idea!2023Possible Dreams - Licensed5
Wonderland Of Snow2015Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Wonky Flocked Finial Ornament, 3 Asst.2012Wacky Wonky Christmas0
Wonky Topiaries20142014The Grinch Dr Seuss0
Wonky Tree in Glass Ornament, 2 Asst.2012Wacky Wonky Christmas0
Wonky Trees, Set of 220132014The Grinch Dr Seuss5
Wood Cutout Snowflake Orn, 2a2014Winter's Lodge0
Wood Slice Ornament, 4 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays2
Woodcock Pocket Home Sweet Home2001Toot & Puddle0
Wooddale Church20082014Winters Frost6
Wooden Dowel Display2018Possible Dreams - Ornaments1
Wooden Toys20212021Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions4
Woodgrain Planter2014Forest Lane0
Woodland Birdhouse Ornament2016Christmas Tweets0
Woodland Cottage Ornament2016Frost0
Woodland Friends2003Simple Traditions - Pine Isles0
Woodland Grove School2004Simple Traditions - Pine Isles0
Woodland Nest2016Christmas Tweets0
Woodland Platter2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth1
Woodpecker Ornament2017Forest Favorites1
Woodsman's Gifts20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional4
Woodstock In A Pear Tree Fig2016Peanuts1
Woodstock's Warming House20142017Peanuts3
Woolen Acorn Ornament Small2014Winter's Lodge0
Wooly Animal Ornament, 2a2014Christmas Angel0
Word Cross Ornament, 3a2014Christmas Angel0
World Tour2022Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions9
World Trade Center Memorial20022002American Pride Collection2
World War 1 Flying Ace2021Peanuts Village5
Worlds Best Cup Of Coffee Shop2017Elf The Movie1
Woven Bucket Set Of 32001Halloween0
Wrapped and Ready20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional1
Wrapped Candy Ball Ornament2017Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe1
Wrapped In A Hug Rainbow Throw2020Snowpinions0
Wrapped In Love20232023Possible Dreams - Licensed3
Wrapped Up In Holiday Spirit2015Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets0
Wreath In Progress20232023Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure3
Wreath Ornament Small, 5a2014Velvet Reindeer0
Wreath Wrapper Canine Figure2016Peanuts0
Wrigley Field20052007Baseball Stadiums0
Wyoming Ornament2013State of Mine0

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