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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Lab Grinch Ornament2015Grinch0
Lab Results20132014Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets0
Labor Of Love20212021Possible Dreams - Licensed6
Labrador Retrieving GiftsChristmas Krinkles4
Lady Crawley and Gentleman Friend20152015Downton Abbey4
Lady Holly Berry Figure2012Enchanted Christmas1
Lady Liberty20022003American Pride Collection10
Lady Liberty2000Candle Crown Collections0
Lakeside Service2015Holiday in the Woods1
Lakeside Service Gift Set20162017Holiday in the Woods1
Lambsville School19961999Storybook Collection6
Lamp Lighter20172018Cross Products for PD6
Landscape2003Simple Traditions - Pine Isles2
Landshark Beergarita Ornament2017Margaritaville0
Lantern Ornament2016Forest Favorites1
Lard Lad Donuts20142014Simpsons Village0
Lareg Red Feather Tree2016Xmas Basics0
Large Bell Ornament2016Forest Favorites0
Large Birdhouse Figure2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth0
Large Caroling Dogs2014Claus for Celebration0
Large Cloche Base2014Garden Guardians0
Large Embossed Bee Pocket Planter2014Let it Bee0
Large Glass Terrarium Orn2014Garden Guardians0
Large Green Display Tree2015Xmas Basics0
Large Green Feather Tree2016Xmas Basics0
Large Heavy Glass Cloche2014Garden Guardians0
Large Kings Ornament2013Party Animalz Julien Chung Designs0
Large LIT Icicle Ornament2016Xmas Basics0
Large Lit Rooster, 2 Asst2012Chiklits0
Large LIT Star Tree2016Xmas Basics0
LARGE MOSS HOUSE2015Enchanted Guardians0
Large Red Display Tree2015Xmas Basics0
Large Santa Figure2016Frost0
Large Snowman Figure2011Enchanted Christmas0
Large Walnut Ornament2016Crazy, Nuts & Cracker0
Large White Display Tree2015Xmas Basics0
Large White Feather Tree2016Xmas Basics0
Laser Gun Ornament201456 Christmas0
Last Call Ornament2014Snowpinions0
Lattice And Lace Attendant Frame 4x620012002Silhouettes - Wedding0
Lattice And Lace Bud Vase20012002Silhouettes - Wedding0
Lattice And Lace Candle Holder20012002Silhouettes - Wedding0
Lattice And Lace Covered Box20012002Silhouettes - Wedding0
Lattice And Lace Elegant Cross20012002Silhouettes - Wedding0
Lattice And Lace Video Memory Box20012002Silhouettes - Wedding0
Laughing All The Way!20212021Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions1
Laughter Is Good Tag2013Peanuts0
Law Offices Inc.19992001Monopoly CityLights Collection15
Layered Silhouette Ornament 3A2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth0
Leaf With Acorns Ornament2016Frost0
Leaf With Pinecones Ornament2016Frost0
Learn Something New20172017Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure1
Leave You For Dead Sentiment2015National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation0
Leg Crate Isn't It Beautiful?2005A Christmas Story0
Leg Lamp Lit Figure2014A Christmas Story0
Legolas2001Lord of the Rings0
Lemonade Pitcher2015Let it Bee1
Leo The Lamp-a-lighter19941996Merry Makers7
Leon And Buddy20162017Elf The Movie Village1
Leopold The Lollipopman1996Merry Makers10
Leopold the Lollypopman Ornament1996Merry Makers0
Leprechaun Flip Top Box2003Everyday Heroes Collection3
Leprechaun Loot20172017Celtic Holiday1
Let It Bee Herb Pot, 3 Asst2014Let it Bee0
Let It Bee Porch Pillow2014Let it Bee0
Let It Bee Wall Plaque, 2 Asst2014Let it Bee0
Let It Snow20172018Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions0
Let It SnowWinter Silhouette47
Let It Snow Ornament2015Ornament Gallery0
Let It Snow Ornament (4 Assorted)2001Toot & Puddle7
Let It Snow!20212021Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure1
Let Me Call You Sweetheart20012002Silhouettes - Wedding0
Let Me Entertain You Ornament2013Snowpinions0
Let The Sparks Fly2007Hot Properties1
Let There Be Light AlligatorChristmas Krinkles2
Let's Be Jolly Figure2016Snowpinions1
Let's Be Jolly Ornament2015Snowpinions0
Let's Be Jolly Ornament2017Snowpinions0
Let's Be Jolly Plush Ornament2016Snowpinions Plush0
Let's Celebrate, Set Of 4 Candle Holders2001Toot & Puddle0
Let's Feast on Roast Beast20122014The Grinch Dr Seuss1
Let's Get Lit Ornament2018Snowpinions0
Let's Play Hockey20182018Possible Dreams - Licensed1
Let's Play Hockey!20042006Hot Properties11
Let's Sing"Here Comes Santa Claus"1997All through the House2
Let's Skate2004Simple Traditions - Pine Isles7
Letter Ornament2002Christmas Krinkles4
Letter To SantaWinter Silhouette6
Letters To Santa Ornament2015The Elf on the Shelf0
Lg Snowman Bird Figure2016Crazy, Nuts & Cracker0
Liberty Enlightening The World20022002American Pride Collection1
Liberty On Parade20042004Time To Celebrate - Merryville Series0
Life Car Game Piece Ornament2015Hasbro0
Life Game Board Ornament2015Hasbro0
Life In A Tangle Ornament2015Snowpinions0
Life Is Better In Flip Flops2017Gone to the Beach0
Life Is Grand Mug2016Snowpinions0
Life Is Grand Plush Ornament2015Snowpinions0
Life Is Grand Snowman Ornament2009Snowpinions0
Life Is Grand Tray2016Snowpinions0
Life Saver20212021Possible Dreams - By The Sea3
Life Saver Orn2016Gone to the Beach0
Light Bulb Ornament, 3a201456 Christmas0
Light String Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics0
Light Up The Night20172017Possible Dreams - Licensed0
Lighted Ghost With Pumpkin, Sm2001Halloween0
Lighted Jack-o'-lantern1999Halloween4
Lighted Lasso20192019Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure2
Lighted NativityWinter Silhouette29
Lighted Nativity Small Domed2001Silhouettes - Inspirational1
Lighted Tree Lot Accessory The Perfect Tree20052005A Christmas Story0
Lighting the Christmas Star2013Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer0
Lighting The Menorah19992001Silhouette Treasures0
Lighting The Tree20042004Hot Properties0
Lighting-up Your Holidays Night Light2001Toot & Puddle0
Like Fruitcake20192019Possible Dreams - Licensed0
Lil' Boy Blue Petting Farm19992001Storybook Collection12
Lilac Birdhouse Flower Stake2015Let it Bee0
Lilac City Water Tower19992000Lock, Stock & Barrel0
Lilac Mesh Flwr 24 Curve Stake2015Let it Bee0
Lilac Mesh Flwr 35 Curve Stake2015Let it Bee0
Lily Munster2019Hot Properties7
Limestone Outcropping20002003The Holy Land Accessories7
Limited Edition Santa20182018Possible Dreams - Licensed11
Lincoln Rectangle Plate, Large2013Plates of View0
Lincoln Rectangle Plate, Small2013Plates of View0
Lincoln Square Plate, Large2013Plates of View0
Lincoln Square Plate, Small2013Plates of View0
Lion Ornament2013Party Animalz Julien Chung Designs21
Lion Snowthrow2019Snowpinions4
Lionel Electric Trains Shop19981998Allied Model Trains2
Lisa's New Dress Ornament2013The Simpsons0
Lit Acrylic Figure, 3a2014Frost0
LIT Birch Silhouette Ornament2016Xmas Basics0
Lit Bird Figure, 3 Asst2012Chiklits0
Lit Candle Clip Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics0
Lit Fireplace2015Possible Dreams - Cross Product1
LIT Gingerbread Camper2016Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe0
LIT Gingerbread Sweet Shoppe2016Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe0
LIT Gold Bulb Ornament2016Xmas Basics0
Lit Griswold House Cookie Jar2014National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation1
Lit Haunted House2015Haunted Attic0
Lit Icon Figure, 3 Asst2015Haunted Attic0
Lit Leg Lamp20172019A Christmas Story Village3
Lit Lighthouse Asst/22016Gone to the Beach0
Lit Max Ornament2014The Grinch Dr Seuss0
Lit Pine Silhouette Ornament2016Frost0
LIT Red Green BIrdhouse2016Christmas Tweets0
LIT Red White Birdhouse2016Christmas Tweets0
Lit Rudolph Figure2016Rudolph0
Lit Rudolph Ornament2013Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer0
LIT Santa Ball Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics0
Lit Santa Figure201356 Christmas1
Lit Santa Head Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics0
Lit Santa Wall Decor2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Lit Set Of 2 Pine Berry Tree2017Xmas Basics0
LIT Silver Bulb Ornament2016Xmas Basics0
LIT Snowflake Ornament2016Xmas Basics0
Lit Snowman Figure201356 Christmas3
Lit Snowman w. Scarf Fig2016Snowpinions0
Lit Snowman w/ Earmuff Fig2016Snowpinions0
Lit Spooky Head, 2a2014Haunted Attic0
LIT Star Ornament2016Xmas Basics0
Lit Town Tree20082008Valerie Parr Hill for QVC0
LIT TREE DOOR/WINDOW BLUE2015Enchanted Guardians0
LIT TREE DOOR/WINDOW RED2015Enchanted Guardians0
LIT Tree Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics0
Lit Twin Towers Memorial20212021American Pride Collection0
LIT Woodland Birdhouse2016Christmas Tweets0
Little Bo PeepStorybook Collection12
Little Bo Peep Picture Frame20002001Storybook Collection0
Little Bo Peep Waterglobe/music Box20002001Storybook Collection0
Little Bo-Peep's Woolery20002002Storybook Collection6
Little Boy Blue Tea SetStorybook Collection0
Little Drummer Boy1998Winter Silhouette10
Little Drummers20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional2
Little Dutch Girl Ornament2015Dairy Queen0
Little Flue Who2019Grinch Villages9
Little Helper20202020Possible Dreams - Traditional4
Little Jack Horner Teapot2002Storybook Collection1
Little Lamb20192019Possible Dreams - Celtic2
Little Miss Muffet Tea SetStorybook Collection3
Little Music Makers1998Silhouette Treasures7
Little Old Driver20212021Possible Dreams - Licensed12
Little People Bus Ornament2015Fisher Price0
Little People Cake Topper Orn2016Fisher Price1
Little People Nativity Orn2014Fisher Price Toys0
Little People Ornament2016Fisher Price1
Little People Pageant, Set of 32014Fisher Price Toys7
Little People Santa's Sleigh2014Fisher Price Toys2
Little Plane Ornament2015Fisher Price0
Little Puppy Ride2015Holiday in the Woods0
Little Red Riding Hood Tea SetStorybook Collection20
Little Red Riding Hood Tea Set Set Of 520002002Storybook Collection0
Little Red Riding Hood's Grandma's House20022003Storybook Collection2
Little Town Of Bethlehem19871999The Holy Land99
Little Tweetheart2016Christmas Tweets0
Little Tweetheart Ornament2016Christmas Tweets1
Little Who Shoes20122013The Grinch Dr Seuss5
Little Women The March Residence19992000Literary Classics36
Livin In Paradise Figure2018Snowpinions0
Lizard2002Christmas Krinkles16
Loaded With Gifts20212021Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions4
Lobster Tales20182018Possible Dreams - By The Sea0
Lock, Shock & Barrel Treehouse20182019Nightmare Before Christmas Village1
Lock, Shock, and Barrel20182019Possible Dreams - Licensed2
Lodge Signage Ornament, 6a2014Winter's Lodge0
Lollipop Shop Entrance19941996Merry Makers7
Lollipop!20182018Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions6
Lollipop! African American20182019Possible Dreams - Traditional25
Long Winter's List20182018Possible Dreams - Traditional3
Look Out Below2003Simple Traditions - Pine Isles0
Lord & Taylor Delivery Wagon19981998Lord & Taylor0
Lord & Taylor Flower Cart19991999Lord & Taylor8
Lord & Taylor Hot Air Balloon 200020002000Lord & Taylor2
Lord Grantham's Limousine20152015Downton Abbey0
Lord Voldemort & Nagini2020Harry Potter Village15
Lost My Mind Ornament2016Ginger and Spice0
Lots Of Letters20172017Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions0
Louisiana Ornament2013State of Mine0
Love Birds20002002Silhouettes - Wedding23
Love Cookies Mug with recipe2016Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe0
Love Figure2010Whispers19
Love Grows2002In the Garden0
Love Illuminate Heart Ornament2015Inspire Me0
Love Is All Around20002001Silhouettes - Celebration3
Love Ornament2010Whispers91
Love Presents Tag2013Peanuts1
Love Respect Wall Plaque2014Let it Bee0
Love The Wine Ornament20202021Possible Dreams - Ornaments2
Love The Wine You're With Ornament2017Snowpinions0
Love You More Than Coffee Orn2016Snowpinions0
Love, Loyalty, Friendship20182018Possible Dreams - Celtic3
Lucifer Cat Figure2016Witch Hallow Halloween0
Lucius Malfoy2020Harry Potter Village11
Lucky Charms Leprechaun Ornament2017General Mills0
Lucky Couple2016Celtic Holiday0
Lucky Dog2014Snoopy by Design0
Lucky Dog Keychain2014Snoopy by Design0
Lucy Gets a Ride20102012Peanuts0
Lucy Is In2011Peanuts25
Lucy The Cat Witch2016Witch Hallow Halloween0
Luggage Ornament2017Gone to the Beach0
Luminary2014Garden Guardians5
Luminary Stake, 6 Assorted2000Halloween0
Lunch Box Tin2001Toot & Puddle2
Lurch, The Butler2019Hot Properties Village4
Lynchburg Hardware & General Store20162018Jack Daniels Village1

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