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Department 56 Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Galadriel, The Elven Queen Waterglobe2001Lord of the Rings1
Galook's Party Favors Giveaway2020Grinch Villages4
Games For Christmas Ornament2017Hasbro0
Gandalf, The Grey2001Lord of the Rings0
Gandalf, The Grey Secret Box2001Lord of the Rings4
Garden Bell Chime2013Daisy Fields0
GARDEN BIRDBATH AND WELL2015Enchanted Guardians0
Garden Boots20202020Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure4
Garden Bridge And Fishing PolesEnchanted Guardians0
Garden Gazebo2015Enchanted Guardians0
GARDEN GUARDIANS ONLY SIGN2015Enchanted Guardians0
GARDEN HAMMOCK2015Enchanted Guardians0
Garden Icon Ornament, 2 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays0
GARDEN LADDER2015Enchanted Guardians0
GARDEN LOOKOUT POST2015Enchanted Guardians0
GARDEN MULTI-CROSSING SIGN2015Enchanted Guardians0
GARDEN PLANTING SET2015Enchanted Guardians0
GARDEN PLAY SET2015Enchanted Guardians1
GARDEN POND2015Enchanted Guardians0
Garden Rabbit With Easter Tree And 12 Mini Ornaments2001Easter Home Decor0
Garden Retreat20202022Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure1
Garden Retreat African American20222022Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Garden Table And Chair SetEnchanted Guardians1
Garden Teacup Planter2013Daisy Fields0
Garden Tools Ornament, 2 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays4
Garden Transfusion2021Hot Properties Village8
GARDEN TRELLIS2015Enchanted Guardians0
GARDEN WHEELBARROW2015Enchanted Guardians0
GARDEN WISHES MAILBOX2015Enchanted Guardians0
Garland Of Greetings20132014Possible Dreams - Traditional1
Garrison the Guzzler19931996Merry Makers7
Gatekeeper's Dwelling19992001The Holy Land24
Gathering Eggs20122015Williamsburg7
Gathering Gnome Ornament2015Forest Favorites0
Gathering Wood2016Sports and Leisure0
General Store2015Holiday in the Woods1
General Store Gift Set2016Holiday in the Woods4
George Wythe House20122015Williamsburg2
Georgia Ornament2013State of Mine0
Georgina Goose Ornament2012Enchanted Christmas1
Get Jingly Figure, Medium2016Snowpinions Plush0
Get Jingly With Me Plush Orn2015Snowpinions0
Get Lit Ornament2015Snowpinions2
Get Lit Ornament2017Snowpinions0
Get Lit Plush Ornament2015Snowpinions0
Gettin Ready For Christmas Set2015Peanuts0
Gettin' Crafty Ornament2020Snowpinions0
Getting Max ReadyThe Grinch Dr Seuss0
Getting Ready for Christmas2010Peanuts25
Getting The Tree2015Holiday in the Woods0
Ghost Of Christmas Present2000Candle Crown Collections16
Ghost Of Jacob Marley2000Candle Crown Collections4
Ghost Snowthrow2020Snowpinions0
Ghostbusters Ecto-12021Hot Properties Village12
Ghostbusters Firehouse2021Hot Properties Village7
Ghostbusters Library2022Hot Properties5
Ghostbusters Mr. Stay Puft2022Hot Properties4
Ghostbusters Peter Venkman2021Hot Properties Village9
Ghostbusters Ray Stantz2022Hot Properties1
Ghostbusters Slimer2021Hot Properties Village14
Ghostbusters Winston Zeddemore2022Hot Properties2
Giddy Up20172018Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions3
Gift Bearing Tree2003Christmas Krinkles4
Gift Exchange20162016Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions4
Gift From Aunt Clara20172018Possible Dreams - Licensed0
Gift Giving2013Peanuts12
Gift Horse2023Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions5
Gift of Music20162016Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions0
Giftbag Ornament2016Holiday Spirits0
Gifted Puppy Figurine2015Peanuts0
Gigi Donut Fairy Ornament2016Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe0
Gilbert Hangs the Garland1997All through the House3
Gimbels Department Store20162017Elf The Movie Village3
Gimli2001Lord of the Rings0
Gimli And Legolas Secret Box2001Lord of the Rings2
Gin, Vodka, Whiskey Ornament20192019Possible Dreams - Ornaments0
Ginger Snap Figure2016Crazy, Nuts & Cracker0
Ginger Snap on Present Orn2016Crazy, Nuts & Cracker0
Ginger Snap With Bowl Figure2016Crazy, Nuts & Cracker0
Ginger Snap with Tree Figure2016Crazy, Nuts & Cracker0
Gingerbread Bowwow2016Peanuts0
Gingerbread Caboose20212021Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions0
Gingerbread Chair20222023Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions4
Gingerbread Chair African American20222022Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions4
Gingerbread Express2015Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Gingerbread House Kit20202021Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions0
Gingerbread Man Garland20162017Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit0
Gingerbread Mansion Set2016Peanuts0
Gingerbread Ornament20222022Possible Dreams - Ornaments46
Gingerbread Sleigh20212022Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions0
Gingerbread Train2016Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe0
Gingerbread Train20192021Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions1
Gingersnap Wreath Ornament2016Crazy, Nuts & Cracker0
Giraffe Bell Ornament2013Party Animalz Julien Chung Designs0
Girl Beagles Tag2013Peanuts0
Girl Elf Shopping Ornament2016The Elf on the Shelf0
Girl Elf Snowflake Ornament2015The Elf on the Shelf0
Girl Elf With Flake Ornament2015The Elf on the Shelf0
Girl Scount Daisy Cookie Time Ornament2017Girl Scouts0
Girl Scout Brownie Entrepreneur Ornament2016Girl Scout Collection0
Girl Scout Brownie Naturalist Ornament2016Girl Scout Collection0
Girl Scout Brownie Playing Softball2017Girl Scouts1
Girl Scout Campfire Friends2016Girl Scout Collection0
Girl Scout Caramel Coconut Cookie Ornament2016Girl Scout Collection0
Girl Scout Daisy Artist Ornament2016Girl Scout Collection0
Girl Scout Daisy Oath Ornament2016Girl Scout Collection0
Girl Scout Daisy Personalizable2017Girl Scouts0
Girl Scout Junior Musician2017Girl Scouts1
Girl Scout Junior Personalizable2017Girl Scouts1
Girl Scout Junior Scientist Ornament2016Girl Scout Collection0
Girl Scout Junior With Flag Ornament2016Girl Scout Collection0
Girl Scout Making New Girl Scout Friends2016Girl Scout Collection0
Girl Scout Peanut Butter Cookie Ornament2016Girl Scout Collection0
Girl Scout Profiles Promise2017Girl Scouts0
Girl Scout Snow Friend2016Girl Scout Collection0
Girl Scout Tag Along Cookie Ornament2016Girl Scout Collection0
Girl Scout Thin Mints Cookie Ornament2016Girl Scout Collection1
Girl Scout Trefoil Shortbread Cookie Ornament2016Girl Scout Collection0
Give Loudly2007Hot Properties5
Giving Tree20162016Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions1
Glad Tidings2014Possible Dreams - By The Sea1
Glass2015Let it Bee0
Glass Ball Ornament, Large, 3 Assorted Each2000All That Glitters4
Glass Bat Flicker Votive2000Halloween0
Glass Blue Reindeer Ornament201456 Christmas0
Glass Buffalo Ornament2017It's a Country Thing1
Glass Cactus Ornament2017It's a Country Thing0
Glass Cat Book Orn2014Dr. Seuss0
Glass Cowboy Boot Hat Orn2017It's a Country Thing0
Glass Cowboy Hat Orn2017It's a Country Thing2
Glass Cowhide Guitar Orn2017It's a Country Thing1
Glass Crab Asst/22016Gone to the Beach0
Glass Crab Orn Asst/22015Gone to the Beach0
Glass Crab Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Glass Dolphin Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Glass Feather Ornament2017It's a Country Thing7
Glass Fish Orn Asst/32015Gone to the Beach9
Glass Flamingo Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Glass Heron Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Glass Lobster Orn2015Gone to the Beach0
Glass Octopus Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Glass Palm Tree Orn2015Gone to the Beach0
Glass Pelican Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Glass Pumpkin Flicker Votive2000Halloween0
Glass Pumpkin Ornament Set Of 82001Halloween1
Glass Saddle Ornament2017It's a Country Thing0
Glass Sand Dollar Orn2015Gone to the Beach0
Glass Santa Figure2014Frost2
Glass Sea Horse Ornament2013Deck the Shores1
Glass Sea Turtle Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Glass Ship In Bottle Orn Asst/32015Gone to the Beach0
Glass Skull Plate2014Haunted Attic0
Glass Starfish Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Glass Steer Skull Ornament2017It's a Country Thing0
Glass Storybook Ornament, 3 Assorted20002001Storybook Ornaments0
Glass Storybook Ornament, 4 Assorted20002002Storybook Ornaments0
Glass Tabletop Terrarium2014Garden Guardians0
Glass Tree w/Jute2016Gone to the Beach0
Glass Tv Ornament201356 Christmas0
Glass Urchin Finial Orn Asst/32015Gone to the Beach0
Glass Vehicle Ornament2015Welcome to Snowville1
Glass Whale Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Glass Wire Bird, 2 Asst2012Chiklits0
Glass Wire Rooster, 2 Asst2012Chiklits0
Glazed Sea Life Orn Asst/122015Gone to the Beach0
Glazed Urchin Finial Orn Asst2015Gone to the Beach0
Glinda2007Hot Properties0
Glinda The Good Witch2000Candle Crown Collections2
Glitter Angel Fish Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Glitter Birds In Nest Ornament2011Enchanted Christmas0
Glitter Crusted Ornament, 3a2014Christmas Angel0
Glitter Fern Spray2014Christmas Basics0
Glitter Gem Snowflake Orn, 3A2014Christmas Basics0
Glitter Glass Ball Ornament, Small2000Winter's Past0
Glitter Glass Votives2001American Pride Collection0
Glitter Hat Snowman Orn, 3a2014Glitter Bits0
Glitter Pickup Truck Ornament2014Glitter Bits0
Glitter Pine Tree2016Forest Favorites2
Glitter Sand Dollar Orn Asst/32015Gone to the Beach0
Glitter Santa And Rudolph Ornament2013Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer0
Glitter Seahorse Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Glitter Shell Ornament, 3 Asst2013Deck the Shores0
Glitter Snowflake Ornament, 4a2014Frost0
Glitter Star Ornament, 2a2014Peppermint Forest3
Glitter Starfish Orn2014Minnowz0
Glitter Starfish Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Glitter Topped Shell Orn Asst/32015Gone to the Beach0
Glitter Trailer Ornament, 3a2014Glitter Bits0
Glitter Tree Ornament, 2a2014Peppermint Forest0
Glittered Turtle Orn2015Gone to the Beach0
Glittery Snake, Large, 4a2014Haunted Attic0
Glory To The Newborn King2000Silhouettes - Inspirational2
Gnome Bad Or Good Ornament20222022Possible Dreams - Ornaments2
Gnome Ball Ornament, 2 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays0
Gnome Cottage Figure, 2 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays0
Gnome Dangle Ornament, 3 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays1
Gnome Door Ornament, 2 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays0
Gnome Head Ornament, 2 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays0
Gnome Moose Hat Ornament20222022Possible Dreams - Ornaments3
Gnome Sweet Gnome Sign2015Gnome for the Holidays0
Gnome With Acorns Figure2015Forest Favorites0

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