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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Baby Arthur Bosworth1994The Upstairs Downstairs Bears210
Baby Blocks 2016 Ornament2016Fisher Price10
Baby Bunny2014Forest Lane80
Baby Fox2014Forest Lane00
Baby Hedgehog2014Forest Lane00
Baby Squirrel2014Forest Lane00
Baby's 1st Ornament2015Snowpinions10
Baby's 1st Snowpinions Orn2014Snowpinions00
Baby's First Tree20172017Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions21
Baby's First Tree AA20172017Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions00
Bachman's Flower Shop19971997Bachman's Hometown Series00
Bachman's For Sale Sign19891989Bachman's Hometown Series10
Bachman's Greenhouse19981998Bachman's Hometown Series00
Bachman's Original Homestead, 188519991999Bachman's Hometown Series00
Bachman's Squash Cart19951995Bachman's Hometown Series00
Bachman's Tending The Cold Frame19981998Bachman's Hometown Series00
Backcountry20132014Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure20
Backyard Monkey Bars20142015A Christmas Story21
Bag of Moss2014Garden Guardians00
Bagend2001Lord of the Rings00
Baking Gnome Ornament2015Forest Favorites00
Baking Santa Ornament2016Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe00
Baldric the Bellringer Riding Bell Ornament1996Merry Makers140
Ball With Drops Ornaments2014Peppermint Forest00
Balloon Seller19951996Disney Parks Village30
Balloons For Sale20022002Santabear village20
Balls In Tree Ornament, 4a2014Velvet Reindeer00
Banana Split Ornament2016Dairy Queen00
Banana Split Ornament2016Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe00
Band Grinch Ornament2015Grinch00
Band Max Ornament2015Grinch20
Band Of Elves Asst/32014Possible Dreams - Traditional00
Banner Christmas20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional30
Banner Year, 2017 Ornament2017Snowpinions10
Bar Mitzvah20002001Silhouettes - Inspirational20
Barbie Pet Salon And Boutique20032004Hot Properties51
Barker The Butler1994The Upstairs Downstairs Bears210
Barn Ornament2015Fisher Price00
Barnaby the Breadman19951996Merry Makers200
Barrel House No. 720162018Jack Daniels Village20
Barrel Tasting2019Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit10
Bart Elf Ornament2014The Simpsons00
Bart the Angel Ornament2013The Simpsons10
Bart's Gift Ornament2014The Simpsons10
Bartholomew the Baker19921996Merry Makers130
Base Camp20182018Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure40
Baseball Player Flip Top Box2003Everyday Heroes Collection10
Bat Mitzvah20002001Silhouettes - Inspirational00
Batman & Robin2019Hot Properties Village153
Batteries Included Ornament2015Ornament Gallery00
Batty Beagle2014Snoopy by Design00
Be Happy Ornament2017Snowpinions153
Be Merry20172017Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions121
Be Merry Spacer Bead2012Bead-It00
Beach Arrow Sign2017Gone to the Beach00
Beach Bag Ornament2017Gone to the Beach01
Beach Chair Ornament2017Gone to the Beach10
Beach Hair Dont Care Sign2017Gone to the Beach00
Beach Sign2017Gone to the Beach10
Beach Yoga20192019Possible Dreams - By The Sea00
Beaded Hurricane Candle Holder 2 Assorted2001Halloween00
Beaded Tassel Garland 2 Assorted1999Gold/Silver00
Beaded Wreath Ornament2014Frost00
Beagle Ornament2014Go Dog20
Bear Figure2017Forest Favorites120
Bear Ornament, 6A2013Knit Wits00
Bear Path General Store2002Simple Traditions - Pine Isles50
Bear Pattern Ball Ornament2015Ornament Gallery00
Bear-y Full Sleigh20172017Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions00
Bearing Gifts Ornament20192019Possible Dreams - Ornaments30
Bearly Christmas20142014Possible Dreams - Traditional20
Beautiful Creation20192019Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure10
Beauty & Beast Waterdazzler2017Disney00
Beauty & The Beast Holiday Gift Set20172017Disney Princess Village10
Beauty & The Beast Holidazzler2017Disney50
Bedtime Prayers1998Silhouette Treasures80
Bedtime Stories19911997Winter Silhouette81
Bedtime Stories Waterglobe Music Box19921995Silhouette Treasures10
Bee Amazing 4x6 Frame, 2 Asst2014Let it Bee00
Bee Chalkboard Stake, 2 Asst2014Let it Bee00
Bee Fearless 4x6 Frame, 2 Asst2014Let it Bee00
Bee Flower Salt & Pepper Set2015Let it Bee00
Bee Happy Mug, 4 Asst2014Let it Bee00
Bee Happy Porch Pillow2014Let it Bee00
Bee Happy Salt & Pepper2014Let it Bee00
Bee Happy Tea Tidy, 4 Asst2014Let it Bee00
Bee Spreaders, Set of 22014Let it Bee00
Beehive Windchime2015Let it Bee00
Believe20172018Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions00
Believe Bunny Ornament2011Enchanted Christmas00
Believe Figure, Small2016Snowpinions Plush00
Believe Ornament2017Snowpinions00
Believe Plush Ornament2015Snowpinions00
Believe Really Good Towel2013Snowpinions00
Believe Snowman Ornament2009Snowpinions00
Bell Gnome Ornament2016Forest Friends00
Bell Ringers2015Possible Dreams - Traditional71
Bell the Ballerina Ornament2016Merry Mice00
Bellatrix Lestrange2020Harry Potter Village100
Belle Holidazzler2016Disney21
Belle Snow Globe2016Disney Village10
Belle Tree Topper20192019Possible Dreams - Licensed20
Belle Trinket Box2013Disney20
Belmont & Co. SignNational Lampoon's Christmas Vacation00
Bendable Gnome Orn, 2 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays10
Bertram2014Garden Guardians20
Best Friend Forever Figure2017Snowpinions10
Best Friends Figure2010Whispers20
Best Friends Ornament2002Silhouettes - Inspirational00
Best Friends Ornament2001Toot & Puddle00
Best Friends Waterglobe2016Peanuts00
Best Pals20042007Hot Properties81
Best Time Of Year2013Peanuts51
Betsy Sweetcroft1994The Upstairs Downstairs Bears90
Better With Age Figure2017Snowpinions00
Better With Age Ornament2016Snowpinions00
Betty Crocker Cake Mix Orn2017General Mills00
Betty Crocker Cookbook Orn2017General Mills00
Betty Crocker With Book Orn2017General Mills10
Bewitched Beagle Figurine2015Peanuts00
Bibbity Bobbity Boo2007Hot Properties11
Bichon Figure, Large2015Fetch The Spirit00
Bichon Glass2014Go Dog00
Bichon Mug2015Go Dog00
Bichon Ornament2015Go Dog00
Bichon Snack Plate2014Go Dog00
Bicycle Built for Two20192019Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure20
Big Belly Laugh2013Snowpinions00
Big Hearted Grinch Ornament2013The Grinch Dr Seuss00
Big Smile Pillow2015Snowpinions00
Big Snoopy Santa2014Peanuts00
Biker Flip Top Box2003Everyday Heroes Collection20
Billy1997All through the House744
Binge Watching Ornament2017Snowpinions00
Birch Birdhouse Ornament2017Forest Favorites00
Birch Gnome Figure2016Forest Friends20
Birch Sleigh2016Forest Favorites00
Bird Appetizer Set Of 22015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth00
Bird Bell, 3 Asst2014Forest Lane00
Bird Brain Figure, Large2014Snowpinions01
Bird Candle Stick2013Daisy Fields00
Bird Cone Ornament 3 Asst2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth00
Bird Figure, 3 Asst2013Daisy Fields00
Bird Figure, 6A2013Knit Wits50
Bird Figure, Large, 2A2013Knit Wits00
Bird House Ornament, 2 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays120
Bird House Row20172018Cross Products for PD00
Bird on Tree Vase2014Forest Lane00
Bird Ornament2004Crystallines303
Bird Pillar Holder2014Forest Lane00
Bird Salt & Pepper Pair2014Forest Lane00
Bird Salt and Pepper Pair2013Daisy Fields00
Bird Taper Holder2014Forest Lane00
Bird With Hat Ornament, 3 Asst2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth21
Bird Wreath Ornament, 2 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays10
Birdhouse Flower Stake, 3 Asst2014Let it Bee00
Birdhouse Orn, 3 Asst2014Forest Lane00
Birdhouse Ornament2016Frost00
Birdhouse Ornament2016Forest Favorites00
Birdhouse, 2 Asst2014Garden Guardians20
Birthday Candle HolderTime To Celebrate20
Black Bear Ornament2017Forest Favorites80
Black Cat Cocktail Napkin, 20 Per Package2000Halloween00

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