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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
M E R R Y Stockings20182018Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions50
M&M'S Be Mine Valentine's House20042006Hot Properties30
M&M'S Birthday Party20052006Hot Properties00
M&M's Building A Snowman20052006M&M's Brand00
M&M'S Candy House20042006Hot Properties351
M&M'S Chocolate Candy Factory20042006Hot Properties00
M&M'S Christmas Bakery20042006Hot Properties71
M&M'S Christmas Candy Shoppe20042006Hot Properties10
M&M's Cookies For Sale20052006M&M's Brand00
M&M'S Easter House20042006Hot Properties61
M&M'S Harvest Barn20042006Hot Properties00
M&M'S Haunted House Tours20042006Hot Properties10
M&M'S Haunted Mine20042006Hot Properties11
M&M'S Holiday Toys20042006Hot Properties120
M&M'S Rock And Roll Party20052006Hot Properties00
M&M'S Santa House20042006Hot Properties20
M&M's Santa's Workshop20052006M&M's Brand10
M&M'S Snack Shack20052006Hot Properties10
M&M'S Spooky House20042006Hot Properties30
M&M's Village Candy Shoppe20052006M&M's Brand00
M&M'S Witch's Castle20042006Hot Properties10
Mad Hatter1999Candle Crown Collections31
Madame Lit Skull2016Skeleton Halloween20
Madame Skeleton Ornament, 2a2014Haunted Attic00
Madeline - Making Cookies1997All through the House270
Madonna Night Light20012002Silhouettes - Inspirational10
Madonna Night Light20012002Silhouettes - Inspirational10
Maggie's Candy Cane Ornament2013The Simpsons00
Magic's Where You Least Expect It2007Hot Properties00
Mail Carrier's Jacket OrnamentUniforms00
Mailbox Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics00
Mailbox Salt & Pepper Pair2014Snowpinions10
Maine Ornament2013State of Mine00
Make A Wish Music Box20002001Silhouettes - Celebration30
Make it Merry20162017Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure00
Make Someone Happy Waterglobe Music Box2001Toot & Puddle00
Making A Baby Ornament2015Snowpinions00
Making An Entrance2015Possible Dreams - Traditional00
Making Spirits Bright Wine Bag2017Snowpinions30
Making The Cut2013Possible Dreams - Traditional10
Mama Fox2014Forest Lane10
Mama Hedgehog2014Forest Lane10
Mama In Her Kerchief and Papa In His Cap1997All through the House290
Mama Rabbit2014Forest Lane20
Mama Squirrel2014Forest Lane00
Mansard House20052007Accents - Main Street30
Mantelpiece Santa19941997Winter Silhouette30
Mapping Out the Route20162017Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions10
March Angel Orn2012Whispers00
March Balloons Ornament2017Frank Lloyd Wright00
Marcie & Patty's Pets20112011Peanuts00
Marg Lost Shaker Of Salt Bar20172019Margaritaville Village20
Margarita Ornament2017Margaritaville104
Margaritaville Boat Ornament2017Margaritaville00
Margaritaville Diet Musical Ornament2017Margaritaville10
Margaritaville Guitar Ornament2017Margaritaville30
Margaritaville Lighthouse20192019Margaritaville Village51
Margaritaville Lounge20172019Margaritaville Village81
Margaritaville Paradise Grill20172019Margaritaville Village112
Margaritaville Pirate Treasure20192019Margaritaville Village113
Margaritaville Volcano Club20182019Margaritaville Village01
Marge Has A Gift Ornament2013The Simpsons10
MARIGOLD ON SWING2015Enchanted Guardians00
Marinara Christmas20172017Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit00
Martin The Mandolinist1991Merry Makers270
Martini Glass Ornament2016Holiday Spirits00
Mary Jo1997All through the House411
Mary Mary Picture Frame20002001Storybook Ornaments00
Mary Mary Quite Contrary Lamp20002001Storybook Ornaments00
Mary Mary Tea Set20002002Storybook Collection10
Mary Quite Contrary Flower Shop19972000Storybook Collection90
Mary Window Orn, 2asst2014Christmas Angel00
Maryland Ornament2013State of Mine00
Massachusetts Ornament2013State of Mine00
Max Argyle Sweater Ornament2014The Grinch Dr Seuss00
Max Face Sweater, 2A2014The Grinch Dr Seuss00
Max Holding Bone Ornament2015Grinch Christmas00
Max In Lights Ornament2015Grinch Christmas00
Max Lending A Helping Paw20172017Grinch Villages32
Max Penguin Sweater Ornament2014The Grinch Dr Seuss10
Max Sisal Wreath Ornament2013The Grinch Dr Seuss00
Max Snowman Sweater Ornament2014The Grinch Dr Seuss00
Max With Stocking Ornament2014The Grinch Dr Seuss10
Max Wrapped In Wreaths Orn2014The Grinch Dr Seuss00
Maxwell the Mixer at His Table1996Merry Makers151
May Angel Orn2012Whispers00
May The Road Rise Up To Meet You20182018Possible Dreams - Ornaments00
Maybe Christmas... Sentiment2015Grinch Christmas00
Mayor Of Who-Ville20152016The Grinch Dr Seuss00
McHattie's Tea House20062006Exclusive Designs00
Meal Time Fun Plate, Bowl And Mug Set2001Toot & Puddle00
Means A Little Bit More20172018Licensed00
Meant to Bee, 5x7 Frame2014Let it Bee00
Measuring The Holiday Spirit2014Possible Dreams - Traditional00
Mecury Glass Sailboat Orn2015Gone to the Beach00
Mediterranean Mortgage Co.19992001Monopoly CityLights Collection283
Medium Acrylic Star Tree2015Xmas Basics10
Medium Birdhouse Figure 2 Asst2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth00
Medium Lit Rooster, 2 Asst2012Chiklits00
Medium LIT Star Tree2016Xmas Basics00
MEDIUM LOG HOUSE W/SIGN2015Enchanted Guardians00
MEDIUM PINECONE HOUSE W/SIGN2015Enchanted Guardians00
Meet & Tweet Snowbird Ornament2016Snowpinions00
Meet Me Under Mistletoe Mug2016Snowpinions00
Meet Me Under Mistletoe Tray2016Snowpinions00
Meeting Santa, Set of 42014Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer01
Melancholy Tavern, Mini20112011A Christmas Carol00
Melody Ringing Bells1997All through the House30
Memorial Fountain - Christmas Place2016Christmas Place20
Meowy Christmas20182018Possible Dreams - Ornaments20
Mer-mazing OrnamentSnowpinions51
Merchant Cart20002003The Holy Land Accessories51
Mercury Glass Sandcastle Orn2015Gone to the Beach00
Mercury Glass Seahorse Asst/32015Gone to the Beach00
Mercury Gnome Ornament, 2 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays00
Mercury Mermaid Orn2015Gone to the Beach00
Mermaid Orn Asst/22016Gone to the Beach00
Mermaid Oyster Butterfly Bath2016Gone to the Beach00
Mermaids Welcome Sign2016Gone to the Beach00
Merriest Catch2014Possible Dreams - By The Sea20
Merrily We Roll Along Carolers & Gabriel the Goat19941996Merry Makers10
Merry & Bright Figure2017Snowpinions10
Merry And Brite2015Possible Dreams - Licensed00
Merry Chrismukkah20182018Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions80
Merry Christmas20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional586
Merry Christmas African American Ornament20192019Possible Dreams - Ornaments41
Merry Christmas Card/photo Holder2001Toot & Puddle00
Merry Christmas Charlie Brown2011Peanuts00
Merry Christmas From Mickey2007Hot Properties70
Merry Christmas LIT Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics00
Merry Christmas Minnie2007Hot Properties226
Merry Christmas Ornament20192019Possible Dreams - Ornaments10
Merry Christmas Pluto2007Hot Properties20
Merry Christmas Pooh2007Hot Properties00
Merry Christmas To You20072007Hot Properties00
Merry Clipping2016Sports and Leisure30
Merry Cruiser2014Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure20
Merry Eat Drink Plate2016Hasbro00
Merry Fishmas2013Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets10
Merry Grinchmas2019Possible Dreams - Licensed170
Merry Grinchmas Orn2016Grinch21
Merry Kiss-mas2016Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions40
Merry Kiss-mas AA2016Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions00
Merry Kissmas Ornament2014The Simpsons00
Merry Little Christmas2015Possible Dreams - Traditional40
Merry Mickey Gift Set2016Disney00
Merry Mountain Chapel19931996Merry Makers120
Merry Mountain Chapel Ornament1996Merry Makers20
Merry Mulligan20172017Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure00
Merry Mutt Figure, Small2015Fetch The Spirit00
Merry Mutt Flat Figure2015Fetch The Spirit00
Merry Mutt Mug2015Fetch The Spirit40
Merry Mutt Ornament2015Fetch The Spirit00
Merry Mutt Platter2015Fetch The Spirit00
Merry Mutt Treat Jar2015Fetch The Spirit00
Merry Xmas Adam Eve Ornament2015Ornament Gallery00
Merry-Onette2014Possible Dreams - Traditional00
Merrygrinchmas Holidazzler Ornament2017Grinch10
Merryville Chapel20022004Time To Celebrate - Merryville Series40
Mesa19992000Snowy Pine Hills00
Message in Bottle Orn2016Gone to the Beach10
METAL GARDEN FAIRY CROSSING2015Enchanted Guardians10
Metal Honeycomb Wall Shelf, Set of 22014Let it Bee00
Metal Poinsettia Clip Orn201456 Christmas130
Metal Shape Orn, 3A2014Frost00
Metal Standing Brown Deer Figure201356 Christmas00
Metallic Cross Ornament, 3a2014Christmas Angel00
Metallic Paper Grass2000Halloween00
Metallic Sea Turtle Ornament2013Deck the Shores00
Metallic Starfish Orn Asst/32015Gone to the Beach00
Micestro2013Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets20
Michael Makes a Snowman1997All through the House30
Michigan Ornament2013State of Mine00
Mickey & Minne Go Skating2010Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories20
Mickey & Minnie19941996Disney Parks Village587
Mickey & Minnie Card Exchange20172017Disney Village61
Mickey & Minnie Go Camping20152015Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories10
Mickey & Minnie Holidazzler2017Disney20
Mickey & Minnie Snow Globe2015Disney Village71
Mickey & Minnie Wrapping Gifts20092017Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories92
Mickey & Minnie's Date Night20152016Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories10
Mickey & Minnie's Holiday Drive20132019Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories60
Mickey & Pluto Loading Sleigh20092011Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories11
Mickey And Friends Sing Carols20092014Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories10
Mickey and Minnie Carolers2011Disney00
Mickey And Minnie Waterdazzler2017Disney21
Mickey And Minnie's Dance2019Disney Village70
Mickey Bench2013Disney10
Mickey Catching Some Air20112013Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories20
Mickey Countdown MagnetDisney00
Mickey Fence20122013Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories10
Mickey Lights Up Christmas2015Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories151
Mickey Minnie Holidazzler2016Disney11
Mickey Minnie's Perfect Wreath20192019Possible Dreams - Licensed00
Mickey On Sleigh Snow Globe2017Disney30
Mickey Santa2013Disney Parks Village41
Mickey Serving Ice Cream20112016Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories41
Mickey Street Lights2012Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories163
Mickey Topiary2012Mickey's Merry Christmas Village Accessories32
Mickey Tree Topper Holidazzler2017Disney00

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