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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
P. Peter's19982001Storybook Collection34
Paddle Captain20202020Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure5
Paddle With Fish Ornament2017Gone to the Beach0
Paella To Share20172017Possible Dreams - By the Sea0
Paint & Wine Ornament2017Snowpinions61
Painted Poinsettia Ornament2014Peppermint Forest0
Painted Reindeer Ornament201356 Christmas1
Painted Santa Ornament201356 Christmas18
Painted Snowman Ornament201356 Christmas8
Painter's Masterpiece20202020Possible Dreams - Traditional1
Palm Sunday20012004The Holy Land Accessories2
Pansy TeapotTime To Celebrate2
Papa Elf20162017Elf The Movie Village3
Paper Lantern, 2 Assorted2000Halloween7
Parachuting Deer Ornament2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Parachuting Santa Ornament2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Parrot Head King20172018Margaritaville Village4
Parrot In Paradise Ornament2017Margaritaville0
Party Animal2014Snoopy by Design4
Party Animal Keychain2014Snoopy by Design0
Party Animal Mug2014Snoopy by Design2
Passport Pooch2016Peanuts1
Patchwork Stocking2000Bob Timberlake Collection0
Patriotic Pup2013Snoopy by Design3
Patriotic Pup Keychain2014Snoopy by Design0
Patriotic Spiral Set Of 6Time To Celebrate0
Pattern Ball Ornament2015Ornament Gallery0
Pattern Dot Ball Ornament, 2 Asst.2012Wacky Wonky Christmas0
Pattern Mug, 2 Asst2013Daisy Fields1
Pattern Paper Ornament 4 Asst2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth0
Pawpet Show20172017Licensed0
Paws & Claus20212021Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets3
Paws & Claus20152016Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets6
Paws & Claus African American20212021Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets3
Peace And Good Will To All19991999Silhouette Treasures1
Peace Figure2010Whispers6
Peace Lit Sign2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth0
Peace Mushroom Plant Pick2014Garden Guardians1
Peace On Earth Block Set Of 32015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth0
Peace Ornament2015Whispers24
Peace Prayers Cross Ornament2015Inspire Me0
Peace Wreath20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional1
Peanut Buster Parfait Ornament2016Dairy Queen0
Peanuts Literary Ace Clothtique2012Peanuts0
Peanuts Animated Easter Beagle Hunt20052007Hot Properties3
Peanuts Choral Duet2013Peanuts3
Peanuts Christmas Magnet Set2015Peanuts0
Peanuts Christmas Mugs, 2A2013Peanuts0
Peanuts Cupcake Water Globe2017Peanuts0
Peanuts Dog House Figurine2017Peanuts1
Peanuts Easter Tree20062007Hot Properties1
Peanuts Egg Hunt, Set of 62014Peanuts1
Peanuts Gang2014Peanuts12
Peanuts Gang Holidazzler2016Peanuts3
Peanuts Halloween Party20042006Hot Properties3
Peanuts Halloween Party, Set/42014Peanuts0
Peanuts Happiness Snow Globe2017Peanuts0
Peanuts Happy Birthday Planter2015Peanuts2
Peanuts Haunted House2020Peanuts Village4
Peanuts Haunted House, Set/62014Peanuts0
Peanuts Holiday Gift Set20152016Peanuts1
Peanuts Nativity Set2015Peanuts0
Peanuts Nutcracker Set2016Peanuts1
Peanuts On Ice20032007Hot Properties7
Peanuts Pageant2010Peanuts17
Peanuts Pageant, Set of 82011Peanuts19
Peanuts School Pageant Holiday Gift Set20172017Peanuts1
Peanuts Sledding Hill20052007Hot Properties4
Peanuts Snoopy Waterdazzler2017Peanuts2
Peanuts Snowday Snowman St/32017Peanuts0
Peanuts Treat Jar2016Peanuts0
Peanuts Tree Lot20042007Hot Properties4
Peanuts Tree Topper Figurine2017Peanuts1
Peanuts Trick Or Treat20072007Hot Properties8
Peanuts Trick Or Treats20042007Hot Properties0
Peanuts Village Box Set20162016Peanuts0
Peanuts Village Gift Set20162016Peanuts0
Pearl And Ocean Blue Orn Asst/22015Gone to the Beach0
Pearl And Wire Orn Asst/42015Gone to the Beach0
Pearl Net Balls Asst/32016Gone to the Beach0
Pearl Wire Orn, Small, 3a2014Frost0
Pearl Wire Ornament, Large, 2a2014Frost0
Pearly Whites20152015Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Pedal Pusher20132014Possible Dreams - By The Sea0
Peek A Boo20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional3
Peek A Boo African American20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Peek-A-Boo Ornament, 4a2014Haunted Attic0
Peep Show Ornament2017Snowpinions1
Pen Pal20142014Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure3
Pencil2001Toot & Puddle47
Penguin Bell Ornament2013Party Animalz Julien Chung Designs0
Penguin Dangler2017Snowpinions3
Penguin Glass & Resin Dangle2013Party Animalz Julien Chung Designs0
Penguin Ornament2013Party Animalz Julien Chung Designs33
Penguin Snowthrow2017Snowpinions0
Pennsylvania Ornament2013State of Mine0
Peppermint Bark2014Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets1
Peppermint Patty's Pet Palace20112012Peanuts0
Peppermint Santa20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional1
Peppermint Snowman20172018Village Accessories1
Peppermint Strip Ball Orn2014Peppermint Forest0
Peppermint Tree1996Merry Makers3
Percival The Puddingman19921996Merry Makers49
Percival the Puddingman Ornament1996Merry Makers0
Percy the Pudding-A-Bringer19941996Merry Makers10
Perfectly Wonky Gardener20142015The Grinch Dr Seuss1
Perfume Bottle Ornament2015Ornament Gallery35
Personalized School Bus20032006Original Snow Village - Classic Cars3
Pet Vet20172017Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets1
Petals & Stems Flower Shoppe2004Time To Celebrate - Merryville Series2
Pete The Cat With Parents Ornament2017Pete the Cat0
Peter Peter Cookie Jar2002Storybook Collection0
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Tea SetStorybook Collection3
Peter Peter Teapot2002Storybook Collection3
Peter Piper Pickle And Peppers19961998Storybook Collection6
Peter the Peppermint Maker1996Merry Makers9
Peter's Pillow Fight1997All through the House0
Petethe Cat With Guitar Ornament2017Pete the Cat0
Petethecat And His Buttons Ornament2017Pete the Cat0
Petethecat Christmas Ornament2017Pete the Cat0
Petethecat Dressto Impress Ornament2017Pete the Cat0
Petethecat White Shoes Ornament2017Pete the Cat0
Phoebe Peppermint Martini Orn2016Holiday Spirits0
Phone Booth Santa Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics0
Photo Stocking HolderTime To Celebrate0
Piano Man2013Peanuts1
Piano Man20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Pick Me Off My Feet Hug Orname2019Snowpinions0
Picket Gate And Fence20112012Jim Shore Heartwood Creek1
Picture Perfect20132014Possible Dreams - Traditional5
Pierced Lighted Ornaments 3 Assorted20012001Silhouette Treasures1
Pig In A Blanket20192020Possible Dreams - Santa and His Pets0
Pigpen Singing Carols20122012Peanuts0
Pigpen's House20122012Peanuts0
Pile Of Peguins20172017Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions0
Pillsbury Doughboy Ornament2017General Mills7
Pina Colada Glass Ornament2017Gone to the Beach0
Pine Berry Sprig2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth0
Pine Isles Farmyard Friends2004Simple Traditions - Pine Isles3
Pine Isles Fire Hall2004Simple Traditions - Pine Isles4
Pine Isles Lodge2002Simple Traditions - Pine Isles7
Pine Isles Lodge20022003Simple Traditions - Pine Isles2
Pine Ridge Cabin2022Hot Properties Village4
Pine Tree General Store2005Home Town Traditions: American Heartland3
Pine Tree Woodland Animals2005Home Town Traditions: American Heartland1
Pineapple Orn2016Gone to the Beach1
Pinecone Animal Orn, 3a2014Winter's Lodge0
Pinecone Bird Ornament, 2a2014Winter's Lodge0
Pinecone Fairy Ornament2016Forest Friends0
Pinecone Gnome Orn, 2 Asst2015Gnome for the Holidays0
Pinecone House Ornament, 2a2014Winter's Lodge0
Pinecone Ornament box set of 32016Forest Favorites0
Pinecone Ornament set of 32016Xmas Basics0
Pinecone Owl Ornament, 2a2014Winter's Lodge0
Pinecone Swag2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth0

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