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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
S'mores For Me20212021Possible Dreams - Licensed3
S'No Angel Ornament2014Snowpinions0
S'No Angel Plush Ornament2016Snowpinions Plush0
S'no Happy Figure2020Snowpinions2
S'no Much Fun Figure2020Snowpinions0
Sacrifice For Style Tag2013Peanuts1
Saddle Up, Let's Ride!2004Simple Traditions - Pine Isles2
Saguaro Forms Ornament2017Frank Lloyd Wright0
Sail On Santa2015Possible Dreams - By The Sea0
Sailboat Centerpiece2015Gone to the Beach1
Sailboat Orn Asst/32015Gone to the Beach24
Sally's Date Night2019Nightmare Before Christmas Village7
Salsa Serving SetTime To Celebrate0
Salt & Pepper Pair2013Snowpinions3
Salt Shaker Ornament, 2a2014Winter's Lodge0
Salty Santa Claus20172017Possible Dreams - By the Sea0
Sam With Tree Ornament2014Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer0
Sam's Christmas Shop20132014Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer0
Sammy the Squeaker Ornament2016Merry Mice0
Samuel the Sampler & Cider Barrel19931996Merry Makers12
San Francisco Bait & Tackle20052005Department 56 Flagship Store2
San Francisco Cable Car20052005Department 56 Flagship Store2
San Francisco Giants Flip Top2003Everyday Heroes Collection0
Sand Dollar Wall Planter2016Gone to the Beach0
Sand Road20022005The Holy Land Accessories0
Sandcastle2016Gone to the Beach1
Sandcastle Trinket Box2016Gone to the Beach0
Sandy Claus2016By the Sea0
Sandy Clauses20202020Possible Dreams - By The Sea0
Sandy Claws20182018Possible Dreams - Licensed4
Sandy Claws2022Nightmare Before Christmas Village3
Sandy Toes20192019Possible Dreams - By The Sea6
Santa & Mrs Salt & Pepper Pair2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Santa & Mrs. Cookie Claus2002Simple Traditions - Sweet Treats Express6
Santa & The Misfit Toys20182018Possible Dreams - Licensed1
Santa And Child2006A Christmas Story47
Santa And His Helpers20202021Possible Dreams - Licensed1
Santa and Just Ducky Ornament2014Signature Collection0
Santa and Mother Goose Ornament2014Signature Collection0
Santa and Rudy TV Ornament2014Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer0
Santa Around the World20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional5
Santa Asleep in Boat Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Santa at Wheel Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Santa Bear Ornament2011Enchanted Christmas16
Santa Bird Bell2013Party Animalz Julien Chung Designs0
Santa Bird Ornament2013Party Animalz Julien Chung Designs3
Santa Body Bead2012Bead-It0
Santa Candle SetTime To Celebrate9
Santa Candy Cart Ornament2016Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe0
Santa Care20202021Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure10
Santa Claus Castle20052005Hot Properties3
Santa Claus Figure2016Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe29
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town20032003Hot Properties6
Santa Clothes Hanger Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics0
Santa Coat Glass Ornament2012Wacky Wonky Christmas0
Santa Cookie Ornament2016Mrs Claus Sweet Shoppe1
Santa Dangler2017Snowpinions2
Santa Elf2001Christmas Krinkles102
Santa Filling The Stockings19951999Winter Silhouette14
Santa Flip Top Box2003Everyday Heroes Collection0
Santa Forklift Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics0
Santa Hat Bead2012Bead-It0
Santa Hat Ornament2015Here Comes Santa Claus55
Santa Head Bead2012Bead-It0
Santa Homer Ornament2013The Simpsons2
Santa Icon Ball Ornament2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Santa In Balloon Ornament2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Santa in Car Ornament201456 Christmas27
Santa In Flying Saucer Ornament201356 Christmas0
Santa In Helicopter Ornament201356 Christmas0
Santa in Plane Ornament201456 Christmas1
Santa in Rocket Ornament201456 Christmas0
Santa In Sea Shell Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Santa in Seahorse Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Santa In Submarine Ornament201356 Christmas0
Santa In Train Ornament2015Here Comes Santa Claus3
Santa In Trolley Ornament2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Santa In Tug Ornament2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Santa Jumbo Ball Ornament2014Frost0
Santa Loves Sweets2005Home Town Traditions: Sweet Streets3
Santa Lucia19931997Winter Silhouette1
Santa Mickey2007Hot Properties22
Santa Mrs Claus Salt & Pepper201456 Christmas0
Santa on Star Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics0
SANTA ON TV2016Cross Products for PD0
Santa on Wave Ornament2013Deck the Shores1
Santa Or Deer Head Ornament2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Santa Or Deer Tree Ornament2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Santa Or Reindeer Disc Orn2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Santa Ornament201556 Christmas165
Santa Parade Float w/Tractor Higbee's Santa20062006A Christmas Story1
Santa Ringing Bell20012002Silhouettes - Holiday14
Santa Snacks20192019Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit0
Santa Snoopy Figurine2015Peanuts6
Santa Snowman Ornament, 2a201456 Christmas0
Santa Snowmobile Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics0
Santa Space Rocket Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics0
Santa Space Suit Ornament2016Kitschy Klassics0
Santa Sparkle Orn, 2 Asst2015Here Comes Santa Claus0
Santa to the Moon20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Santa To The Rescue20182018Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure1
Santa To The Rescue African American20182018Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Santa Tree Topper, 3 Assorted Each2000Bob Timberlake Collection10
Santa With Basket Ornament, 2a2014Frost0
Santa with Flamingo Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Santa With Hat Ornament, 3a2014Glitter Bits0
Santa with Salmon Ornament2013Deck the Shores0
Santa With Tree Ornament, 2a2014Frost0
Santa Wreath Ornament2017Rudolph72
Santa's 8 Tiny Reindeer Cookie20192019Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit1
Santa's Antique Horse20142014Possible Dreams - Traditional2
Santa's Backdrop2016Cross Products for PD0
Santa's Bag2015Possible Dreams - Cross Product238
Santa's Birdie20182019Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Santa's Book20202020Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Santa's Boot Ornament2015Here Comes Santa Claus48
Santa's Castle, Set of 42013Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer6
Santa's Clothes Line20162017Cross Products for PD0
Santa's Clothes Orn, 2 Asst2015Here Comes Santa Claus4
Santa's Clothes Ornament2014Signature Collection0
Santa's Dog In Training20202020Possible Dreams - Licensed0
Santa's Favorite Mickey2016Disney0
Santa's Gifts Santa Figure With Silver Accents2001Silhouettes - Holiday0
Santa's Helper Mickey2016Disney0
Santa's Helpers2014Peanuts7
Santa's Helpers20202020Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Santa's Helpers St/42017Peanuts0
Santa's Ice Cream2021Possible Dreams - By The Sea5
Santa's Lamp Post2015Possible Dreams - Cross Product3
Santa's Little Helper20182018Possible Dreams - Ornaments0
Santa's Little Helper Rudolph20212021Possible Dreams - Licensed1
Santa's Magnificent Friend20212021Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions1
Santa's Mailbox2016Cross Products for PD0
Santa's Midnight Visit20032003'Twas The Night Before Christmas Accessories0
Santa's Moose Mug20202021Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions0
Santa's Nest Stop20162017Possible Dreams - Christmas Traditions0
Santa's North Pole Sign2015Possible Dreams - Cross Product1
Santa's Pen Ornament2015The Elf on the Shelf29
Santa's Reindeer2015Possible Dreams - Cross Product0
Santa's Reindeer19911997Winter Silhouette37
Santa's Sand Village20182019Possible Dreams - By The Sea0
Santa's Sleigh2015Possible Dreams - Cross Product98
Santa's Sleigh And 4 Reindeer19911998Winter Silhouette14
Santa's Special Reserve20182018Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit0
Santa's Sweet Retreat2005Home Town Traditions: Sweet Streets2
Santa's Sweet Shop20172017Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit2
Santa's Toy Shop20132014Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer0
Santa's Toy Shop20162017Elf The Movie Village14
Santa's Toy Shop Lighted Scene2002Silhouettes - Holiday5
Santa's White Reindeer20162017Cross Products for PD0
Santa's White Sleigh20162017Cross Products for PD1
Santa's Wine Cellar20162017Possible Dreams - Bon Appetit0
Santa's Workshop2022Nightmare Before Christmas Village4
Santabear's Toy Shop20042004Santabear village9
Santy2021Possible Dreams - Licensed5
Sarah, Kate & Andy1997All through the House39
Saruman2001Lord of the Rings8
Saruman Secret Box2001Lord of the Rings0
Saruman's Chamber Waterglobe2001Lord of the Rings2
Satin Glass Easter Egg Ornament2001Easter Home Decor0
Saturday Special2005Home Town Traditions: American Heartland5
Savannah20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional2
Savannah African American20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional0
Save A Penny Bank2015Snowpinions1
Save the Date20192019Possible Dreams - Traditional1
Saxophone Ornament2015Ornament Gallery0
Say Cheese!20192019Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Say It With Flowers19981998Bachman's Hometown Series3
Say It With Flowers Ornament2018Snowpinions1
Scallop Pattern Ball Ornament2015Ornament Gallery0
Scalloped Pedestal2003Time To Celebrate3
Scare A SnoopyPeanuts0
Scarecrow2007Hot Properties17
Scarecrow1999Candle Crown Collections3
Scary Screamer 6 Assorted2001Halloween4
Scene Banner Ornament 3 Asst2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth0
Scene Box Ornament 3 Asst2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth0
Scene Pillow Ornament 3 Asst2015Jennifer Parker Peace On Earth0
School Days Music Box2001Toot & Puddle0
School House Ornament2015Fisher Price0
Schroeder and Snoopy's Christmas Jam20122015Peanuts2
Schroeder's Piano Playhouse20122014Peanuts3
Schultz Optometry20062011A Christmas Story2
Schwartz's House2022A Christmas Story Village1
Scorcerer's Apprentice #2Peanuts0
Scottish At Heart20202021Possible Dreams - Sports & Leisure0
Scout Assignment Ornament2017The Elf on the Shelf0
Scouting For Deer2002Simple Traditions - Pine Isles3
Scrabble Feliz Navidad Orn2016Hasbro1
Scrabble Ornament2016Hasbro0
Scrolly Body Bead2012Bead-It0
Scrooge & Marley Counting House, Mini20112011A Christmas Carol0
Scrooge's Boyhood Home20202021A Christmas Carol1
Scrooge's House20052007Classic Christmas Carol3

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