Department 56 - Halloween Listed By Name

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The Halloween series was introduced to the Department 56 family in 1998. These lighted Halloween houses make for a wonderful spooky display!

Below is the list of items showing how many have sold on eBay in the last 90 days
and how many current auctions are underway. You can then click on an item to see more detail.
The detail will show the price the item was ultimately sold for, or the current bid.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
Campbell's Trick-Or-Treat2002200356.5519862
Campfire Scary Stories2006200856.5324060
Can't Wait For Halloween!2004200656.5527271
Candy Corn Lawn Lights2007200980002420
Candy Corn String Of 20 Lights2001200356.5301381
Candy Corn Trees2004200656.5320570
Candy Kids2006200856.5471310
Canine Trick-Or-Treaters2003200556.55241111
Captain Black Bart's Ghost2001200256.55149193
Caramel Apple Stand2004200756.5527521
Castle Blackstone2003200556.55346172
Cats & Bats Shooting Gallery20142015403658900
Celebrating Lady Of Guadalupe2020600548870
Celia's Cellar2020600547761
Chilled To The Bone2009201280938021
Colorful Lit Skulls2020600556520
Come In If You Dare20072010799979100
Copper Glitter Bare Branch Tree2010201180945720
Corn Stalk Lanterns200780002584
Costume Parade2002200356.55201110
Costumes For Sale1998200256.54973272
Count Dogula20112011402023930
Creative Carvings2003200556.55246100
Creatures Of The Night2008201081063800
Creepy Carnie201420154038894133
Creepy Clown Car20152016404921892
Creepy Craggy Tree20172018405763330
Creepy Creature Scary Squirrel20172017405762141
Creepy Creatures Bats20142015403889380
Creepy Creatures Cats20142017403889252
Creepy Creatures Croak20152016404760341
Creepy Creatures Dog House20162017405425720
Creepy Creatures Flutter201520164047601141
Creepy Creatures Jacks20142016403888872
Creepy Creatures Rabid Rabbit20172017405762220
Creepy Creatures Rats201420154038896184
Creepy Creatures Slither20152016404760071
Creepy Creatures Spiders201420154038891132
Creepy Creatures Venus Fly Trap20162017405425911
Creepy Creatures Wither20152016404760210
Creepy Creek Bridge2002200656.5307160
Creepy Creek Carriage House2000200356.55055314
Creepy Graveyard Black Cat Bench20162019405425426
Creepy Lighted Front Yard2006200856.5324260
Creepy Mailboxes201820186001739132
Creepy Pumpkin Street Lights, Set of 220122013402540540
Creepy Street Signs20182019600174192
Creepy Town Lit Billboard20142016403890800
Creepy Village Sign2004200656.5317023
Critter's Pets & Pelts2010201180898691
Croak-N-Haggard Mortuary2008200980567300
Crow Creek Covered Bridge2013403078422
Cursed Fountain20112014402027100
Cursed Mummy201520164047545181
Curved Train Track201310

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