Department 56 - Halloween Listed By Name

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The Halloween series was introduced to the Department 56 family in 1998. These lighted Halloween houses make for a wonderful spooky display!

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
Sacia's Book Emporium2019201960031580
Scarecrow & His Feathered Friends2005200756.532128
Scarecrow Fun!2015201640448902
Scarecrow Jack2001200156.550600
Scaredy Bat2003200556.5313213
Scaredy Cat Ferris Wheel2005200956.532081
Scary Ghost Catcher2016201840549838
Scary Ghost Hauler2016201940549822
Scary Gravedigger2017201840567080
Scary Jack-O'-Lantern Street Lamps2016201740542651
Scary Pumpkins Lit Tree2014201740389130
Scary Skeleton Stories201740567107
Scary Street Lights200720098000320
Scary Stumps2011201340240430
Scary Topiary2014201440389180
Scary Treats For A Sweet202060054868
Scary Twisted Trees2003200556.5313113
Scary Walk200720118000338
Scary Warning Signs201020118093861
Scream Ice Cream Truck2019600482012
Screech Owl Farm200820108044430
Screech Owl Farmhouse201020108089882
Sell Your Soul, Hearse2012201440254036
Service With A Smile201020118090031
Shaking Graveyard2004200656.5316215
Sherlock Bones20182019600173817
Ship Of Sea Phantoms2006200856.5322710
Shipwreck Lighthouse2001200356.5508822
Shipwreck Lighthouse Waterglobe2001200256.530168
Sideshow Superstars2012201240253463
Skeleton Crew2006200956.532434
Skeleton Fence2002200556.530590
Skull Lawn Lights2005200856.5321812
Skull Spider2017201740576200
Skull Street Lamps2002200756.5307932
Skull Tree2016201740542700
Sleepless Walking2012201340287127
Snoopy's Treat, No Tricks202160076477
Spellbound By Hypno Girl20132014403076517
Spells & Potions Kiosk201740576172
Spider Phobia2020600556110
Spinning Pumpkins2004200956.531734
Spooky Black Bare Branch Trees2001200256.529646
Spooky Black Glitter Tree2002200556.530671
Spooky Farmhouse2002200456.553158
Spooky Graveyard Vigil2017201940576273
Spooky Lemonade Stand2005200856.532172
Spooky Mailboxes201020128093871
Spooky Shadows Oak Tree200820108108061
Spooky Sidewalk Luminaries200820118107971
Spooky Spider Trees200720138000342
Spooky Totem2002200356.5306311
Spooky Trash Cans2011201240240368
Spooky Village Sign2003200456.531448
Spooky Willows2002200456.5308715
Spooky Wrought Iron Fence200156.5298212
Spooky Wrought Iron Gate201540475991
Spooky Yard Scene2004200756.531771
Steady, Killer, Steady2012201340253451
Stormy Night Tree201240254116
Straight Train Track20130
Strangers Beware2002200656.5519220
String Of 12 Black Cat Lights2005200656.532092
String of 12 Bloody Lights2012201240254043
String of 12 Jack-O-Lantern Lights200820158108001
String of 12 Purple Lights200820108108010
String Of 12 Skull Lights2013201540338480
String of Bat Lights2014201640389076
String Of Green Lights2015201740476160
String Of Lit Autumn Leaves202160077121
String Of Lit Pumpkins202060055665
String Orange & Purple Lights2005201856.532250
String Slime Lights200820108107990
String Spooky Eyeball Lights200720098000354
Swampy Boat Ride200820108106321
Sweet Trappings Cottage2016201740510121
Swinging Ghoulies200356.5313314

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