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Department 56 - Halloween Listed By Name

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The Halloween series was introduced to the Department 56 family in 1998. These lighted Halloween houses make for a wonderful spooky display!

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
H-D Ghost Riders' Club2015201640448781
Hackmann's Blacksmith Shop2014201440365937
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow2005200756.546039
Halloween 10th Anniversary Sign2008200880502611
Halloween Accessory Set2006200856.5324619
Halloween Backdrop, Set of 22012201340254139
Halloween Candy Corn Trees2015201640476255
Halloween Clock Tower2011201140202331
Halloween Creepy Street2005200956.5322415
Halloween Dance2002200456.5518926
Halloween Decorating Set2007200880002612
Halloween Festival2006200856.532298
Halloween Festival Billboard2006200856.532417
Halloween Festival St Lamps2014201540389051
Halloween Festive Signs202160077214
Halloween Full Moon2001200356.5296013
Halloween Gate2021600770710
Halloween Ghost Street Lamps2014201540389065
Halloween Glitter Fence202060055563
Halloween Glittered Shrubs202060055744
Halloween Hayride2001200656.5514832
Halloween Hot Rod2004200956.5527720
Halloween Kids2002200456.5518610
Halloween Kittens201020118090045
Halloween Led Luminaries1998200256.5273843
Halloween Lit House Scene56.343751
Halloween Lit Sisals2014201540389171
Halloween Lit Yard Decor, Set of 320122013402540610
Halloween Monsters Rock Band2006200856.532459
Halloween Multi-Color Tree201740576327
Halloween Oak Tree200720098000286
Halloween Orange Twinkle Bright Tree200656.5327310
Halloween Parade2004200656.5315713
Halloween Park Bench200820148106418
Halloween Party House20162022405100811
Halloween Pumpkin Stand2001200456.5295616
Halloween Purple Twinkle Bright Tree200656.5327219
Halloween Rat Race2006200856.532265
Halloween Ravens2013403078617
Halloween Scenery2004200956.5316513
Halloween Silhouette201960033001
Halloween Sisals, Set 22013201440338527
Halloween Sounds Scene2005200856.532158
Halloween Sparkle Shrubs201960043380
Halloween Spider House2020202060054812
Halloween Spooky Tree1998200256.5277024
Halloween Steet Lamps200820128107955
Halloween Street Lamps201960033013
Halloween Topiaries2002200356.5306229
Halloween Town Tree2015201640448937
Halloween Twinkle Brite Hedge2006201056.532715
Halloween Twinkle Brite Tree2004200856.5316831
Halloween Victorian House2005200756.546013
Halloween Village Gate2018201960006656
Halloween Village Set of 242001200356.529578
Halloween Village Sign2002200356.5304450
Halloween Water Tower200556.5322320
Halloween Yard Decorations2003201956.531300
Hand Delivered Mail202160077105
Hanging Around2005200856.5321414
Hanging Ghosts200820118106431
Hangmen Skeletons2017201840576190
Happy Halloween House2019201960048220
Happy Halloween Lit Sign2012201340254073
Happy Haunting2004200656.5527319
Harley Crow Bar2015201640493222
Harley-Davidson's Last Chance Garage2016201640510114
Harvest Gazebo Gift Set2018201860006640
Harvest Gourds2003200556.531452
Harvest Mailbox2004200856.531698
Hattie's Hat Shop2017202040567001
Hattie's Hats Custom Fitted2017202040567060
Haunted Barn2001200156.550609
Haunted Branches, Purple, 11 inches2013201440338544
Haunted Coal Car2000200956.5315616
Haunted Crypt2015201540493201
Haunted Delivery20122013402539914
Haunted Fiber Optic Backdrop2002200456.530759
Haunted Front Yard2001200656.5292429
Haunted Fun House2001200256.550940
Haunted Fun House Gift Set2002200256.550940
Haunted Graveyard2001200456.5251344
Haunted Harvest2003200556.5524527
Haunted Hearse2014201740366034
Haunted Hearse2002200656.5305730
Haunted Huntsman House2020202060054804
Haunted Mansion1998200056.5493541
Haunted Mansion1998199956.340500
Haunted Outhouse2002200756.5306812
Haunted Pets At Play201860017486
Haunted Pines202060055723
Haunted Porch Rocker2018201960017424
Haunted Pumpkin Bench201960032261
Haunted Rails Caboose2011201840209571
Haunted Rails Crossing Sign200820098106408
Haunted Rails Curved Track2013201740307895
Haunted Rails Dining Car200820118056775
Haunted Rails Engine & Coal Car2007201980000113
Haunted Rails Grain Elevator2013201440307621
Haunted Rails Outpost2015201640499140
Haunted Rails Passenger Car201020118089926
Haunted Rails Sleeper Car2012201440287114
Haunted Rails Straight Track2013201740307881
Haunted Rails Water Tower200820128106398
Haunted Rails, Jack & His Lanterns2013201540355891
Haunted Ship Waterglobe2001200256.5301412
Haunted Signs, Set of 32012201340254002
Haunted Slime Tree202160077162
Haunted Sounds Lit Trees, Set of 32012201340254106
Haunted Spider Tree2017201740576342
Haunted Street Lights2019202060033022
Haunted Swamp Shanty2021202260076437
Haunted Taxi2005200856.5321321
Haunted Totem Pole2015201840475971
Haunted Tower Tours2004200656.5525716
Haunted Tree200256.3502016
Haunted Tree202060055687
Haunted Tree House2001200656.5515023
Haunted Watchman2020202160054831
Haunted Water Tower2014201640388893
Haunted Well2013403078717
Haunted Windmill2003200656.5534511
Hauntsburg House2000200256.5505833
Hazardous & Wasted2015201640475960
Hazel's Haunted House2019201960048212
Headless Harley Rider2015201640448870
Helga's Fortunes Waterglobe2002200356.530780
Helga's House Of Fortunes2002200456.553169
Hemogoblin Blood Bank2013201440307602
Here Kitty, Kitty2012201540254088
Hilda's Witch Haunt2012201440253417
Hocus Pocus Witch2001200756.5251626
Hold Still ...2012201440253508
Honest, This Tree Came Out Of Nowhere!2004200756.531586
How About Our Lay-Away Plan?2006200856.5471146
HOWL Radio2007200756.546105
Hurry The Movie's About To Start!2004200556.553740

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