Department 56 - Halloween Listed By Name

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The Halloween series was introduced to the Department 56 family in 1998. These lighted Halloween houses make for a wonderful spooky display!

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part Number Right Now on eBay
Gargoyle Lamp Posts2011201340240386
Gathering Pumpkins2002200456.552007
Getting Candy For Halloween2006200856.547167
Ghastly Coffins201960032275
Ghastly Organ Grinder2005200856.5322218
Ghastly's Haunted Villa2016201740510072
Ghastly's Night Out2016201740510135
Ghost In The Graveyard2011201240202605
Ghost Rider On The Road2015201640448865
Ghostly Carousel2002200556.553177
Ghostly Glow Street Lights2006200856.532607
Ghostly Landscape Set2003200556.5314316
Ghostly Landscape Set2003200356.047711
Ghoul School200720097999345
Ghoulish Purple Glitter Fence202160077046
Git Offa My Train20112014402023810
Glares And Stares House2014201540365900
Glowing String Of Scary Lights2002200456.530804
Go Team! Trick-Or-Treaters200820098073082
Gothic Gate200720178000276
Gothic Gate Fence Sections200820128106424
Gothic Street Lamp2001200456.5296172
Grave Escape2012201840253977
Gravely Estate200820118056744
Gravely Haunting - 2005200420059
Gravely Landscape Set2002200656.5306012
Graveyard Ghost Dance2018201960017373
Graveyard Shift200820108106376
Green Bare Branch Trees2014201540389151
Green With Envy2018202160006676
Grimsly Manor1999200956.5500421
Grimsly Manor Waterglobe200156.529321
Grimsly's Family Crypt200820108073022
Grimsly's Garage2005201156.5470613
Grimsly's House of Oddities200720097999355
Grimsly's Retirement Home2011201140202295
Grimsly's Tool Shed2006200956.5471711
Gross... Pumpkin Guts2011201340202362

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