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Department 56 - The Original Snow Village Listed By Name

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The Original Snow Village was the first collection in Department 56 released in 1976. Originally 6 delightful lighted buildings made up the collection. The collection continues to grow each year. This collection is designed to reflect shops and neighborhoods found in small towns across America.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Cackling Crow Caravan20222023Snow Village Halloween14
Calling All Cars19891991The Original Snow Village Accessories14
Calming The Bees20222022Snow Village Halloween7
Campbell's Soup Counter20022004The Original Snow Village16
Can I Open One Now?20042006The Original Snow Village Accessories14
Canada Strong Flag2019The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Candle Greetings St/22022Village Accessories4
Candlerock Lighthouse Restaurant20002001The Original Snow Village25
Candles By The Doorstep19911994General Village Accessories27
Candlestick Street Lights2020Village Accessories8
Candy Base Trees St/52022Village Accessories1
Candy Cane Fence Set Of 22022Original Snow Village4
Candy Cane Gnomes Set of 22022Original Snow Village4
Candy Cane Hitching Post20122013Village Accessories3
Candy Cane Kitten Surprise2021The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Candy Cane Snowmobile2022Original Snow Village5
Candy Canes From The Mayor20062010The Original Snow Village Accessories10
Candy Corner Bench20182018Village Accessories6
Candy Corner Bridge20172017Village Accessories0
Candy Corner Curbs20182018Village Accessories7
Candy Corner Fence20172018Village Accessories1
Candy Corner Table & Chairs20172018Village Accessories0
Candy Corner Topiaries20182018Village Accessories7
Candy Corner Trees20172018Village Accessories1
Cannon And Flag20012003The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Cape Cod19781980The Original Snow Village8
Car Hop20012003The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Car Wash Fundraiser20022004The Original Snow Village Accessories61
Cardinal Christmas Bench2021The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Cardinal Christmas Bird Feeder2022Village Accessories3
Cardinal Christmas Cardinals2021The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Cardinal Christmas Deer2022Village Accessories1
Cardinal Christmas Fence2021The Original Snow Village Accessories4
Cardinal Christmas Gate2021The Original Snow Village Accessories5
Cardinal Christmas Mailbox2021The Original Snow Village Accessories5
Cardinal Christmas Pony2021The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Cardinal Christmas Sign2022Village Accessories1
Cardinal Christmas Snowman2022Village Accessories0
Cardinal Christmas Wagon Wheel2022Village Accessories1
Cardinal Pine2021The Original Snow Village Accessories10
Carmel Cottage19941997The Original Snow Village59
Carnival20042007General Village Accessories2
Carnival Carousel19982001The Original Snow Village71
Carnival Carousel LED Light Set19982001General Village Accessories7
Carnival Tickets & Cotton Candy19982000The Original Snow Village Accessories37
Carolers19791986The Original Snow Village Accessories10
Caroling At The Farm19942000The Original Snow Village Accessories42
Caroling Family19871990The Original Snow Village Accessories50
Caroling Through The Snow19961999The Original Snow Village Accessories47
Carpenter Gothic Bed & Breakfast20002003The Original Snow Village14
Carriage House19821984The Original Snow Village22
Carriage House19861988The Original Snow Village0
Carry Out Boy20022003The Original Snow Village Accessories12
Cascades Marina20042006The Original Snow Village6
Casting For The Opener20172017The Original Snow Village3
Castle Calavaria20222023Snow Village Halloween6
Catch Of The Day20182019The Original Snow Village2
Catching The Christmas Spirit20212021The Original Snow Village Accessories8
Cathedral Church19871990The Original Snow Village20
Cathedral Church19801981The Original Snow Village0
Cedar Point Cabin19992002The Original Snow Village27
Cedar Ridge School20012004The Original Snow Village4
Celebration Tree20002001General Village Accessories23
Centennial House19821984The Original Snow Village4
Center For The Arts19982000The Original Snow Village16
Ceramic Car19801986The Original Snow Village Accessories103
Ceramic Sleigh19811986The Original Snow Village Accessories20
Champsfield Stadium19992001The Original Snow Village11
Chapel of Love20042006The Original Snow Village - Love12
Chateau19831984The Original Snow Village4
Chateau Valley Winery20072009The Original Snow Village0
Check It Out Bookmobile19931995The Original Snow Village Accessories47
Checking The Weather20132015The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Chick-fil-A20112012The Original Snow Village3
Chick-Fil-A Billboard20112012The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Children In Band19871989The Original Snow Village Accessories74
Children's Nativity20062009The Original Snow Village Accessories7
Chocolate Bunny Factory20042006The Original Snow Village - Easter6
Choir Kids19891992The Original Snow Village Accessories89
Choosing The Perfect Tree20192020The Original Snow Village0
Chopping Firewood19952002The Original Snow Village Accessories73
Christmas At Grandma's2010The Original Snow Village14
Christmas At Grandma's Gift Set20162016The Original Snow Village0
Christmas At The Farm19931996The Original Snow Village Accessories67
Christmas Band20052007Heritage Village Accessories32
Christmas Bethesda Fountain2019Village Accessories0
Christmas Bikes20182020Village Accessories12
Christmas Cadillac19911994The Original Snow Village Accessories56
Christmas Carol's Cookies20112011The Original Snow Village5
Christmas Carolers20002008Heritage Village Accessories68
Christmas Children19871990The Original Snow Village Accessories82
Christmas Cove Lighthouse19952001The Original Snow Village14
Christmas Crafts Cottage20062009The Original Snow Village11
Christmas Eve Caution Signs20082009General Village Accessories2
Christmas Eve Delivery20022002The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Christmas Eve Preparations20222023Original Snow Village9
Christmas Festival Billboard20182019Village Accessories2
Christmas Front Yard20062008General Village Accessories1
Christmas In A Wagon2019Village Accessories8
Christmas In The Forest20042006General Village Accessories16
Christmas In The Mansion20202021The Original Snow Village2
Christmas Is Coming20032006The Original Snow Village Accessories18
Christmas Kids19971999The Original Snow Village Accessories92
Christmas Lake Chalet20012001The Original Snow Village34
Christmas Lake High School19961999The Original Snow Village9
Christmas Landscape Kit 201620162016General Village Accessories3
Christmas Landscape Set20152015General Village Accessories5
Christmas Lane Greetings20122013The Original Snow Village Accessories7
Christmas Lane Lit Gate20072012The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Christmas Lights Luminaries20142015General Village Accessories2
Christmas Lights Sisals20142015General Village Accessories2
Christmas Lights Tour20042017The Original Snow Village Accessories6
Christmas Luminaries19982002General Village Accessories39
Christmas Morning Express2022The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Christmas Packages2019Village Accessories9
Christmas Poinsettia Cart2020Village Accessories1
Christmas Puppies19921996The Original Snow Village Accessories54
Christmas Reindeer2021The Original Snow Village Accessories182
Christmas Rocking Horse2021The Original Snow Village Accessories47
Christmas Sidewalk Concert2020Village Accessories2
Christmas Silhouette2019Village Accessories22
Christmas Sled2020Village Accessories69
Christmas Spruces St/22022Village Accessories4
Christmas Star Street Lights20042006General Village Accessories3
Christmas Street2022Village Accessories34
Christmas Street Lanterns2019Village Accessories3
Christmas Time Post Office20042006The Original Snow Village6
Christmas Trash Cans19901998The Original Snow Village Accessories121
Christmas Vacation Bingo2014The Original Snow Village Accessories23
Christmas Visit To The Florist19982001The Original Snow Village Accessories16
Christmas Welcome St/22022Village Accessories3
Christmas Wreath Street Lights2018Village Accessories4
Christmas Wreaths19881991General Village Accessories135
Christmastime Trimming20002008The Original Snow Village Accessories17
Church Of The Open Door19851988The Original Snow Village37
Cinema 5619992001The Original Snow Village14
City Fence2010Village Accessories6
City Gate2011Village Accessories1
City Holiday Boughs, St/820122018Village Accessories0
City Landscape Set20012004General Village Accessories16
City Lights Christmas Trimmings20042005The Original Snow Village15
City Lit Bare Branch Tree20012006General Village Accessories0
City Park Bench20082011General Village Accessories6
City Signs20102012General Village Accessories0
City Trolley20022004General Village Accessories1
City Wrought Iron Park Bench2012Village Accessories14
Clark & Rusty Continue Tradion2017The Original Snow Village7
Clark Trims The Tree2016The Original Snow Village Accessories20
Clark's End Run2021The Original Snow Village Accessories11
Clark, Gone...2022Original Snow Village11
Classic Cars19931998The Original Snow Village Accessories180
Classic Christmas Bench20182019Village Accessories0
Classic Christmas Bridge20182019Village Accessories0
Classic Christmas Cocoa Cart2019Village Accessories1
Classic Christmas Fountain20182018Village Accessories9
Classic Christmas Holiday Tree20182019Village Accessories2
Classic Christmas Kiosk20182019Village Accessories6
Classic Christmas Shrubbery2019Village Accessories1
Classic Christmas Sign2020Village Accessories0
Classic Christmas Sleigh2020Village Accessories3
Classic Christmas Stairs20182018Village Accessories0
Classic Christmas Statue20182018Village Accessories9
Classic Christmas Topiary20182019Village Accessories3
Classic Christmas Walls20182018Village Accessories9
Classic Luminaries20082019General Village Accessories0
Classic Street Lights20052007General Village Accessories1
Classic Tinsel Trees - Bright Green20072009General Village Accessories2
Classic Tinsel Trees - Red, Green, Silver20042007North Pole General Village Accessories 24
Classic Tinsel Trees - White20042006General Village Accessories5
Classic Tinsel Trim - Bright Green20072009General Village Accessories0
Classic Village Square20052008General Village Accessories12
Clear Ice19982001General Village Accessories24
Clearing The Driveway Again!20042007General Village Accessories8
Clothes Line In The Yard20062008General Village Accessories3
Cobblestone Antique Shop19881992The Original Snow Village82
Cobblestone Street2010General Village Accessories22
Cobblestone Town Square20182019Village Accessories0
Coca-Cola Brand Billboard19941997The Original Snow Village Accessories81
Coca-Cola Brand Bottling Plant19941997The Original Snow Village59
Coca-Cola Brand Corner Drugstore19951998The Original Snow Village23
Coca-Cola Brand Delivery Men19941998The Original Snow Village Accessories56
Coca-Cola Brand Delivery Truck19941998The Original Snow Village Accessories15
Coca-Cola Corner Fountain20142015The Original Snow Village5
Coca-Cola Delivery Truck20132015The Original Snow Village Accessories42
Coca-Cola Neon Sign19941998General Village Accessories39
Coca-Cola Service Truck20152015The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Coffee Station20172018The Original Snow Village1
Coffee Station Catch Up20172018The Original Snow Village1
Coke Adds Life20152015The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Coke Break20142015The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Coke Is It!20132015The Original Snow Village Accessories21
Cold Weather Sports19911994The Original Snow Village Accessories39
College Kids At Krispy Kreme20012004The Original Snow Village Accessories14
Colonial Church19891992The Original Snow Village64
Colonial Farm House19801982The Original Snow Village36
Colonial Revival20082009The Original Snow Village0
Come Join The Parade19911992The Original Snow Village Accessories85
Congratulations ... Recruit!20012002The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Congregational Church19841985The Original Snow Village3
Cookies From Carol's20112012The Original Snow Village Accessories7
Cool Treats To Eat20152017The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Corner Cafe19881991The Original Snow Village62
Corner Store19811983The Original Snow Village12
Corral Fence19982001General Village Accessories8
Couldn't Wait Until Christmas19982000The Original Snow Village Accessories30
Country Church19761979The Original Snow Village20
Country Harvest19911993The Original Snow Village Accessories104
Country Quilts And Pies20012004The Original Snow Village3
Countryside Church19791980The Original Snow Village Meadowland14
Countryside Church19791984The Original Snow Village3
Courthouse19891993The Original Snow Village20
Courtyard Fence With Steps19921998General Village Accessories7
Cousin Eddie In The Morning2013The Original Snow Village Accessories30
Cousin Eddie's RV2013The Original Snow Village39
Crabapple Tree With Ribbon2021The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Crack The Whip19891996The Original Snow Village Accessories63
Cracker Box Snack Shack20212021The Original Snow Village Accessories13
Craftsman Cottage19921995The Original Snow Village25
Craggy Oak Tree19982001General Village Accessories29
Crayola Crayon Store20222023Original Snow Village6
Crayola Holiday Coloring Party20222023Original Snow Village8
Create A Scene Village Platform20032004General Village Accessories4
Crosby House20002002The Original Snow Village11
Crow Hag20212023Snow Village Halloween12
Crows Accessory2021Snow Village Halloween Accessories3
Cumberland House19871995The Original Snow Village131
Cupid's Card Shop20052006The Original Snow Village - Love2
Cypress Trees20102011General Village Accessories3

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