Department 56 - The Original Snow Village Listed By Name

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The Original Snow Village was the first collection in Department 56 released in 1976. Originally 6 delightful lighted buildings made up the collection. The collection continues to grow each year. This collection is designed to reflect shops and neighborhoods found in small towns across America.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Fabric Cobblestone Road20002007General Village Accessories1
Fall Oaks20022006General Village Accessories0
Fall Platform20032005General Village Accessories6
Family Canoe Trip20002002The Original Snow Village Accessories11
Family Day At The Carnival20042006Carnival1
Family Mom and Kids, Goose and Girl19851988The Original Snow Village Accessories19
Family Sedan20182018The Original Snow Village5
Family Wagon20182020The Original Snow Village11
Family Winter Outing19992001General Village Accessories2
Farm Accessory Set19972002The Original Snow Village Accessories4
Farm House19871992The Original Snow Village41
Farm House19972000The Original Snow Village7
Farmer's Flatbed19982000The Original Snow Village Accessories11
Farming Chores2020Village Accessories4
Feathered Friends Tree20152017General Village Accessories5
Federal House19941997The Original Snow Village15
Feeding The Birds19941997The Original Snow Village22
Feeding The Ducks20012003The Original Snow Village Accessories17
Feelin' Groovy2020The Original Snow Village6
Festive Front Yard20002006General Village Accessories20
Festive Mountain Pines2019Village Accessories4
Fiber Optic Woods - Green Trees20012004General Village Accessories3
Fiber Optic Woods - Green Trees/Multi Lights20012003General Village Accessories1
Fiber Optic Woods - White Trees20012003General Village Accessories1
Fido's Christmas Getaway2021The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Fieldstone Curved Wall/Bench20012006General Village Accessories6
Fieldstone Entry Gate19982001General Village Accessories49
Fieldstone Fireplace20012003General Village Accessories4
Fieldstone Footbridge19992006General Village Accessories7
Fieldstone Stairway19992001General Village Accessories20
Fieldstone Wall19982007General Village Accessories7
Fieldstone Wall With Apple Tree19982001General Village Accessories3
Fiesta Al Fresco20142016The Original Snow Village0
Fifty-Six Street Lights2007General Village Accessories4
Figure Skater On Ice20042009General Village Accessories4
Finding The Bird's Song19992001The Original Snow Village Accessories29
Finial Tree20072009General Village Accessories5
Finklea's Finery Costume Shop19911993The Original Snow Village43
Fire House No. 420052006The Original Snow Village2
Fire Hydrant & Mailbox19881998The Original Snow Village Accessories56
Fire Hydrant, Paper Box2009General Village Accessories10
Fire It Up Dad!2013The Original Snow Village Accessories20
Fire Station19831984The Original Snow Village18
Fire Station #319982003The Original Snow Village10
Fire Station No. 219871989The Original Snow Village7
Firehouse No. 520112013The Original Snow Village2
Fireman To The Rescue19982001The Original Snow Village Accessories24
Firewood Delivery Truck19951999The Original Snow Village Accessories33
Fireworks19982004General Village Accessories5
Fireworks Replacement Light Bulbs19992004General Village Accessories4
First Class Job20142014The Original Snow Village Accessories10
First Deposit19992001The Original Snow Village Accessories54
First Frost Trees2007General Village Accessories14
Fisherman's Nook Cabins19941999The Original Snow Village30
Fisherman's Nook Resort19941999The Original Snow Village20
Fishing At Trout Lake20032005General Village Accessories12
Flag Pole19891999The Original Snow Village Accessories80
Flash Photo Hut20052008The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Flattop Barbershop20182018The Original Snow Village11
Flattops Barbershop Quartet20182018The Original Snow Village5
Flickering BulbNAVillage Accessories0
Flocked Pine Trees19982000General Village Accessories3
Flower Shop19821983The Original Snow Village6
Flying High Space Planes20052006Carnival1
For Sale Sign19891998The Original Snow Village Accessories10
Formal Fountain20062008General Village Accessories2
Four Calling Birds Tree2021The Original Snow Village Accessories4
Four Cups Of 'Joe' To Go20102011The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Foxes In The Forest19982000General Village Accessories4
Franky's Hot Dogs20062009The Original Snow Village4
Freezing Our Baguettes Off2018The Original Snow Village9
Fresh Dairy Delivery20022004The Original Snow Village Accessories4
Fresh Fallen Snow1995General Village Accessories31
Fresh Fallen Snow, 2 Lb Box19952000General Village Accessories0
Fresh Flower Cart20032005General Village Accessories0
Fresh Frozen Fish19901993The Original Snow Village47
Friendly Neighbors2011General Village Accessories4
Friendly Used Car Sales20032005The Original Snow Village13
Frost And Sons 5 & Dime20002002The Original Snow Village14
Frost University20072008The Original Snow Village6
Frosted Bare Branch Tree, Large19951996General Village Accessories2
Frosted Bare Branch Tree, Small19951996General Village Accessories5
Frosted Cone Tree With Wooden Base, Large19881989General Village Accessories2
Frosted Evergreen, Papier-mache, Set Of 319901996General Village Accessories3
Frosted Norway Pines19891998General Village Accessories9
Frosted Pine Grove, Set of 62016General Village Accessories7
Frosted Sisal Tree, Tall20072009General Village Accessories7
Frosted Sisal Trees, Large20072011General Village Accessories2
Frosted Spruce Tree, 15"19941996General Village Accessories4
Frosted Spruce Tree, 22"19941996General Village Accessories2
Frosted Topiary Trees, Set Of 219891999General Village Accessories21
Frosted Topiary Trees, Set Of 819891989General Village Accessories14
Frosted Topiary Village Garden19881990General Village Accessories1
Frosted Topiary, Set Of 819891999General Village Accessories23
Frosted Zig-Zag Trees, Green Set Of 319951996General Village Accessories1
Frosted Zig-Zag Trees, White Set Of 319951996General Village Accessories19
Frosty Light Sprays19971999General Village Accessories15
Frosty Playtime19951997The Original Snow Village Accessories14
Frosty Tree-Lined Picket Fence19911997General Village Accessories75
Fun At The Dog Park20082010General Village Accessories1
Fun At The Firehouse19982004The Original Snow Village Accessories17
Fun In The Snow20012006The Original Snow Village Accessories6
Future Firefighter20112013The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Future Hockey Stars20042007The Original Snow Village Accessories1

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