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Department 56 - The Original Snow Village Listed By Name

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The Original Snow Village was the first collection in Department 56 released in 1976. Originally 6 delightful lighted buildings made up the collection. The collection continues to grow each year. This collection is designed to reflect shops and neighborhoods found in small towns across America.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Halloween Signs Set Of 32021Snow Village Halloween6
Hallows Eve Street Lights2022Snow Village Halloween4
Handmade Quilts For Sale20012004The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Hang Tag, Clock20132013General Village Accessories1
Hanging Icicles20102011General Village Accessories1
Happily Ever After20152017The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Happily Pollinating2021Original Snow Village6
Happy Easter Church2003The Original Snow Village - Easter3
Happy Easter House20012005Snow Village Easter3
Happy Holidays Barn20052007The Original Snow Village4
Happy Holidays, Lit Yard Decorations20112012General Village Accessories3
Happy New Year20012002The Original Snow Village Accessories105
Happy Scarecrow2020Village Accessories4
Hard Rock Cafe Orlando Lighted Ornament20032005The Original Snow Village29
Hard Rock Cafe Snow Village20032005The Original Snow Village25
Harley Big Tin Drive-In20152016The Original Snow Village0
Harley Campfire20132016The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Harley Ever After20132015The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Harley Racing Headquarters20142014The Original Snow Village0
Harley Road Fuel20152016The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Harley Road Trip!20122013The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Harley Roadhouse Cafe20122015The Original Snow Village0
Harley Roadside Cabins20132013The Original Snow Village1
Harley Roadside Motel20122013The Original Snow Village1
Harley-Davidson Billboard20112013The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Harley-Davidson Detail Shop20132014The Original Snow Village0
Harley-Davidson Fat Boy & Softail19962001The Original Snow Village Accessories117
Harley-Davidson Manufacturing19982000The Original Snow Village11
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Shop19962002The Original Snow Village29
Harley-Davidson Race Ready2014The Original Snow Village Accessories5
Harley-Davidson Sign19962002The Original Snow Village Accessories44
Harley-Davidson Snow Village20112017The Original Snow Village7
Harley-Davidson Top Speed!20142014The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Harley-Davidson Water Tower19982002The Original Snow Village Accessories20
Harmony House20022004The Original Snow Village9
Hartford House19921995The Original Snow Village48
Harvest Apple Orchard20052006The Original Snow Village1
Harvest Blooms20112012General Village Accessories2
Harvest Bounty20032005General Village Accessories4
Harvest Farm Kid2021The Original Snow Village Accessories5
Harvest Farm Roadside Sales20062010The Original Snow Village5
Harvest Fields Apples20152017Village Accessories0
Harvest Fields Bench20162017Village Accessories1
Harvest Fields Corn Maze20172017Village Accessories1
Harvest Fields Covered Bridge20152016Village Accessories1
Harvest Fields Fun Signs20162017Village Accessories1
Harvest Fields Gourds20152017Village Accessories0
Harvest Fields Hayride20172019Village Accessories0
Harvest Fields More Puppies20162017Village Accessories0
Harvest Fields Mums20162017Village Accessories0
Harvest Fields Path, Curved20152016Village Accessories1
Harvest Fields Path, Straight20152016Village Accessories2
Harvest Fields Pick Up Truck2016Village Accessories9
Harvest Fields Pie Stand20172017Village Accessories0
Harvest Fields Pup2015Village Accessories10
Harvest Fields Steps2015Village Accessories0
Harvest Fields Stone Fence20152016Village Accessories1
Harvest Fields Turkey20152017Village Accessories2
Harvest Fields Wheelbarrow20152016Village Accessories0
Harvest Pumpkin Stand2021The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Harvest Pumpkins Milk Cans2021The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Harvest Yard Fun20042006The Original Snow Village Accessories7
Haul Out The Holly20122013The Original Snow Village Accessories5
Haunted Scary Go Round2021Snow Village Halloween19
Haunted Skull Tree2022Snow Village Halloween9
Haunted Woods Silhouette2022Snow Village Halloween5
Haversham House19841987The Original Snow Village14
Hay Bales2008Village Accessories15
Hayride19881990The Original Snow Village Accessories32
He Led Them Down The Streets Of Town19971999The Original Snow Village Accessories63
Heading For The Hills19962002The Original Snow Village Accessories68
Heading For The Hills20202021The Original Snow Village2
Hear Ye, Hear Ye19992001Heritage Village Accessories46
Heartland Spruce Trees, Set 620122013General Village Accessories0
Hearts & Blooms Cottage20022005The Original Snow Village - Love7
Heavy Snowed Pines20102011General Village Accessories3
Heavy Snowed Tree20152016General Village Accessories0
Help With The Decorations20082010The Original Snow Village Accessories4
Her Fine Feathered Friend20212021The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Here Comes Christmas2019Village Accessories2
Here Comes The Birdie!20032005The Original Snow Village Accessories23
Here Fishy Fishy Ice House20012004General Village Accessories13
Here We Come A Caroling19901992The Original Snow Village55
Heritage Village Promotional Banner19921992General Village Accessories5
Hershey's Chocolate Shop19972000The Original Snow Village23
Hidden Ponds House19982001The Original Snow Village16
High Roller Riverboat Casino20032005The Original Snow Village31
Highland Park House19861988The Original Snow Village13
Hiking In The North Woods20012003The Original Snow Village Accessories18
His Name Will Be Pumpkinhead20072009The Original Snow Village Accessories14
Hitch-Up The Buckboard19971999The Original Snow Village Accessories73
Hitching Post20212022The Original Snow Village8
Hockey Practice2001General Village Accessories19
Hockey Skates & Sticks20162017General Village Accessories0
Hog Heaven2012The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Holiday Balloon Ride20182018Village Accessories7
Holiday Bench2019Village Accessories7
Holiday Crafts20122013The Original Snow Village2
Holiday Dog Walk20152017General Village Accessories1
Holiday Flats20222023Original Snow Village12
Holiday Helper20142017The Original Snow Village Accessories8
Holiday Holly Hedges2021The Original Snow Village Accessories5
Holiday Holly Tree2021The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Holiday Hoops19961999The Original Snow Village Accessories19
Holiday In The Park20142017General Village Accessories0
Holiday Luminaries2021The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Holiday Night Lit Sisals20132015General Village Accessories0
Holiday Parade20012001General Village Accessories0
Holiday Reindeer Run20012002The Original Snow Village Accessories33
Holiday Silhouettes Set Of 32022Original Snow Village2
Holiday Singers20002006General Village Accessories15
Holiday Sisals20112014General Village Accessories0
Holiday Special Landscape Set20132013General Village Accessories4
Holiday Special Toy Town Accessory Set20132013The Original Snow Village Accessories8
Holiday Special Toy Town Toys20132013The Original Snow Village2
Holiday Spruce Tops20162016General Village Accessories2
Holiday Starter Home20222022Original Snow Village8
Holiday Street Lamps20072009General Village Accessories2
Holiday Streetlights20032005General Village Accessories2
Holiday Tinsel Trims19982000General Village Accessories5
Holiday Town Tree2020Village Accessories3
Holiday Trimmings, set of 1420022006General Village Accessories0
Holidazed And Confused20172017The Original Snow Village3
Holly Brothers Garage19951998The Original Snow Village42
Holly Hedges20002003General Village Accessories10
Holly Shrubs20152016General Village Accessories3
Holly Split Rail Fence19982001General Village Accessories22
Holly Split Rail Fence With Seated Children19982001General Village Accessories21
Holly Topiaries20002002General Village Accessories14
Holly Tree & Bush20002001General Village Accessories12
Holly-Covered Lampposts20082010General Village Accessories0
Holy Family Church2015The Original Snow Village2
Holy Spirit Baptistery19992001The Original Snow Village Accessories34
Holy Spirit Church19992002The Original Snow Village11
Home Away From Home20022006The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Home Away From Home Fish Shack20172018The Original Snow Village0
Home Delivery19901992The Original Snow Village29
Home For The Holidays Caboose20042004The Original Snow Village1
Home For The Holidays Express20032003The Original Snow Village23
Home Sleet Home Fish Shack20202020The Original Snow Village6
Home Sweet Home19881991The Original Snow Village8
Homestead19781984The Original Snow Village5
Homework Can't Wait20072008The Original Snow Village Accessories13
Honey Bear Qc Testing2021Original Snow Village8
Honey Hive20222022Snow Village Halloween14
Hope Chest Consignment Shop20042006The Original Snow Village10
Hot Cocoa Stand2022Original Snow Village0
Hot Pizza, Fast!2013The Original Snow Village Accessories2
House For Sale Sign19871989The Original Snow Village Accessories46
How The Grinch Stole Christmas-Movie Premiere20002001The Original Snow Village Accessories32
How Tweet It Is! Wild Bird Store20142016The Original Snow Village2
Hung Out To Dry20082009General Village Accessories0
Hunting Lodge19931996The Original Snow Village15
Hurry Up, It's Picture Time20052006The Original Snow Village6

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