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Department 56 - The Original Snow Village Listed By Name

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The Original Snow Village was the first collection in Department 56 released in 1976. Originally 6 delightful lighted buildings made up the collection. The collection continues to grow each year. This collection is designed to reflect shops and neighborhoods found in small towns across America.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Tacky Wax1992General Village Accessories18
Taco Tombsday2022Snow Village Halloween8
Take Out20162017The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Taking The Girls For A Walk20182019Village Accessories0
Taxi Cab19872000The Original Snow Village Accessories71
Telephone Line Repairman20052007The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Telephone Poles19972001General Village Accessories54
Television Antenna19971999General Village Accessories29
Terry's Towing19961999The Original Snow Village Accessories18
Thanks For The Help, Boy!20102015The Original Snow Village Accessories11
Thanksgiving At Grandmother's House20042006The Original Snow Village6
Thatched Cottage19791980The Original Snow Village Meadowland8
The Abandoned Gas Pump20002002The Original Snow Village Accessories30
The Angel House20082008The Original Snow Village13
The Backyard Patio19992002The Original Snow Village Accessories37
The Best Part Of Easter!20042006The Original Snow Village - Easter0
The Bike Pedaler20172018The Original Snow Village2
The Black Forest Restaurant20152016The Original Snow Village6
The Brandon Bungalow19971999The Original Snow Village23
The Building Of A Village Tradition Video19942008General Village Accessories32
The Catch Of The Day19982001The Original Snow Village Accessories34
The Chester House2022Original Snow Village20
The Christmas Barn Dance19971999The Original Snow Village24
The Christmas Shop19911996The Original Snow Village98
The Cocoa Stop20022002The Original Snow Village6
The Corn Creeper2022Snow Village Halloween2
The Department Store20182018The Original Snow Village0
The Dockhouse20002005General Village Accessories11
The Dragon Parade19992001The Original Snow Village Accessories20
The Dutchman's Pancake House20072007The Original Snow Village3
The Elf House20102011The Original Snow Village3
The Farmer's Co-Op Granary19982000The Original Snow Village57
The Final Touch20012001The Original Snow Village Accessories1
The Finishing Touch20102010The Original Snow Village Accessories22
The Flamingo Motel20072009The Original Snow Village1
The Frozen Swirl20022004The Original Snow Village9
The Gingerbread House20072009The Original Snow Village0
The Golden Vine Ferris Wheel20042007Carnival3
The Grinch House2022Grinch Villages12
The Griswold Family Buys A Tree20162017The Original Snow Village Accessories5
The Griswold Family Tree2013The Original Snow Village Accessories43
The Griswold Holiday Garage2017The Original Snow Village19
The Griswold Holiday House20132014The Original Snow Village21
The Happy Couple20012005The Original Snow Village - Love Accessories3
The Holiday House20002005The Original Snow Village85
The Holy Land Backdrop20012003The Holy Land Accessories1
The Honeymooner Motel19911993The Original Snow Village56
The Ice Man Waiteth20042006General Village Accessories5
The Inn19761979The Original Snow Village27
The Jingle Bells House20052007The Original Snow Village0
The Kraken House2022Snow Village Halloween8
The Little Brown Church In The Vale20122013The Original Snow Village1
The Mad Knight Of Calavaria2022Snow Village Halloween6
The Making Of A Village Tradition, VHS19941996General Village Accessories2
The Mummy House2021Snow Village Halloween15
The Noel House20032006The Original Snow Village12
The North Pole House20202021The Original Snow Village158
The North Pole Village Cookbook19952000General Village Accessories0
The Nutcracker House20172021The Original Snow Village0
The Old Pickup Truck20002002The Original Snow Village Accessories17
The One That Got Away20172018The Original Snow Village0
The Ornament House20142016The Original Snow Village134
The Other Grandma's House20182019The Original Snow Village1
The Patriot House20112012The Original Snow Village4
The Peanuts House20212022The Original Snow Village12
The Penguin House20162017The Original Snow Village3
The Peppermint House20042004The Original Snow Village1
The Pillsbury Doughboy20032005The Original Snow Village Accessories0
The Proud Angler2022Original Snow Village8
The Rabid Pumpkin2022Snow Village Halloween2
The Santa Claus House20062006The Original Snow Village3
The Season's Greetings House20122013The Original Snow Village3
The Secret Garden Florist19962001The Original Snow Village56
The Secret Garden Greenhouse19982001The Original Snow Village17
The Silver Bullet, 25th Anniversary2023Snow Village Halloween0
The Singing Busts St/52022Snow Village Halloween6
The Snowflake House20152018The Original Snow Village0
The Snowman House20052020The Original Snow Village8
The Squirting Frog Trick2022Snow Village Halloween6
The Start Of A Season20122012The Original Snow Village Accessories0
The Super Super2022Original Snow Village7
The Sweet Shop20022004The Original Snow Village14
The Sweet Shop20022002The Original Snow Village0
The Sweet Spot2013The Original Snow Village6
The Tinsel & Garland House20062008The Original Snow Village1
The Toy House20182019The Original Snow Village2
The Tradition Continues20122013The Original Snow Village Accessories2
The Tree Lighting Ceremony20002002The Original Snow Village Accessories20
The Trout Stream19992005General Village Accessories5
The Village Lawn19982007General Village Accessories5
The Whole Family Goes Shopping19971999The Original Snow Village Accessories31
The Windmill Wishing Well20072007The Original Snow Village Accessories26
The Wonder Of A Fao Toy Store2022Original Snow Village9
The Woodshed & Chopping Block20002003General Village Accessories17
The Yuengling Champs20072009The Original Snow Village Accessories1
They Have A Room For Us20072008The Original Snow Village Accessories5
Things Go Better With Coke20142015The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Thoroughbreds19982001General Village Accessories15
Three French Hens Tree2021The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Through The Woods19891991The Original Snow Village Accessories14
Through The Woods19992003General Village Accessories14
Timberlake Outfitters20002002The Original Snow Village16
Tinsel Trees20012006General Village Accessories7
Tinsel Trims19982007The Original Snow Village0
Tinted Sisal Trees20112012General Village Accessories0
Todd & Margo20142016The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Todd and Margo's House20142015The Original Snow Village13
Tom's Foods20102011The Original Snow Village1
Totem Town Souvenir Shop20002002The Original Snow Village19
Tour The Village19931997The Original Snow Village Accessories160
Tour Tickets Here20082010The Original Snow Village Accessories10
Town Center Tree2022Village Accessories3
Town Church19801982The Original Snow Village57
Town Hall19831984The Original Snow Village2
Town Square Gazebo19891997General Village Accessories267
Town Square Tree & Gazebo20102010The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Townspeople20042005The Original Snow Village Accessories8
Toy Boat Whittling Lesson20052007The Original Snow Village Accessories7
Toy Shop19861990The Original Snow Village67
Traffic Cop20172017Village Accessories5
Traffic Light19912001General Village Accessories47
Train and Parade Adapter20122019General Village Accessories5
Train Station19811985The Original Snow Village1
Train Station19801981The Original Snow Village2
Travels With Ed, Arizona20132013The Original Snow Village10
Travels With Ed, Chicago20112011The Original Snow Village Accessories4
Travels With Ed, Missouri20122012The Original Snow Village Accessories15
Tree Light Street Lights2019Village Accessories5
Tree Lot19881999The Original Snow Village Accessories200
Tree-Lined Courtyard Fence19901998General Village Accessories15
Treetop Lamp Posts20112012General Village Accessories0
Treetop Tree House19962004The Original Snow Village Accessories83
Trekking The Backcountry20182018The Original Snow Village4
Trick Or Dare Treat Bowls Set Of 22021Snow Village Halloween7
Trick Or Treat Assessment2021Snow Village Halloween10
Trick Or Treat Lane Entry2022Snow Village Halloween4
Trick Or Treat Sign2021Snow Village Halloween5
Trinity Church19841986The Original Snow Village10
Trixies Treats2022Snow Village Halloween7
Tudor Gardens Animal Topiaries20152015Village Accessories2
Tudor Gardens Bench20162016Village Accessories0
Tudor Gardens Cherubs20142016Village Accessories2
Tudor Gardens Corner Hedge, Set of 420142015Village Accessories0
Tudor Gardens Curved Hedge, Set of 220142016Village Accessories0
Tudor Gardens Footbridge20162016Village Accessories12
Tudor Gardens Gate20142015Village Accessories0
Tudor Gardens Hedge, Set of 420142015Village Accessories0
Tudor Gardens Holly Urn20142016Village Accessories0
Tudor Gardens Lion Fountain20152016Village Accessories0
Tudor Gardens Monuments20142015Village Accessories7
Tudor Gardens Pavilion20142015Village Accessories3
Tudor Gardens Reflecting Pool20152016Village Accessories3
Tudor Gardens Shrubs, Set of 420142015Village Accessories0
Tudor Gardens Spiral Shrubs20152016Village Accessories1
Tudor Gardens Steps20142015Village Accessories1
Tudor Gardens Tapered Hedge, Set of 220142014Village Accessories1
Tudor Gardens Topiaries, Set of 420142015Village Accessories0
Tudor Gardens Trees20152016Village Accessories5
Tudor Gardens Union Flag20162016Village Accessories2
Tudor Gardens Wall Extensions20152016Village Accessories3
Tudor Gardens Wall Set20142015Village Accessories3
Tudor House20012002The Original Snow Village13
Tudor House19791981The Original Snow Village1
Turkeys/Geese In The Field20012004General Village Accessories3
Turn Of The Century19831986The Original Snow Village7
Turn Of The Century Lamp Post19891991General Village Accessories5
Turn-Of-The-Century Lampposts19912006General Village Accessories32
Tweet Treats20142016The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Twin Peaks19861986The Original Snow Village5
Twinkle Brite Bridge20112012General Village Accessories5
Twinkle Brite Frosted Topiary2008General Village Accessories8
Twinkle Brite Tree Green20182019Village Accessories0
Twinkle Brite Tree Red20182019Village Accessories3
Twinkle Brite Trellis20142015General Village Accessories4
Twinkle Brite, Blue & White20132015General Village Accessories2
Twinkling Bare Branch Tree20082010General Village Accessories1
Twinkling Lit Shrubs White19992001General Village Accessories10
Twinkling Lit Trees White19992001General Village Accessories2
Twirling Tea Cups20042007Carnival10
Twisty Glitter Pines20042007General Village Accessories3
Two Lane Paved Road19972006General Village Accessories0
Two Turtle Doves Tree2020Village Accessories5

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