Department 56 - The Original Snow Village Listed By Name

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The Original Snow Village was the first collection in Department 56 released in 1976. Originally 6 delightful lighted buildings made up the collection. The collection continues to grow each year. This collection is designed to reflect shops and neighborhoods found in small towns across America.

Below is the list of items showing how many have sold on eBay in the last 90 days
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Valentine's Decorating Set20022004General Village Accessories00
Victorian19791982The Original Snow Village241
Victorian Cottage19831984The Original Snow Village60
Victorian House19771979The Original Snow Village73
Victorian Street Lamps2017Village Accessories10
Victorian Wrought Iron Fence Extensions19942001General Village Accessories00
Victorian Wrought Iron Fence With Gate19942001The Original Snow Village00
Village 'Christmas Eave' Trim19902006Village Accessories31
Village Acrylic Icicles19902000General Village Accessories62
Village Animated Accessory Track19961999General Village Accessories22
Village Animated All Around The Park19941996General Village Accessories221
Village Animated Photo With Santa19992001General Village Accessories20
Village Animated Skating Pond19942007General Village Accessories61
Village Animated Ski Mountain19961998General Village Accessories00
Village Animated Sledding Hill19972009General Village Accessories46
Village Apple Tree2019Village Accessories32
Village Archway2019Village Accessories94
Village Arctic Pines19951998General Village Accessories50
Village Autumn Aspen Trees2019Village Accessories12
Village Autumn Maple Trees2008General Village Accessories33
Village Autumn Maple/Birch Trees19972006General Village Accessories23
Village Autumn Moss20082019General Village Accessories67
Village Autumn Moss19992001General Village Accessories01
Village Autumn Trees20012008General Village Accessories12
Village Backyard Dog House20182018Village Accessories61
Village Bank & Trust19992001The Original Snow Village96
Village Bare Branch Tree19942001General Village Accessories23
Village Bare Branch Trees, set of 61996General Village Accessories197
Village Baskets Of Apples2019Village Accessories20
Village Baskets Of Corn2020Village Accessories10
Village Berry Pines20172019Village Accessories11
Village Bicycle And Tricycle20012004General Village Accessories00
Village Birch Tree Cluster19962001General Village Accessories320
Village Birds19891994General Village Accessories102
Village Blanket Of New Fallen Snow1991General Village Accessories12
Village Blue Skies Backdrop19972000General Village Accessories10
Village Boats20022005General Village Accessories10
Village Boulevard Lampposts19962006General Village Accessories00
Village Brick Road19912009Village Accessories73
Village Brick Town Square19952007General Village Accessories01
Village Brite Lites Angel19971999General Village Accessories00
Village Brite Lites Candles19971999General Village Accessories00
Village Brite Lites Candy Canes19971999General Village Accessories32
Village Brite Lites Fence19931999General Village Accessories20
Village Brite Lites Holly Archway19971999General Village Accessories10
Village Brite Lites Merry Christmas19932000General Village Accessories30
Village Brite Lites Reindeer19931999General Village Accessories60
Village Brite Lites Santa19931999General Village Accessories40
Village Brite Lites Santa In Chimney19971999General Village Accessories50
Village Brite Lites Snow Dragon19971999General Village Accessories10
Village Brite Lites Snowman19931999General Village Accessories63
Village Brite Lites Tree19931999General Village Accessories30
Village Camden Park Cobblestone Road19972001General Village Accessories20
Village Camden Park Fountain19982000General Village Accessories40
Village Camden Park Square19972000General Village Accessories111
Village Camden Park Square Stone Wall19972000General Village Accessories51
Village Cardinal Street Lights2020Village Accessories30
Village Cats & Dogs19992007General Village Accessories43
Village Cedar Pine Forest19951998General Village Accessories60
Village Chain Link Fence Extensions19931998General Village Accessories165
Village Chain Link Fence With Gate19931998General Village Accessories3210
Village Church19831984The Original Snow Village83
Village Clock20142018General Village Accessories01
Village Cobblestone Road19912009Village Accessories101
Village Cobblestone Town Square19952007General Village Accessories00
Village Construction Zone20082009General Village Accessories00
Village Corner Stoplights20072010General Village Accessories20
Village Country Road Lampposts, set of 219961997General Village Accessories10
Village Country Road Lampposts, set of 419972001General Village Accessories11
Village Craggy Cliff Extensions19992003General Village Accessories51
Village Craggy Cliff Platform19992003General Village Accessories40
Village Crushed Ice20002003General Village Accessories31
Village Deep Blue Sea20082009General Village Accessories00
Village Double Light Socket Adapter19972006General Village Accessories20
Village Double Pine Trees19951998General Village Accessories91
Village Double Street Lamps1990General Village Accessories97
Village Drinking Fountains20082010General Village Accessories00
Village Election Yard Signs19951997General Village Accessories388
Village Electric Foam Cutter20002007General Village Accessories20
Village Express Electric Train Set19982006General Village Accessories10
Village Express Train-Black19871988General Village Accessories10
Village Express Train-Red, Green19881996General Village Accessories10
Village Express Van - 40th Anniversary Edition20162016Village Express Van40
Village FALLen Leaves1995General Village Accessories35
Village Farms Tree Lot2019The Original Snow Village70
Village Feed & Supply20182019The Original Snow Village72
Village Fence20062008General Village Accessories00
Village Fiber Optic Trees20002002General Village Accessories60
Village Fire Team2019Village Accessories61
Village Fire Truck19982003The Original Snow Village Accessories206
Village Fireplace Wood2019Village Accessories11
Village First Frost Snow Crystals20002006General Village Accessories02
Village Flamingos2008General Village Accessories85
Village Flea Market20012003General Village Accessories101
Village Flexible Autumn Hedge19982000General Village Accessories50
Village Flexible Sisal Hedge1997General Village Accessories186
Village Flexible Sisal Hedge Small19952000General Village Accessories61
Village Flocked Pine Trees19992005General Village Accessories130
Village Friends Snow Village Kit20162017The Original Snow Village30
Village Front Yard20112012General Village Accessories41
Village Frosted Fir Trees19951998General Village Accessories21
Village Frosted Fountain19992006General Village Accessories00
Village Frosted Hemlock Tree19961998General Village Accessories62
Village Frosted Shrubbery19992001General Village Accessories40
Village Frosted Spruce19962006General Village Accessories20
Village Frosted Spruce - Small20022009General Village Accessories50
Village Frosted Topiaries19992001General Village Accessories11
Village Frosted Topiary Trees19891999General Village Accessories313
Village Frosty Light Trees19992005General Village Accessories00
Village Gazebo19891995The Original Snow Village Accessories123
Village Gazebo19972000General Village Accessories752
Village Greenhouse19911995The Original Snow Village718
Village Greetings19911994General Village Accessories100
Village Ground Cover19992006General Village Accessories01
Village Health Club20142014The Original Snow Village62
Village Holiday Boughs20072012General Village Accessories00
Village Holiday Yard Decor20182018Village Accessories51
Village Holly Tree19962000General Village Accessories314
Village Hybrid Landscape19952006General Village Accessories10
Village Ice Crystal Gate & Walls19992002General Village Accessories113
Village Ice Crystal Walls19992001General Village Accessories143
Village Icicle Trees19992001General Village Accessories20
Village Jack Pines, Large20082010General Village Accessories10
Village Jack Pines, set of 319962006General Village Accessories41
Village Junkyard20002004General Village Accessories30
Village Lamppost And Sign20012002General Village Accessories40
Village Landscape1995General Village Accessories357
Village Landscape Starter Set20002006General Village Accessories62
Village LED Light Bulb19962000General Village Accessories00
Village Legion Hall20012003The Original Snow Village82
Village Light Hole Protectors20002004General Village Accessories00
Village Lighted Christmas Pole19972000General Village Accessories22
Village Lighted Town Tree19961999General Village Accessories00
Village Lights Display Unit19972000The Original Snow Village00
Village Lights Out19911994General Village Accessories11
Village Log Pile1997Village Accessories84
Village Lookout Tower19992001General Village Accessories82
Village Magic Smoke Pine Scent19962000General Village Accessories10
Village Mail Boxes20072009General Village Accessories32
Village Mailbox19901998General Village Accessories326
Village Main Street Stoplights20072009General Village Accessories00
Village Marching Band19911992The Original Snow Village Accessories80
Village Market19881991The Original Snow Village376
Village Metal Bare Branch Trees20012002General Village Accessories00
Village Mill Creek Bridge19962000General Village Accessories123
Village Mill Creek Curved Section19962001General Village Accessories43
Village Mill Creek Park Bench19971999General Village Accessories181

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