Department 56 - The Original Snow Village Listed By Name

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The Original Snow Village was the first collection in Department 56 released in 1976. Originally 6 delightful lighted buildings made up the collection. The collection continues to grow each year. This collection is designed to reflect shops and neighborhoods found in small towns across America.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Safety Patrol19931997The Original Snow Village Accessories875
Saint James Church19861988The Original Snow Village152
Sam's Butcher Shop20072010The Original Snow Village13
Sampling The Treats20022002The Original Snow Village Accessories00
Santa and Mailbox19851988The Original Snow Village Accessories101
Santa Comes To Town - 200720062007The Original Snow Village Accessories71
Santa Comes To Town - 200820072008The Original Snow Village Accessories21
Santa Comes To Town 200220012002The Original Snow Village Accessories134
Santa Comes To Town 201320132013The Original Snow Village Accessories01
Santa Comes To Town 201420142014The Original Snow Village Accessories32
Santa Comes To Town, 199519941995The Original Snow Village Accessories866
Santa Comes To Town, 199619951996The Original Snow Village Accessories749
Santa Comes To Town, 199719961997The Original Snow Village Accessories592
Santa Comes To Town, 199819971998The Original Snow Village Accessories353
Santa Comes To Town, 199919981999The Original Snow Village Accessories436
Santa Comes To Town, 200019992000The Original Snow Village Accessories403
Santa Comes To Town, 200120002001The Original Snow Village Accessories4512
Santa Comes To Town, 200320022003The Original Snow Village Accessories362
Santa Comes To Town, 200420032004The Original Snow Village Accessories93
Santa Comes to Town, 200520042005The Original Snow Village Accessories63
Santa Comes To Town, 200620052006The Original Snow Village Accessories02
Santa Comes To Town, 200920082009The Original Snow Village Accessories62
Santa Comes To Town, 201020102010The Original Snow Village Accessories40
Santa Comes To Town, 201120112011The Original Snow Village Accessories62
Santa Comes To Town, 201220122012The Original Snow Village Accessories20
Santa Comes To Town, 201520152015The Original Snow Village Accessories41
Santa Comes To Town, 201620162016The Original Snow Village Accessories32
Santa Comes To Town, 201720172017The Original Snow Village72
Santa Comes To Town, 201820182018The Original Snow Village81
Santa Comes To Town, 201920192019The Original Snow Village32
Santa Land Train Ride20062008General Village Accessories00
Santa Stops Here Sign20162017General Village Accessories00
Santa Street Lights20072009General Village Accessories01
Santa Suits For Santa's Helper20152015The Original Snow Village60
Santa Water Tower2019Village Accessories42
Santa's Float20112013The Original Snow Village Accessories112
Santa's Little Helpers19992001The Original Snow Village Accessories403
Santa's Magic Sleigh20142014The Original Snow Village10
Santa's New Sleigh Is A Harley20122017The Original Snow Village Accessories23
Santa's Plane2019The Original Snow Village70
Santa's Sleigh20002007General Village Accessories41
Santa's Sleigh, Lit Yard Decorations20082010The Original Snow Village10
Santa's Wonderland House2004The Original Snow Village198
Sasquatch Foot Print?20172018The Original Snow Village133
Saturday Morning Downtown19971998The Original Snow Village Accessories5412
Scarecrow Harvest Festival20072008The Original Snow Village00
School Bus20012004Original Snow Village - Classic Cars51
School Bus, Snow Plow19881991The Original Snow Village Accessories254
School Children19881990The Original Snow Village Accessories211
School House19791982The Original Snow Village60
School's Out!20012003The Original Snow Village Accessories53
Scooter's Diner20192019The Original Snow Village135
Scotch Pines20052008General Village Accessories21
Scottie With Tree19841985The Original Snow Village Accessories10
Seasonal Lampposts20022004General Village Accessories72
Send In The Clown!19992001The Original Snow Village Accessories454
Send In The Clown!19992000The Original Snow Village30
Service Station19881991The Original Snow Village397
Service With A Smile19951998The Original Snow Village Accessories597
Shady Oak Church1994The Original Snow Village250
Sharky's Pool Hall20062010The Original Snow Village62
She Shoots, She Scores!20102011General Village Accessories00
Sheep19791980The Original Snow Village Meadowland20
Shelly's Diner19992015The Original Snow Village1219
Shingle Victorian19961999The Original Snow Village229
Shocking Clark20142017The Original Snow Village Accessories33
Shopping Girls With Packages19861988The Original Snow Village Accessories111
Shopping With Mom20102011The Original Snow Village Accessories01
Shopping with Todd & Margo20142015The Original Snow Village53
Sidewalk Brat Stop20152016The Original Snow Village Accessories62
Silent Night Church20052005The Original Snow Village113
Silver & Gold Twinkle Tree2017Village Accessories00
Silver Bells Christmas Shop20002000The Original Snow Village2713
Silver Dream Lit Tree20172017Village Accessories11
Silver Glittered Tree20022013Village Accessories10
Silver Holiday Trees, Set Of 320152016General Village Accessories01
Silver Pines20132014General Village Accessories20
Silver Sparkle Pines, Set of 220162017General Village Accessories20
Silver Vintage Sisals20172017Village Accessories41
Singing Nuns19851987The Original Snow Village Accessories50
Single Car Garage19881990The Original Snow Village504
Sisal Topiary Garden19881992General Village Accessories00
Sisal Topiary, Large19891989General Village Accessories00
Sisal Topiary, Medium19891989General Village Accessories00
Sisal Topiary, Mini19891989General Village Accessories00
Sisal Topiary, Small19891989General Village Accessories00
Sisal Tree Groves2017Village Accessories31
Sisal Tree Lot19881991The Original Snow Village Accessories11
Sisal Trees, Set Of 719901990General Village Accessories10
Sisal Wreath19911996General Village Accessories40
Sitting In The Park20002002The Original Snow Village Accessories41
Sitting In The Village2002The Original Snow Village Accessories236
Skate & Ski Shop19941998The Original Snow Village446
Skate Date20112013The Original Snow Village Accessories12
Skate Faster Mom19891991The Original Snow Village Accessories623
Skaters & Skiers19942001The Original Snow Village Accessories4210
Skating Around The Christmas Tree20062009General Village Accessories00
Skating Fun20112013The Original Snow Village Accessories11
Skating Pond19871990Heritage Village Accessories51
Skating Pond19821998The Original Snow Village11
Skating Rink/Duck Pond Set19781979The Original Snow Village10
Ski Slope19982009General Village Accessories91
Skinny Norway Pines, Set of 220162017General Village Accessories00
Skis & Sled20152017General Village Accessories00
Slate Stone Corners20072010General Village Accessories00
Slate Stone Path Curved19982007General Village Accessories22
Slate Stone Path Straight19982010General Village Accessories01
Sleigh Tracks, Curved20142015General Village Accessories01
Sleigh Tracks, Straight20142015General Village Accessories00
Sleighride19901992The Original Snow Village292
Sleighride19982000Village Hinged Box90
Small Chalet19761979The Original Snow Village00
Small Double Trees19781989The Original Snow Village30
Small Town Street Lamps2008General Village Accessories32
Smokey Mountain Retreat19962000The Original Snow Village108
Sno-Jet Snowmobile19901993The Original Snow Village345
Snoopy Shoots Animated Skating20162017General Village Accessories01
Snow Base, Large20132013General Village Accessories00
Snow Base, Medium2012General Village Accessories10
Snow Base, Small2012General Village Accessories21
Snow Carnival Ice Palace19951998The Original Snow Village3410
Snow Carnival Ice Sculptures19951998The Original Snow Village Accessories418
Snow Carnival King & Queen19951998The Original Snow Village Accessories946
Snow Covered Pines, Set of 520102013General Village Accessories11
Snow Covered Pines, Set of 620142017General Village Accessories01
Snow Covered Pines, Set of 820112013General Village Accessories02
Snow Day2018The Original Snow Village15016
Snow Fence1997General Village Accessories496
Snow Kids19871990The Original Snow Village Accessories142
Snow Kids Sled, Skis19851987The Original Snow Village Accessories10
Snow Laden Sisals20082016General Village Accessories91
Snow Much Fun2017The Original Snow Village61
Snow Village 30th Anniversary Ball20062006The Original Snow Village86
Snow Village Cars, 2 Assorted20122014Original Snow Village - Classic Cars50
Snow Village Clock Tower20112011The Original Snow Village Accessories52
Snow Village Factory19871989The Original Snow Village540
Snow Village Gate20182019The Original Snow Village225
Snow Village Gazette20062008The Original Snow Village54
Snow Village Harley-Davidson2011The Original Snow Village01
Snow Village Holiday Skating Party20192019The Original Snow Village81
Snow Village Holiday Special Home For The Holidays Set20172017The Original Snow Village51
Snow Village Mayor's Mansion20062007The Original Snow Village33
Snow Village Museum Of Art20072007The Original Snow Village33
Snow Village Nativity2013The Original Snow Village499

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