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Department 56 - The Original Snow Village Listed By Name

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The Original Snow Village was the first collection in Department 56 released in 1976. Originally 6 delightful lighted buildings made up the collection. The collection continues to grow each year. This collection is designed to reflect shops and neighborhoods found in small towns across America.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Madame Laveau2022Snow Village Halloween0
Magic Landscape, Set of 420142014General Village Accessories7
Magical Tinsel Trees, Set Of 320182019Village Accessories5
Mailbox19891990The Original Snow Village Accessories71
Mailbox & Trash Cans, St/320142016General Village Accessories1
Main Steet Bakery20182018The Original Snow Village1
Main Street Christmas Tree20032003The Original Snow Village Accessories5
Main Street House19841986The Original Snow Village8
Main Street Lamp Posts20132015General Village Accessories1
Main Street Medical20022004The Original Snow Village3
Main Street Office Building20042006The Original Snow Village2
Main Street Pharmacy20062010The Original Snow Village1
Main Street Snowman20022002The Original Snow Village Accessories9
Main Street Tinsel20152016General Village Accessories0
Main Street Town Santa20042004The Original Snow Village Accessories34
Main Street Villagers20012006The Original Snow Village Accessories4
Mainstreet Gift Shop19971997The Original Snow Village40
Mainstreet Hardware Store19901993The Original Snow Village27
Majestic Woodland Birds19992002General Village Accessories5
Making A House Call20022004The Original Snow Village Accessories18
Making Christmas Brite20192022The Original Snow Village8
Making Luminaries20082010The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Making Room For Dessert20152016The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Mallard And Wood Duck20012003General Village Accessories7
Man On Ladder Hanging Garland19881992The Original Snow Village Accessories51
Mansion19771979The Original Snow Village11
Maple Ridge Inn19881990The Original Snow Village51
Marching Bulbs20112013The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Marching Flakes20122012The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Marjorie's Blue Ribbon Baked Goods20082010The Original Snow Village4
Marshmallow Roast19942002The Original Snow Village Accessories18
Marvel's Beauty Salon19941997The Original Snow Village50
Matriboney2022Snow Village Halloween0
McDonald's19971999The Original Snow Village83
McDonald's Lights Up The Night19971999The Original Snow Village Accessories10
McGuire's Irish Pub20012004The Original Snow Village5
McKenzie's Chevrolet20052007The Original Snow Village0
Meadowbrook Church20042005The Original Snow Village8
Medusa, The Gorgon2021Snow Village Halloween3
Meeting Smile After Smile, Animated20122015General Village Accessories3
Melinda's Poinsettias & Mistletoe20122013The Original Snow Village4
Memorial Fountain20172017Village Accessories0
Memory Lanes Bowl20142015The Original Snow Village0
Men At Work19961998The Original Snow Village Accessories110
Merrily Round We Go20022004The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Merry Christmas Billboard2019Village Accessories4
Merry Christmas, Pastor20192019The Original Snow Village3
Merry Street Sweeper20152016General Village Accessories9
Mickey & Minnies Animated Pond20162019General Village Accessories0
Midtown Shops20032005The Original Snow Village8
Mighty Fine BBQ20062009The Original Snow Village6
Milk Run20152017The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Mill Creek Campsite20002005General Village Accessories6
Mill Falls Working Waterfall20002001General Village Accessories1
Mini Sisal Trees20112016General Village Accessories2
Mini Spruce Forest19891990General Village Accessories0
Miss Mae's Rooming House20072008The Original Snow Village4
Mission Church19791980The Original Snow Village2
Mission Style House20032005The Original Snow Village6
Mistletoe Farm20162017The Original Snow Village1
Mistletoe Farm Beehive20182018Village Accessories1
Mistletoe Farm Chicken House2016Village Accessories1
Mistletoe Farm Corner Fence20162017Village Accessories0
Mistletoe Farm Cow And Calf20182019Village Accessories1
Mistletoe Farm Fence20162017Village Accessories2
Mistletoe Farm Gate20162017Village Accessories1
Mistletoe Farm Goats20162017Village Accessories0
Mistletoe Farm Mailbox20182019Village Accessories5
Mistletoe Farm Piglets20162017Village Accessories2
Mistletoe Farm Ponies20172018Village Accessories3
Mistletoe Farm Rabbit Hutch20182018Village Accessories1
Mistletoe Farm Sheepdog Fun20172017Village Accessories0
Mistletoe Farm Tools20162016Village Accessories3
Mistletoe Farm Tractor20172018Village Accessories2
Mistletoe Farm Water Pump20162017Village Accessories0
Misty Point Platform20122014General Village Accessories3
Mittletoe Farm Kittens20172017Village Accessories2
Mm! Mm! Good!20022004The Original Snow Village Accessories29
Mobile Home19791980The Original Snow Village0
Mommy Treats Figure2021Snow Village Halloween3
Monks-A-Caroling19831984The Original Snow Village Accessories31
Monks-a-Caroling19841988The Original Snow Village Accessories8
Moondoggie's Board Shop20112012The Original Snow Village1
Moonlight Bay Bunk And Breakfast20022004The Original Snow Village10
Moose In The Marsh19981999General Village Accessories7
Moose Licks Snacks20162017The Original Snow Village3
Moose Mug Toast2015The Original Snow Village Accessories23
More Decorations?20032008The Original Snow Village Accessories5
Morning Chores20182018The Original Snow Village2
Morningside House19901992The Original Snow Village12
Mother's Little Helper20162016The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Mount Olive Church20192020The Original Snow Village24
Mount Olivet Church19931996The Original Snow Village16
Mountain Creek Bear/Moose20012003General Village Accessories4
Mountain Creek Curved Section20012006General Village Accessories0
Mountain Creek Straight Section20012006General Village Accessories7
Mountain Creek Waterfall20012006General Village Accessories0
Mountain Creek Y Shape20012005General Village Accessories0
Mountain Lion's Den20002001General Village Accessories4
Mountain Lodge19761979The Original Snow Village2
Mountain Pines, Set of 220162018General Village Accessories0
Moving Day19961998The Original Snow Village47
Mrs. Claus' Northwoods Nursery20062006The Original Snow Village26
Multi Color 10 Light Set19871989General Village Accessories1
Multi Color Lights Bare Branch20142015General Village Accessories3
Multi Colored 10 Light Set19871989General Village Accessories2
Multi-Building Lighting System20042005General Village Accessories0
Mummies Parade Set Of 22021Snow Village Halloween2
Mums For Mom2019Village Accessories8
Mush19941997The Original Snow Village Accessories10
Musique De Cafe20172017The Original Snow Village6
My Garden Backyard Pond20132015Village Accessories6
My Garden Bench20132015Village Accessories8
My Garden Bird House20132015Village Accessories5
My Garden Fence20132015Village Accessories2
My Garden Friends20132015Village Accessories5
My Garden Gate20132015Village Accessories3
My Garden Hanging Lantern20132014Village Accessories2
My Garden Luminaries20132014Village Accessories9
My Garden Path, Curved20132014Village Accessories8
My Garden Path, Straight20132014Village Accessories8
My Garden Potting Bench20132015Village Accessories6
My Garden Scarecrow20132015Village Accessories5
My Garden Table20132015Village Accessories2
My Garden Wheelbarrow20132016Village Accessories6
My Stick2022Village Accessories4
Mylar Skating Rink20142015General Village Accessories1

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