Department 56 - The Original Snow Village Listed By Name

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The Original Snow Village was the first collection in Department 56 released in 1976. Originally 6 delightful lighted buildings made up the collection. The collection continues to grow each year. This collection is designed to reflect shops and neighborhoods found in small towns across America.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Railroad Lamps19982001General Village Accessories12
Ramsey Hill House19861989The Original Snow Village404
Ready For Picking20072009The Original Snow Village Accessories42
Ready To Decorate2020Village Accessories10
Ready To Race20162017The Original Snow Village Accessories92
Real Acrylic Ice20032010General Village Accessories10
Real Acrylic Ice20032010General Village Accessories20
Real Acrylic Ice Small20032010General Village Accessories10
Real Acrylic Ice, Lrg, St/42014General Village Accessories00
Real Acrylic Ice, Mini, St/122014General Village Accessories00
Real Acrylic Ice, Small, St/62014General Village Accessories00
Real Acrylic Icicles20032005General Village Accessories31
Real Gray Gravel19982000General Village Accessories50
Real Plastic Snow19772006General Village Accessories223
Real Plastic Snow19772000General Village Accessories01
Real Removable Snow20032005General Village Accessories01
Red & White Twinkle Brite Tree2014General Village Accessories01
Red Bare Branch Trees, St/320132014General Village Accessories00
Red Barn19871992The Original Snow Village71
Red Cup Cafe20102012The Original Snow Village01
Red Cup Cafe Watertower20112012The Original Snow Village Accessories11
Red Glitter Trees2012General Village Accessories00
Red Holiday Trees, Set Of 320152016General Village Accessories20
Red Owl Grocery Store20022003The Original Snow Village02
Red Sparkle Bare Branch Trees, Set of 220162016General Village Accessories20
Redeemer Church19881992The Original Snow Village392
Redwood Pines, Set of 320122014General Village Accessories10
Reindeer Bus Depot19961997The Original Snow Village392
Reindeer Rides20072007The Original Snow Village Accessories00
Reindeer Street Lights2020Village Accessories10
Remote Switches, Right & Left19992005General Village Accessories00
Replacement 12 Volt Light Bulbs2004General Village Accessories23
Replacement 3 Volt Light Bulb2003General Village Accessories00
Replacement 3 Volt Village Bulb20022003General Village Accessories00
Replacement Adapter - 12 V AC 300 mANAVillage Accessories00
Replacement Adapter - 3 V DC 600 mANAVillage Accessories00
Replacement Adapter - 4.5V DC 200mANAVillage Accessories00
Replacement Adapter - 6V DC 200 mANAVillage Accessories00
Replacement Adapter 12V AC 650 mANAVillage Accessories00
Replacement Adapter 3 Volt DC, 400 mANAVillage Accessories00
Replacement Adapter 3V DC 500mANAVillage Accessories00
Replacement Adapter 4.5V DC 800mANAVillage Accessories00
Replacement Adapter for Fiber Optic GiftwareNAVillage Accessories00
Replacement Auxilary Cord With Light2002General Village Accessories31
Replacement Bulbs For 56.52779 String Of Spotlights20002002General Village Accessories00
Replacement Bulbs, set of 2NAVillage Accessories00
Replacement Flicker Bulbs20172019Village Accessories11
Replacement Flickering Bulbs For Creepy Creek Carriage House20002005General Village Accessories00
Replacement Light Bulbs Clear19982005General Village Accessories71
Replacement Light Bulbs Yellow19982005General Village Accessories00
Replacment Bulb Box of 5019881990General Village Accessories00
Rest In Peace 201820182018The Original Snow Village00
Rest Stop?20012003The Original Snow Village Accessories81
Return the Nose & No One Gets Hurt20152017The Original Snow Village Accessories50
Reynolds Mansion20182018The Original Snow Village131
Richardsonian Romanesque House20042005The Original Snow Village73
Richmond Holiday House20092009The Original Snow Village60
Rickety Railroad Station AdapterNAVillage Accessories00
Ridgewood19851987The Original Snow Village70
Ring, Jingle, Ring20052007The Original Snow Village Accessories00
River Road House19841987The Original Snow Village61
Road Construction Sign19972001General Village Accessories32
Roadside Billboards20002003The Original Snow Village Accessories61
Roadside Produce Stand20062009The Original Snow Village Accessories42
Rock Creek Mill House19981998The Original Snow Village425
Rock Point Lighthouse20052006The Original Snow Village52
Rockabilly Records19961998The Original Snow Village376
Rockwell 5 & 1020182019The Original Snow Village91
Rockwell's "bedside Manner"2019The Original Snow Village73
Rockwell's "cover Girl"2020The Original Snow Village21
Rockwell's Christmas Eve20182019The Original Snow Village93
Rockwell's Doctor's Office2019The Original Snow Village50
Rockwell's Holiday Exhibit2020The Original Snow Village60
Rocky Mountain WildLife-Bears And Bobcat20022005General Village Accessories00
Rocky's 56 Filling Station20022004The Original Snow Village51
Rollerama Roller Rink19971999The Original Snow Village206
Ronald McDonald House, The House That Love Built19981998The Original Snow Village30
Ronald Mcdonald House, The House That Love Built19971997The Original Snow Village10
Roosevelt Park Band Shell20032005The Original Snow Village84
Root Cellar Canned Goods20152016The Original Snow Village91
Rose's Flower Shop20082011The Original Snow Village52
Rosita's Cantina19961999The Original Snow Village107
Round & Round We Go!19921995The Original Snow Village Accessories281
Round Lake Rink20112013The Original Snow Village20
Row-O-Frosted Topiaries20082010General Village Accessories00
Royal Coach19982000Village Hinged Box10
Ruby Christmas Pines2020Village Accessories10
Rugged Spruce Trees, Set of 220142014General Village Accessories00
Ryman Auditorium19951997The Original Snow Village54

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