Department 56 - The Original Snow Village Listed By Name

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The Original Snow Village was the first collection in Department 56 released in 1976. Originally 6 delightful lighted buildings made up the collection. The collection continues to grow each year. This collection is designed to reflect shops and neighborhoods found in small towns across America.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Pacific Heights House19861988The Original Snow Village19
Packages Delivery20022004General Village Accessories2
Painting Our Own Village Sign19982000Heritage Village Accessories10
Palm Lounge Supper Club20002001The Original Snow Village15
Palos Verdes19881990The Original Snow Village19
Panda Palace20162017The Original Snow Village0
Panda Palace Free Delivery20162017The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Parade Banner20112013The Original Snow Village Accessories4
Paramount Theater19891993The Original Snow Village15
Parish Church19841986The Original Snow Village3
Parsonage19831985The Original Snow Village4
Patrolling The Road19982001The Original Snow Village Accessories11
Paul Bunyan Statue2019Village Accessories3
Paws And Refresh2007General Village Accessories6
Pearlson's Jewelry20052006The Original Snow Village0
Pedal Cars For Christmas20002003The Original Snow Village Accessories9
Peppermint Archway20122015Village Accessories0
Peppermint Bench20122017Village Accessories0
Peppermint Birdhouse20132014Village Accessories0
Peppermint Bridge20122014Village Accessories0
Peppermint Christmas Trees20152016Village Accessories0
Peppermint Dog House20172017Village Accessories0
Peppermint Fence St/22012Village Accessories3
Peppermint Float20122012The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Peppermint Fountain20122013Village Accessories0
Peppermint Garlands20182019Village Accessories6
Peppermint Gate20142015Village Accessories0
Peppermint Gazebo20152017Village Accessories0
Peppermint Light String20152016Village Accessories0
Peppermint Lit Bare Branch Tree20122013Village Accessories0
Peppermint Lit Luminaries20162017Village Accessories0
Peppermint Lit Sisal Trees, Set of 220122014Village Accessories1
Peppermint Luminaries20132014Village Accessories0
Peppermint Mailbox20142015Village Accessories0
Peppermint Pennants2020Village Accessories1
Peppermint Planters20182019Village Accessories1
Peppermint Porch Day Care19951997The Original Snow Village37
Peppermint Pups2020Village Accessories1
Peppermint Snowman2020Village Accessories0
Peppermint Steps20122014Village Accessories1
Peppermint Street Lights, Set of 220122017Village Accessories0
Peppermint Street, Curved, Set of 220122018Village Accessories1
Peppermint Street, Straight, Set of 220122018Village Accessories1
Peppermint Table & Chairs20142015Village Accessories0
Peppermint Tinsel Tree20172017Village Accessories0
Peppermint Topiaries20132014Village Accessories0
Peppermint Trees20162016Village Accessories6
Peppermint Wall, Set of 220122014Village Accessories0
Peppermint White Sisals2020Village Accessories1
Perfect Putt20002001General Village Accessories0
Personalize Pen20002003General Village Accessories0
Personalize Your Village Accessories19992001General Village Accessories4
Pets On Parade19941998The Original Snow Village Accessories28
Pick-Up And Delivery19932001The Original Snow Village Accessories19
Picket Lane Archway20122013Village Accessories0
Picket Lane Bench20122013Village Accessories0
Picket Lane Bird Bath20142017Village Accessories0
Picket Lane Fence20122015Village Accessories0
Picket Lane Footbridge20122014Village Accessories3
Picket Lane Garden Swing20132015Village Accessories1
Picket Lane Gate20132014Village Accessories0
Picket Lane Gazebo20122015Village Accessories0
Picket Lane Hedge20142015Village Accessories0
Picket Lane Lamppost, Set of 220122013Village Accessories2
Picket Lane Potted Evergreens, Set of 220122016Village Accessories2
Picket Lane Sundial20122013Village Accessories1
Picket Lane Table & Chairs, Set of 320122013Village Accessories0
Picket Lane Wall20132015Village Accessories1
Picket Lane Wishing Well20122013Village Accessories2
Pictures With Santa20172018Village Accessories4
Pillsbury Doughboy Bake Shop20032005The Original Snow Village4
Pine Scented Fresh Fallen Snow20002004General Village Accessories0
Pinewood Log Cabin19891995The Original Snow Village30
Pinewood Log Cabin19982000The Original Snow Village1
Pinewood Trees Large20002002General Village Accessories1
Pink & Purple Twinkle Tree2019Village Accessories5
Pint-Size Pony Rides19931996The Original Snow Village Accessories40
Pioneer Church19821984The Original Snow Village8
Pisa Pizza19951998The Original Snow Village18
Pizza Delivery19951998The Original Snow Village Accessories24
Plantation House19851987The Original Snow Village6
Play Ball!2019The Original Snow Village11
Playful Black Lab2019Village Accessories1
Pleasing The Palate!20032005The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Poinsettias For Sale19951998The Original Snow Village Accessories17
Polaris Snowmobile Dealership20012003The Original Snow Village2
Popping The Kettle Corn20082010The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Potted Poinsettias20032007General Village Accessories0
Potted Ponsettias20072008General Village Accessories1
Potted Spruce Tops20072009General Village Accessories0
Prairie House19901993The Original Snow Village6
Praying Monks19871988The Original Snow Village Accessories10
Print Shop & Village News19921994The Original Snow Village22
Put Litter In Its Place20082010General Village Accessories0
Putting Green19982002General Village Accessories7

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