Department 56 - The Original Snow Village Listed By Name

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The Original Snow Village was the first collection in Department 56 released in 1976. Originally 6 delightful lighted buildings made up the collection. The collection continues to grow each year. This collection is designed to reflect shops and neighborhoods found in small towns across America.

Below is the list of items showing how many have sold on eBay in the last 90 days
and how many current auctions are underway. You can then click on an item to see more detail.
The detail will show the price the item was ultimately sold for, or the current bid.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Waiting For The Bus2010The Original Snow Village Accessories132
Watching For Ducks20012004General Village Accessories10
Water Tower19881991The Original Snow Village Accessories70
Waverly Place19861986The Original Snow Village20
Waving Flag Brite Lites19941997General Village Accessories12
WCCO Radio20002001The Original Snow Village00
We Have A Deal!20042006The Original Snow Village Accessories100
We'll Win For Sure!20042005The Original Snow Village Accessories70
We're Going By Train!20032005The Original Snow Village Accessories40
We're Going To A Christmas Pageant19921994The Original Snow Village Accessories503
Weather Vane19971999General Village Accessories20
Wedding Chapel19942001The Original Snow Village392
Weekend Getaway20022004The Original Snow Village Accessories162
Weiner Dogs To Go20062009The Original Snow Village Accessories10
Welcome To Christmas Court20072009The Original Snow Village Accessories11
Welcome To Snow Village20072009The Original Snow Village Accessories41
Welcome To Snow Village Population Sign20012005The Original Snow Village Accessories101
Welcome to the B&B2019American Architecture Series50
Welcome To The Congregation19992001The Original Snow Village Accessories101
Welcome To The Inn20102010The Original Snow Village Accessories00
Welcoming Christmas To Town20032003The Original Snow Village Accessories00
Westmister Lights20112012General Village Accessories00
What A Great Find!20042006The Original Snow Village Accessories312
What An Adorable Baby!20052007The Original Snow Village Accessories10
What You Crave20082011The Original Snow Village Accessories10
White Bare Branch Trees, St/320132015General Village Accessories10
White Battery BoxNAVillage Accessories10
White Castle20082011The Original Snow Village01
White Christmas Oaks2019Village Accessories32
White Flexible Sisal Hedge20082010General Village Accessories00
White Holiday Trees, Set Of 320152016General Village Accessories01
White Light Bare Branch Trees20142015General Village Accessories20
White Picket Fence, Set Of 419871997General Village Accessories22
White Pines Ski Run20142016General Village Accessories10
White Pines Thrill Seekers20152016General Village Accessories20
Who's Walking Who?20042008The Original Snow Village Accessories10
Wicked Wax Lamps2019Village Halloween Accessories00
Wiener Roast20042006General Village Accessories10
Wild Pair20132015The Original Snow Village Accessories40
Will You Marry Me?20052006The Original Snow Village Accessories10
Williamsburg House19851988The Original Snow Village220
Willow Tree20112012General Village Accessories21
Willow Trees, Set Of 220032003General Village Accessories00
Windmill19931993The Original Snow Village Accessories452
Windmill By The Chicken Coop20002003The Original Snow Village52
Winter Berry Trees20112017General Village Accessories00
Winter Birch Tree19931996General Village Accessories162
Winter Brite Tree Multi2018Village Accessories51
Winter Brite Tree White2018Village Accessories61
Winter Creek, Bridgewater20132016General Village Accessories00
Winter Creek, Curved20132015General Village Accessories00
Winter Creek, Straight20132015General Village Accessories00
Winter Display Platforms20042006General Village Accessories00
Winter Flurries20172018Village Accessories30
Winter Flurries Bare Branch20172018Village Accessories21
Winter Flurries Trees20172018Village Accessories30
Winter Fountain19911993The Original Snow Village Accessories372
Winter Fun At The Market20152016The Original Snow Village Accessories80
Winter Lodge Pines, Set of 420122018General Village Accessories00
Winter Oak Tree With 2 Red Birds19881990General Village Accessories00
Winter Oak, Large19901994General Village Accessories00
Winter Oak, Small19901994General Village Accessories10
Winter Park Warming House20042004The Original Snow Village362
Winter Pines2011General Village Accessories41
Winter Playground19921995The Original Snow Village Accessories182
Winter Retreat20112011The Original Snow Village171
Winter Romance20112011The Original Snow Village Accessories30
Winter Scene Backdrop20012003General Village Accessories00
Winter Sky20112012General Village Accessories00
Winter Sled Ride20042008General Village Accessories10
Winter Trimmings20032005General Village Accessories40
Winter Walkway, Curved20112017Village Accessories21
Winter Walkway, Straight20112017Village Accessories00
Winter Wonderland Cabin2020The Original Snow Village81
Winter Woodland Standoff2020The Original Snow Village71
Wintergreen Pines19972003General Village Accessories20
Wintergreen Pines19972006General Village Accessories10
Wintergreen Trees20072009General Village Accessories30
Winters Glow, Lit Tree20132015General Village Accessories41
Wispy Winter Trees20112011General Village Accessories10
With Potato, Potato, Fries20152016The Original Snow Village Accessories31
Wolves In The Woods19982001General Village Accessories61
Wonderland Shrubs, Medium, Set of 420122013General Village Accessories40
Wonderland Shrubs, Small, Set of 420122013General Village Accessories10
Wood Carvings For Sale20032005The Original Snow Village Accessories00
Woodbury House19931996The Original Snow Village221
Wooden Church19831985The Original Snow Village50
Wooden Clapboard19811984The Original Snow Village70
Wooden Deer Family20112014General Village Accessories30
Wooden Pier19982005General Village Accessories10
Woodlake Chapel20012003The Original Snow Village80
Woodland Animals At Cliff's Edge19992001General Village Accessories10
Woodland Animals At Mill Creek19982001General Village Accessories20
Woodland Arbor Gate20142015Village Accessories10
Woodland Beaver Pond20152018General Village Accessories00
Woodland Bench20122017Village Accessories02
Woodland Bird Bath2013Village Accessories10
Woodland Bird Feeder2014Village Accessories21
Woodland Birdhouse20122017Village Accessories01
Woodland Campfire20182019Village Accessories11
Woodland Canoe Shelter20152016Village Accessories40
Woodland Carvings20132014Village Accessories00
Woodland Clothesline20152017Village Accessories00
Woodland Cold Frame20152016Village Accessories21
Woodland Creek, Bridgewater20142016General Village Accessories00
Woodland Creek, Curved20142017General Village Accessories00
Woodland Creek, Straight20142017General Village Accessories00
Woodland Fence20132014Village Accessories00
Woodland Fetch20172017Village Accessories32
Woodland Fire Pit20162016Village Accessories00
Woodland Firewood20172017Village Accessories00
Woodland Footbridge20162017Village Accessories11
Woodland Hedge20142015Village Accessories00
Woodland Holiday Swing20172018Village Accessories42
Woodland Koi Pond20162017Village Accessories00
Woodland Lampposts, St/220122016Village Accessories00
Woodland Landscape Set20012003General Village Accessories01
Woodland Lean-to20182018Village Accessories30
Woodland Limestone Lamps2011Village Accessories61
Woodland Limestone Steps2010Village Accessories00
Woodland Limestone Topiaries2010Village Accessories40
Woodland Outhouse20152016Village Accessories10
Woodland Raccoon Picnic20182019Village Accessories33
Woodland Road, Curved, St/220122013Village Accessories30
Woodland Road, Straight, St/220122013Village Accessories00
Woodland Stepping Stones20162016Village Accessories11
Woodland Stone Gate20122016Village Accessories12
Woodland Stone Gazebo20122018Village Accessories00
Woodland Stone Wall, St/220122018Village Accessories00
Woodland Swing20162017Village Accessories00
Woodland Table & Chairs20132017Village Accessories00
Woodland Wildlife Animals Large19992007General Village Accessories10
Woodland Wildlife Animals Small19992005General Village Accessories11
Woodsman And Boy19881991The Original Snow Village Accessories530
Woodsy Pines2020Village Accessories20
Woodsy Retreat20172018The Original Snow Village31
Woody Station Wagon19881990The Original Snow Village Accessories341
Woody's Woodland Crafts20032005The Original Snow Village100
Work A Little, Play A Little20032004The Original Snow Village Accessories341
Wreaths For Sale19911994The Original Snow Village Accessories352
Wright Bike Shop20022003The Original Snow Village112
Wrought Iron Fence19911999General Village Accessories40
Wrought Iron Fence19891998General Village Accessories10
Wrought Iron Fence Extensions19911998General Village Accessories10
Wrought Iron Gate And Fence19911998General Village Accessories50
WSNO Radio19992002The Original Snow Village141

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