Department 56 - The Original Snow Village Listed By Name

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The Original Snow Village was the first collection in Department 56 released in 1976. Originally 6 delightful lighted buildings made up the collection. The collection continues to grow each year. This collection is designed to reflect shops and neighborhoods found in small towns across America.

Below is the list of items showing how many have sold on eBay in the last 90 days
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
La Fiesta Feast20142016The Original Snow Village Accessories20
La Fiesta Restaurante20142017The Original Snow Village51
La Fiesta To Go Truck20142016The Original Snow Village Accessories00
Lamp Post Extension19891989General Village Accessories01
Lamp Post Fence19891991General Village Accessories01
Lamp Post Fence19891989General Village Accessories31
Lamp Post Fence Extension19891991General Village Accessories61
Large Single Tree19811989The Original Snow Village20
Last Stop Gas Station19992001The Original Snow Village381
Laundry Day19992001The Original Snow Village Accessories413
LED Light and Fog Unit for Foggy Point PlatformNAVillage Accessories00
LED Light Strand, Battery Op2013Village Accessories31
Let It Snow20152016General Village Accessories101
Let It Snow Crystals19911992General Village Accessories30
Let It Snow Machine19951997General Village Accessories20
Let It Snow Snowman Sign19951998General Village Accessories251
Let It Snow, Let It Snow19972000The Original Snow Village Accessories241
Let's Get A New Bike20022003The Original Snow Village Accessories00
Let's Play House20022006The Original Snow Village Accessories41
Let's Show Mom20132015The Original Snow Village Accessories192
Let's Swing!20042006General Village Accessories00
Letters To Santa, Snow Village20162016The Original Snow Village Accessories01
Light Adapter with 3 Jacks20002002General Village Accessories00
Lighted Acrylic Tree - 112002The Original Snow Village00
Lighted Acrylic Trees20022003General Village Accessories00
Lighted Christmas Bare Branch Tree2004General Village Accessories73
Lighted Christmas Gift Trees, set of 220062008General Village Accessories10
Lighted Christmas Sisal Hedges20172018Village Accessories10
Lighted Christmas Tree19971998General Village Accessories20
Lighted Crystal Pines20022004General Village Accessories50
Lighted Fresh Frost Trees20062009General Village Accessories00
Lighted Holiday Hedge20052007General Village Accessories10
Lighted Ornament Trees20052009General Village Accessories00
Lighted Peppermint Tree20042009General Village Accessories00
Lighted Snowcapped Revolving Tree19951997General Village Accessories20
Lighted Snowcapped Trees, Set Of 219951997General Village Accessories00
Lighted Snowy Tree19972000General Village Accessories10
Lighted Street Boulevard20032006General Village Accessories10
Lighted Tiered Platform 20022004General Village Accessories00
Lighthouse19871988The Original Snow Village10
Lighthouse19982000The Original Snow Village80
Lighting Remote Control Receivers20052011General Village Accessories00
Lighting Remote Control Starter Kit20052011General Village Accessories10
Lighting Retrofit Unit2005General Village Accessories01
Like Father, Like Son2005The Original Snow Village142
Lily's Nursery & Gifts20022004The Original Snow Village - Easter50
Limestone Footbridge20122014Village Accessories01
Limestone Wall20082010General Village Accessories00
Lincoln Park Duplex19861988The Original Snow Village70
Linden Hills Country Club19972001The Original Snow Village504
Lionel Electric Train Shop19982000The Original Snow Village383
Listening To A Summer Concert20032005The Original Snow Village Accessories10
Lit Acrylic Yard Decorations20072009General Village Accessories00
Lit Candles Yard Decor20142016General Village Accessories21
Lit Candy Corner Luminaries20172018Village Accessories30
Lit Candy Corner Street Curved20172017The Original Snow Village Accessories20
Lit Candy Corner Street Lights20172018Village Accessories20
Lit Candy Corner Street, St20172017Village Accessories20
Lit Christmas Tree Lot2017Village Accessories20
Lit Crystal Tree20102013General Village Accessories00
Lit Deer Yard Decor2020Village Accessories10
Lit Emerald Trees2020Village Accessories10
Lit Fire Pit2011General Village Accessories141
Lit Holiday Pines2020Village Accessories10
Lit Ice Castle Corners2019Village Accessories22
Lit Ice Castle Gate2019Village Accessories12
Lit Ice Castle Reindeer2019Village Accessories41
Lit Ice Castle Santa2019Village Accessories21
Lit Ice Castle Sign2020Village Accessories10
Lit Ice Castle Steps2020Village Accessories10
Lit Ice Castle Throne2020Village Accessories00
Lit Ice Castle Tree2020Village Accessories10
Lit Ice Castle Walls2019Village Accessories22
Lit Northern Peaks2020Village Accessories00
Lit Nutcracker Yard Decor20182019Village Accessories21
Lit Palm Trees20182019The Original Snow Village Accessories00
Lit Peppermint Moon20162017Village Accessories20
Lit Peppermint Snowflakes2018Village Accessories22
Lit Rotating Festive Tree2019Village Accessories30
Lit Santa Yard Decor20142016General Village Accessories10
Lit Snow Laden Sisal, Large2018Village Accessories11
Lit Snow Laden Sisal, Medium2018Village Accessories20
Lit Soldiers Yard Decor, St/220152017General Village Accessories10
Lit Spiral Trees20102011General Village Accessories50
Lit Tinsel Trees - White20072009General Village Accessories00
Lit Village Outhouse2019Village Accessories21
Little Free Libraries2017Village Accessories01
Little Sunshine Daycare20072008The Original Snow Village20
Little Tots Baby Goods20052007The Original Snow Village50
Log Cabin19791981The Original Snow Village31
London City Silhouette2020Village Accessories10
Long Haul Truck Stop20042006The Original Snow Village70
Long May She Wave!20112012General Village Accessories00
Look, It's The Goodyear Blimp20002001General Village Accessories81
Loon Lake Bait Shop20132014The Original Snow Village21
Loon Lake Cabin20102012The Original Snow Village10
Loon Lake Champion20132014The Original Snow Village Accessories70
Looney Tunes Film Festival19992001The Original Snow Village Accessories713
Lost And Found20102011The Original Snow Village Accessories00
Lot 56, Christmas Court20032008The Original Snow Village20
Lot 57, Christmas Court20072010The Original Snow Village30
Lot 58, Christmas Court20142015The Original Snow Village20
Lot 59, Christmas Court20172017The Original Snow Village11
Lowell Inn20012001The Original Snow Village61
Lucky 13 Garage20162017The Original Snow Village00
Lucky Dragon Restaurant19992000The Original Snow Village151
Lucky The Snowman 201620162016General Village Accessories21
Lucky The Snowman, 201520152015General Village Accessories21
Lucky The Snowman, 201720172017Village Accessories40
Lucky The Snowman, 201820182018Village Accessories20
Lucky The Snowman, 201920192019Village Accessories22
Lucky The Snowman, 20202020Village Accessories31
Lucky's Irish Souvenirs20022004The Original Snow Village Accessories60
Lyndale Tree Lot20082008The Original Snow Village00
Lynnhaven20132014The Original Snow Village32
Lynnhaven20132014The Original Snow Village01

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