Department 56 - The Original Snow Village Listed By Name

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The Original Snow Village was the first collection in Department 56 released in 1976. Originally 6 delightful lighted buildings made up the collection. The collection continues to grow each year. This collection is designed to reflect shops and neighborhoods found in small towns across America.

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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Gabled Cottage19761979The Original Snow Village2
Gabled House19821983The Original Snow Village12
Galena House19841985The Original Snow Village5
Garland And Bows20082010General Village Accessories0
General Store19781980The Original Snow Village63
General Village Accessories19982001The Original Snow Village4
Get Your Pictures With Santa20162016General Village Accessories1
Giant Snow Laden Sisals20182019Village Accessories1
Giant Trees19791982The Original Snow Village1
Gifts For Easter20022004The Original Snow Village - Easter0
Gifts For The Teacher20082010The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Gifts On The Go19992001The Original Snow Village Accessories50
Gilded Tree2022Village Accessories4
Ginger's House20072015The Original Snow Village3
Gingerbread Bench2020Village Accessories2
Gingerbread Christmas Billboar2022Village Accessories4
Gingerbread Christmas Sleigh2022Village Accessories4
Gingerbread Christmas Tree2022Village Accessories4
Gingerbread House19831984The Original Snow Village4
Gingerbread Road, Curved2021The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Gingerbread Road, Straight2021The Original Snow Village Accessories3
Gingerbread Street Lights2021The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Gingerbread Trees2020Village Accessories3
Gingerbread Xmas Fence St/32022Village Accessories3
Gingerbread Xmas Signs St/22022Village Accessories3
Girl and Snowman, Boy19861987The Original Snow Village Accessories1
Girl Scout Cookie Time20162017The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Girl Scout Snowshoeing Fun20162016The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Girl Scouts Camp20162016The Original Snow Village2
Glenhaven House19941997The Original Snow Village23
Glistening Snow19982001General Village Accessories6
Glitzy Holiday Trees, Set of 220142015General Village Accessories1
Globe Street Lamps20062008General Village Accessories1
Go Fly A Kite20052007General Village Accessories3
Going Home For The Holidays2022Village Accessories2
Going To The Chapel19942001The Original Snow Village Accessories75
Gold Glitter Sisal Trees2012General Village Accessories0
Golden Cross Church Box Set20172018The Original Snow Village1
Gondola Animated Scene20012009General Village Accessories37
Gone Fishing20042006The Original Snow Village Accessories6
Good Boy2022Original Snow Village6
Good Fishing20002005General Village Accessories11
Good News To Every Stoop20152016The Original Snow Village Accessories4
Good Shepherd Chapel & Church School19921996The Original Snow Village56
Gothic Church19831986The Original Snow Village15
Gothic Farmhouse19911997The Original Snow Village24
Gothic Revival Farmhouse20152016The Original Snow Village7
Governor's Mansion19831985The Original Snow Village6
Gracie's Dry Goods & General Store19972000The Original Snow Village22
Grand Ole Opry Carolers19951997The Original Snow Village Accessories25
Grandma's Cottage19921996The Original Snow Village25
Grandma's Favorite Present2010The Original Snow Village Accessories15
Grandpa's Garage20122014The Original Snow Village3
Grandpa's Little Helper2012The Original Snow Village Accessories2
Grandpap's Cabin20042006The Original Snow Village5
Grapevine Winery2017The Original Snow Village1
Grassy Base, Medium20132013General Village Accessories1
Grassy Base, Small20132013General Village Accessories1
Grassy Ground Cover19982006General Village Accessories15
Gravel Road19982000General Village Accessories3
Gray Cobblestone Archway19982000General Village Accessories0
Gray Cobblestone Capstones19982000General Village Accessories3
Gray Cobblestone Section19982000General Village Accessories1
Gray Cobblestone Tunnel19982000General Village Accessories0
Great Wine, Great Company20182018The Original Snow Village1
Greek Chapter House20182020The Original Snow Village1
GREEN GLITTER TREE SET2008Village Accessories1
Green Holiday Trees, Set Of 320152016General Village Accessories3
Grill Master & Friend20062009The Original Snow Village Accessories0
Grimsly Manor Power AdapterNAVillage Accessories0
Grinch & Cindy-Lou Skating20162017General Village Accessories0
Griswold Sled Shack2014The Original Snow Village Accessories16
Grocery19831985The Original Snow Village20
Gumdrop Lit Tree20142014Village Accessories0
Gumdrop Park Archway20142015Village Accessories1
Gumdrop Park Bench20142015Village Accessories0
Gumdrop Park Bird Bath20162016Village Accessories0
Gumdrop Park Birdhouses20162016Village Accessories0
Gumdrop Park Cafe Table20152015Village Accessories0
Gumdrop Park Christmas Tree20152016Village Accessories4
Gumdrop Park Corner Fence20152016Village Accessories1
Gumdrop Park Fence Set 220152016Village Accessories0
Gumdrop Park Fountain20162016Village Accessories0
Gumdrop Park Lit Luminaries20152016Village Accessories0
Gumdrop Park Sign20142014Village Accessories0
Gumdrop Park Snowmen, Set 320142017Village Accessories0
Gumdrop Park Steps20142015Village Accessories4
Gumdrop Park Street Lights20142015Village Accessories0
Gumdrop Park Topiaries20142015Village Accessories1
Gumdrop Park Wall20162016Village Accessories2
Gumdrop Park, Curved St/220142016Village Accessories1
Gumdrop Park, Straight Set 220142016Village Accessories1
Gus's Drive-In20012003The Original Snow Village6

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